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Below is compiled links to the rewards each group activity will offer. Each activity rewards different items, which can then be redeemed for the value listed below each image or otherwise collected and used within the game. The Bartering Post acts as a price list for all items that are currently found in activities.

Please click each activity title to be redirected to the rewards that may be located while participating in said activity.

3 Felvargs may return rewards in any usual group activities, all other Felvargs present will receive EXP. Locate the wolf badges below to see how many Felvargs may participate in the remaining activities.


Tracking, Fishing, Adventure, Mountaineering, Excavating, Tracking

Artwork Requirements: Lined & Colored with a Simple Background. Artwork can include a lineless medium provided simple shading is present.

Backgrounds must have some form of depth and cannot be flat colored shapes.

  • 75% of all Felvargs receiving rewards must be visibly present.
  • All visible prey in the image must show 50%+.
  • All Felvargs present must be focused on the task at hand.

Quest, Diving, Competitions, Jormungand

The activities listed above hold the same activity requirements for the standard group activities however they must include a complex background.

Please view the following guides for a more detailed breakdown:

Guide: Companions
Guide: Quest


Tracking, Fishing, Adventure, Mountaineering, Excavating, Tracking

Each story must be at least 1,000 words in length.

We recommend this program to check your word count:

Literature collaborations must contain 700 words per person partaking and must be labeled.

(Each section written by the person should have their name listed above it so admins can see if the 700 word minimum was fulfilled.)

Each story must focus on the task at hand and the Felvargs receiving a roll must be extremely relevant/active to the story.

Each Felvarg must be mentioned fluidly throughout the length of the entry.

Quest, Diving, Competitions, Jormungand

Quest # Count: 1,200+ Words
Competitions: 1,200+ Words
Jormungand: 1,200+ Words
Diving: 1,200+ Words


Make sure to include the following information in the deviation description. Failure to include this on an activity will result in the submission being sent to corrections:

Link to import/ID#:

Link to Tracker:


Additional Bonus Items: (Tack/Companions/Traits)

Also note that “applicable bonus items” means that certain bonus items only work for certain activities and only those items should be listed. For example, do not list “pristine fishing pole” for a tracking entry as it applies to fishing only. An easy way to make sure the additional bonus items are correct is to copy and paste from the Felvarg's database profile (activity form tab).

Please review this guide for further aid in requirements!

Track and take down one of the many prey on Ulfrheim to return rewards such as pelts and hides.

Please Note: Tracking images must include acceptable prey to receive rewards.

Small Prey Include:

Fox, Raccoon, Possum, Rabbit, Sheep, Ram, Goat, Coyote, Deer

Large Prey Include:

Bear, Bison, Moose, Elk, Caribou

Splash around in the lakes of Ulfrheim to catch fish and other items lost to the blue island waters.

Please Note: Fishing images must include a fish & a body of water in some way.

Explore the vast lands of Ulfrheim to uncover the lands hidden treasures.

Please Note: Adventure images may include any setting found on the Island.

Travel to the very tops of Ulfrheim's dangerous mountains in search of loot hidden deep within its clutches.

Please Note: Mountaineering images must take part on a mountain in some way.

Roam beneath the great island to uncover its darkest goods.

Please Note: Excavating should take place in a cave setting. Felvargs must be level 3 or higher to participate in Excavating.

Dive into the deep waters surrounding Ulfrheim to locate rewards that have long since been forgotten.

Please Note: Images must take place in an ocean/deep ocean setting. Felvargs must be level 5 or higher to participate in Diving.

This content while tease worthy given its release here on the bartering post, is inaccessible.

Please Note: This content is currently being beta tested by Felvargs trusty admin team. Please be patient for its arrival in the near future.

Guide: Quest

Participate in the groups biweekly custom quest to return rare loot.

Please Note: Each member may only receive the rewards from the biweekly quest a single time per quest. Up to two Felvargs may be depicted in each image provided both Felvargs receiving the rewards are not owned by the same member.


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