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By Ulfrheim
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Welcome to Felvargs! We are happy to have you and are looking forward to your participation in all the activities our group has to offer. Before you delve into things, however, please look over the following journal carefully to be sure you understand our rules. We want Felvargs to be a fun and relaxing environment for everyone involved, and these rules are designed with that in mind. If there is anything you are unclear about, feel free to reach out to us directly and we will be happy to help.


Artwork commissioned or created specifically for the use of the group belongs to the group/website. This includes artwork such as items, banners, buttons, coding, and import bases. This artwork is NOT free to use. Re-uploading or using this artwork outside of the group/website is against the group rules and will NOT be taken lightly.

When you create a Felvarg on our import base you own the DESIGN and not the species. Felvargs are a closed species owned by Kissing and you do not have permission to make your own for free or otherwise abuse the import lines which are offered to players. You may at any time move a design you have created over to another species or character and use it as you wish. However, you cannot then call it a Felvarg unless it is formally recognized as one within the group. Should you at any point decide to mark your Felvarg as 'dead', you may no longer use the import image or participate in group activities with that Felvarg.

Felvargs are NOT free to use. You must obtain a Felvarg through the group. There are several ways to obtain your own:

  • New members can obtain their first Felvarg for free by using the group's adoption center.
  • Purchase a Semi-Custom from the group when they are made available
  • Purchase a geno or uploaded Felvarg from another member
  • Attempt to recruit one of the Feral Felvargs through Battlegrounds

All art, imports, resources, and designs are to remain exclusively on Deviantart and These things are offered for your enjoyment within the group and are not permitted to be used on any other site.  Any and all rules and game features may be subject to change at any time, albeit not without notice. Should anything be changing members will be made well aware in advance of the alterations taking effect.

  Felvarg imports are not to be uploaded by players on their personal accounts! During the approval process, our admins will upload approved imports to our Ulfrheim account.

Felvargs is not responsible for any losses due to other players' personal transactions. We are also not responsible for and will not refund purchases made through the site or group. We will help solve issues that involve players being scammed out of in-game goods.

Felvargs does not allow people to lease other people's characters. We do not see why anyone would want to allow members to story build for them and so this is not something that is permitted. You can however have people draw your Felvargs and give them the rewards from things found from artwork they have provided, you may also co-own Felvargs, allowing for both owners to host a tracker with shared permissions over loot.

kit & Rivers-Of-Red not plotting will come with an immediate banishment from Felvargs.

By joining and participating in the group, you are accepting and agreeing to all of the terms and conditions listed, as well as the rules below.


As mentioned, we at Felvargs take harassment VERY seriously. Valid proof of harassment -- malicious behavior toward a member or members such as name-calling, abuse, or threats -- will be looked over by admins and the harasser will be punished accordingly. The severity of each situation will determine the type of punishment, which could range from a week-long suspension to permanent removal from the group.

Keep in mind that harassment rules apply no matter where you are interacting with another member, be it Deviantart,, Skype, or Discord.

Are you being harassed by another member?

We urge you to utilize our ticket support system to report the harassment.
If you do not feel comfortable doing so, please note the group owner Kissing directly instead. Take your time and be clear when reporting the situation to the group. Screenshots or any other evidence you can think of to support your claim will help us to understand the situation. The more we know about what has happened, the more likely it will be that we can handle it in a timely and fair manner. Each and every member is important to us and we value your ability to feel comfortable and safe during your time here.

What to do right away when you are being harassed by another member:

Block the player harassing you. If a member continues reaching out to you after you have blocked them, they will be permanently removed from the group.

Try not to escalate matters. We understand how hard it is to keep calm when someone is harassing you, but please leave the matter to us. We will do our very best to handle things quickly and effectively, and very much want to protect our members from harmful behavior.


You may only sell a Felvarg that belongs to you. Under no circumstances can you sell a Felvarg that belongs to someone else, even if they have given you permission to sell it on their behalf. If someone else wishes for you to sell their Felvarg, they must first transfer it to you formally through the group's transfer system, at which point you are in charge of dealing with any funds gained through the sale. Felvargs takes no responsibility for the transfer of those funds.

Slots to Felvargs may only be sold or promised if the Felvarg in question has already had its 'Passage of Courtship' judged. You will be able to tell as much at a glance on the Felvarg's import sheet -- a medal will be posted by admins within the comments. Members caught selling slots to Felvargs that have not passed their Passage of Courtship will be suspended from breeding for an entire month. Repeat offenders will be suspended from the group itself.

You cannot sell things raffled off by the group! Genotypes, bonus sale raffles, items, traits, anything Felvargs raffles for free to its members MUST be used by its owner and its owner only. They cannot be sold or transferred to another member. This applies to both commented raffle prizes and items placed in your personal BoA cache. (Bind on Account.)

Be sure to practice good sales etiquette. As in all aspects of the group, be respectful and reasonable. Members who back out of deals frequently or do not honor deals made will be punished. We discourage tentative sales and ask you to only sell things you genuinely want to sell. If you are unsure, sleep on it before listing your sale.

If you purchase any in-game items and the person you purchased them from has received payment but is refusing to give you the goods, reach out to us. We will encourage the person to honor the deal or to refund you any payment that was made. Members who cancel sales that are already complete will be punished. Sales are FINAL.

Do NOT pressure other members to sell things that are not publicly listed for sale. This is considered harassment and will be treated as such.

 Felvarg's enlisted in the 1v1 CANNOT be sold or traded until the 1v1's have been judged. You signed up for the event, and in doing so promised the ability to do the art before the end date. You cannot simply pass this on to the new owner. All transferring of characters enlisted in that months 1v1 will be denied until after judging.

It is your job to notify the new owner of a Felvarg you have sold about its slot usage. The new owner MUST honor all previously written slots. Failure to notify the new owner of slot use may result in your suspension from the group depending on the severity of the offense. This is not up for debate and is a very important reason to keep detailed track of any and all slots used or promised. Additionally, when ownership changes the new owner must be tagged in a breeding request alongside the person who originally wrote permission for the breeding.


Keep in mind that the restriction on offering slots to Felvargs that do not have their 'Passage of Courtship' applies even if you are not actually selling those slots. You may only promise or sell a slot if the Felvarg in question has had its Passage of Courtship judged. Members caught breaking this rule will be suspended from breeding for an entire month and repeat offenders will be suspended from the group itself. This rule is intended to protect our members and keep things fair.

You must formally comment your permissions on the breeding thread. Comments on personal pages or screenshots of unofficial permissions will not be permitted. When you submit a breeding request the permission must be linked, and if the Felvarg you have a slot to has been sold in the past, you should tag both the previous and present owner.

Be very specific about what you will and won't allow in your breeding permission comment. Examples of what you should state include whether inbreeding is or is not allowed, whether slot can be split, whether the slot can be resold or traded, and whether the person using the slot may apply a Stone of Unakite. If you do not specify these things it is assumed that the breeding can go through regardless!

All slots with written permission must be honored. They do not expire and are usable at any time by the person to whom they have been written. You cannot put a deadline on when the slot must be used by, and slots CANNOT be retracted once payment is completed.

When you post a breeding you must specify how the litter will be distributed after it is rolled. In the case of split litters, you must decide this with the other person involved beforehand to avoid any conflicts arising once the pups are revealed. Be specific! Examples of how to specify distribution include: Split litter (pick of the litter to me, then alternating picks) or Split litter (pick of the litter to me, then the rest of the pups go to them).

 Players should keep a detailed log of slots promised & used, overselling slots is against the group rules and will result in a ban.


Tracing or any form of art theft WILL NOT be tolerated. Stock photos may be used so long as proper credits are given and the stock suppliers' rules are respected). Please only use artwork if you have explicit permission to do so and give credit where credit is due.

Artwork or literature created for group related activities must be created specifically for the group. You may not use free lines to participate in group related activities. However, you may use such things for fun or for your own personal use (as well as for creating reference images of your Felvarg) so long as proper credits are visible.

Activities may feature characters from other ARPGs as long as they fit the requirements for both groups and are lore-friendly.

 Collaborations when created to receive something ingane (rewards or things of that nature) must have what the group calls an 'equal split', that means the artwork present must display characteristics from both artists in terms of style and noticeability. Abuse of collaborations in special events and seasonal activities may result in a correction, or the image being denied rewards. Whereas usual activities that do not require two parts are far more lax. 

NSFW (Mature Filter) art is allowed, but you absolutely must apply the necessary filter before it will be accepted into the group's gallery.

Literature must be written from scratch. We take plagiarism very seriously and those caught doing so will be penalized. Each story must have a clear beginning/end and must be focused on the task at hand.

Artwork and literature submitted for group activities must be unique. If we feel that a piece of work has been recycled or that it is too similar to another piece you have already submitted, it will not be rolled for rewards.

 Players caught cheating in any way to attempt to have an image rolled past its required date will accompany an immediate banishment from the group, deceasing the players entire hoard and consuming their cache permanently and without warning.

Felvargs has a 3 strike rule. When it comes to breaking our rules, the first offense will result in a warning. The second offense will result in a two-week suspension from activities. A third offense will result in a 3-month suspension from activities. Please make sure that images are not traced or heavily referenced to avoid our having to reach out and issue a strike.


By clicking the following and joining any of the following group chats you agree to adhere to the above rules and take full responsibility for your actions should you disregard them. These chats are monitored by official group admins and logs are logged 24/7.

Social Deviantart by UlfrheimSocial Discord by UlfrheimSocial Skype by UlfrheimSocial Contact by Ulfrheim


We take racism, discrimination and bullying extremely seriously. These chats are a privilege. You will receive ONE warning should you be caught breaking this rule. If you are caught a second time you will either be suspended from the chat or permanently removed from the servers depending on the severity of your actions. This is not up for debate and applies to ALL Felvargs chat groups.

Discord is currently our most popular chat program with over 350+ members and climbing! Come and join the fun.




No discrimination, bullying, racism or politics.
 Our chats are a no rant zone. We are all happy to see that you are there for each other, but please keep ranting to personal chats and not the public domain. A simple ask for a rant buddy will surely bring forth many who want to help you in private.
Respect others and treat them how you wish to be treated.
Curse words and other non PG-13 subject matter may be present, but players cursing in excess or otherwise getting carried away will be removed. Anything NSFW must be labeled as such.
Links to outside pages are acceptable, but you cannot send actual files in the chat window.
Voice chat is available and everyone is welcome in the general chat to talk about whatever they wish. However, please be considerate of others occupying voice subchannels.
Look at the various chat channels and select one based on your needs. (IE. Advertisements > to the advertisements chat window).


If you are being harassed on any of the public chats available to Felvargs members, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will not stand for bullying nor malicious actions against our members. These group chats were created to bring players together and create a calm and relaxing environment to get to know one another. If another player is being disruptive of said environment, please note the group, e-mail '', use our official ticket system, or note the founder Kissing directly. Please take screenshots and be specific when you report harassment to ensure things are handled effectively!

© 2016 - 2021 Felvargs
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You are not entirely wrong here. Felvargs are a closed species of direwolf that yes, belongs to me. Where you are confused is that we do not own direwolves as a whole nor the designs that are used within our species. We merely own the right to call it a Felvarg and at any point in time a user may revoke it from being a Felvarg and release it from any ruleset the group has, but in doing so it is no longer the closed species I own; a Felvarg, but instead just a direwolf that no longer resides in the world I built. You clearly are unfamiliar with what a closed species is but we are happy to break it down for you further should you still be confused! Your comment is very unnecessary and passive aggressive, you should channel that energy into something positive and at the very least have comfort in knowing you do not need to enjoy or participate in any ARPG you choose not to participate in, making it so it doesn’t effect you in any way unless like now you let it. Take care.
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Nowhere do we claim that Dire Wolves are a closed species that we own. Felvargs are a type of dire wolf that we have created. This means Felvargs is our intellectual property and that is what we are claiming to own.  I hope this clears everything up.