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What are Alphas?

Alphas are Felvargs marking starters, these specific Felvargs are used to introduce more markings into the gene pool.
These Felvargs are not owned by members, they belong to Felvargs/Kissing. No Alpha will ever be up for sale nor will they be traded, they are a property of the group directly.

What makes Alpha's any different than any other Felvarg?

     Alphas have unlimited breeding slots, these slots are not free to claim/use and you need permission from the group directly to breed to them.

     Breedings that contain any of the Alphas below will not count towards your monthly breeding allowance.

     Alpha Felvargs are used to introduce new markings to the players of felvargs.

     Alpha Felvargs can be drawn by any member of the group, without permission. Please do not claim to own the Alpha.
     Alphas cannot be owned by a player, they are strictly for the group's use.
     Alphas cannot receive in game rewards/loot. We will allow Alphas to be used for special events when noted!
     All of the Alphas are 'Feral/Wild' and cannot be captured or tamed.
     People can name their Felvargs after alphas however they cannot be names from our official lore. Freyja, Fenrir, Loki, Ylva, Bjorn, Ulfr, Odin, Hakon, Titus, Uhma.

How do we know what's an Alpha and what's not an Alpha?

Alpha Felvargs have a special badge. (Shown above)
Alphas have a special 'Felvarg Alpha' featured comment on their imports.
Alpha Felvargs are uploaded on their own background image, unique to any background used in the group.

How do I obtain a slot to one of the Alphas below?

While there is multiple ways to obtain a slot from the following Alphas it's not always possible. The group will offer slot sales occasionally, however they are not always available. They will also be given away in raffles/events and can be redeemed in exchange for certain group items.


All Felvarg old and young know the tale of the three original Alphas, the final three direct descendants of Fenrir himself; Bjorn, Ulfr and Ylva. These three Felvarg reign supreme, from their Father they have been blessed with prolonged life and have seen and experienced more than any other creature who has ever set foot on Ulfrheim.

Bjorn, the great bear, is well known for his impressive size and bulky stature. He is noble, kind and hailed to be the wisest inhabitant of Ulfrheim. Ylva, the gentle she-wolf, is revered for her temperance and selflessness. She is well known for her motherly tendencies and often visits expectant mothers to offer her wisdom and prayer. Ulfr, the savage wolf, is the darkest of the three both in appearance and temperament. Ulfr is a seasoned warrior, hailed to be the most skilled fighter in all the lands and none dare face him in combat. The Trinity are widely respected throughout Ulfrheim and are of the purest bloodline, they are fabled to be demi-gods and are even worshiped as such by their faithfuls. These three Alphas reign supreme over all others, nothing will ever rank above them nor be more valuable or difficult to obtain.

Bjorn 1 by Ulfrheim Ulfr 2 by Ulfrheim Ylva 3 by Ulfrheim

Please click the following link to learn more about the Trinity bonus.
Guide: Breeding (Breakdown)


The following Felvargs are the first batch of official alphas released just prior to the group's launch. They introduce our first round of markings and lineage pool. These Felvargs are




The following Felvargs are the second batch of official alphas released by the group. They introduce our second round of markings and lineage pool alongside some new and exciting coat types/markings.




The tier three alphas once walked upon two feet. As the story goes, Loki was building an army to overrun Ulfrheim. We remember the battle that followed as Ragnarok. Yet despite his best efforts, Loki was defeated before he could accomplish his goal. Fenrir sank his teeth deep into the Mad God and suffused his bite with power to lock him forever into his felvarg form.

Loki could not bear his failure nor the shame of what Fenrir had done to him. With the last of his own rapidly fading powers he ensured the land he was now bound to would share his fate. He turned what remained of his army into felvargs, sparing none from his vengeance.

Where is this army, you ask? They remain nestled into Jörmungandr, an island Loki himself rose from the vicious waves of Hongerige when he was staging the very first battles of his campaign."




Specialty Tier Alphas are alphas that introduce extremely rare markings/coat colors and are usually hard to obtain a breeding to. They are commonly known to portray different aspects of desire by having what the group calls specialty colors, rare coats and even hereditary features. They are extremely sought after.


Nanna 15 by Ulfrheim Freydis 8 by Ulfrheim Fawn 286 by Ulfrheim Solveig 287 by Ulfrheim Hel 488 by Ulfrheim Crowe 594 by Ulfrheim Aadny 485 by Ulfrheim Bellatrix 787 by Ulfrheim Blythe 1141 by Ulfrheim Faye 1144 by Ulfrheim Ursa 788 by Ulfrheim Brynn 1546 by Ulfrheim Sylvi 1413 by Ulfrheim Majesty 4205 by Ulfrheim Eldr 4204 by Ulfrheim Hyimn 4201 by Ulfrheim


Drogon 7 by Ulfrheim Midnight 14 by Ulfrheim Ricket 106 by Ulfrheim Felix 220 by Ulfrheim Belixe 221 by Ulfrheim Aros 295 by Ulfrheim Kiev 435 by Ulfrheim Raevier 487 by Ulfrheim Revikta 590 by Ulfrheim Niuve 591 by Ulfrheim Rhye 592 by Ulfrheim Kniv 593 by Ulfrheim Noah 486 by Ulfrheim Ezio 786 by Ulfrheim Aerglo 789 by Ulfrheim Nannulf 294 by Ulfrheim Enzo 1142 by Ulfrheim Khadgar 1143 by Ulfrheim Nimbus 701 by Ulfrheim Ryker 1554 by Ulfrheim Hyrr 4203 by Ulfrheim Ediun 4202 by Ulfrheim


Titan build alphas are extremely rare and are known for their purity level. They come in 4 variations: Low, Medium, High and 100% Purity. The higher the content level the more rare a titan build Felvarg is. This rarity will increase based on markings, color and coat type.


Shiva 698 by Ulfrheim Iris 699 by Ulfrheim Orion 700 by Ulfrheim Uhma 2190 by Ulfrheim


Titus 702 by Ulfrheim Anduin 703 by Ulfrheim Vorn 704 by Ulfrheim Myrkr 705 by Ulfrheim


Brute build alphas are uncommon alphas that introduced the brute build.


Ellaria 1267 by Ulfrheim Missandei 1266 by Ulfrheim Sassa 1411 by Ulfrheim Inkeri 1408 by Ulfrheim Eira 1407 by Ulfrheim


Khal 1268 by Ulfrheim Jorah 1265 by Ulfrheim Ibar 1412 by Ulfrheim Tyr 1410 by Ulfrheim Torben 1409 by Ulfrheim


Dwarf build alphas are uncommon alphas that introduced the dwarf build.


Enya 1548 by Ulfrheim Rook 1549 by Ulfrheim Jiao 1555 by Ulfrheim


Kotok 1544 by Ulfrheim Lorcan 1545 by Ulfrheim Oisin 1547 by Ulfrheim


Hereditary alphas are rare alphas that have special base coat colors that are only obtainable if the alpha is in the lineage. 


Sigyn 3544 by Ulfrheim Sweyn 3543 by Ulfrheim  Beatrice 3638 by Ulfrheim  Halla 3641 by Ulfrheim Cerise 3719 by Ulfrheim


Ve 3541 by Ulfrheim Ike 3542 by Ulfrheim  Eid 3639 by Ulfrheim  Ingvar 3640 by Ulfrheim Rayhaan 3720 by Ulfrheim 

The swatches for the hereditary colors can be found on the following journal: OFFICIAL DESIGN GUIDE

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