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03/08/2018 Hey guys Katakire here with an exciting update! Felvarg of the Month just got a new update! The winners of FoTM will still receive a Special badge and a spot on the front page along with the new rewards; A spooky chest, A special trait "Fame", and a special title called "The Famous"! Do not worry, if you have previously won FoTM your felvarg has been updated! please click this link to swap to your new title. While you're checking out the new goodies, please go vote for April's FoTM! Click Here!

 03/07/2018 Oh my, what's this? It's Elryk-Vail here to remind you that 1v1 sign ups are due soon! They will be closing up on March 8th @ 11:59 PM EST. The rewards for 1v1 have been switched up a bit, too! Hop on over to the Competitions journal in order to take a look. Too excited to wait and see your new pairings? Never to fear, CtF and Marathon are here! They are continuous activities that have no set deadline or dates, just enter in for a chance to win! And don't forget, you can now use your precious, shiny FP and RC to score some nice items from the One Stop Comp Shop found in The Village Market. Hope to see you soon! :heart:

03/05/2018 Hello my fellow vargs! Kissing here to tell you all the time is now, you may login to your Felvargs account to enjoy the new features we have released. This is stage release 1 of 3, so there is still dozens of more features to release to you all. For now enjoy the following:

  • Profile Picture - Customize your profile with your own profile image to show everyone what you're all about! - Share your page and let eveyone see your awesome Felvargs and Genos!
  • Bio - Enter your personal bio to tell everyone about yourself, share your interests or explain why you love Felvargs!
  • Notifications - Get notifications sent to your account. These will keep you informed of upcoming events, group news and much more!
  • Support Tickets - We will keep a record of all support tickets you create. Any time you contact us you can access the responses through the ticket system so you always have a record!
  • Genotype Stash - Having trouble keeping up with unused Genos? We will store them for you! Just add/edit/delete as needed!
  • Felvarg Relationships / Interactions - Keep track of all your Felvargs Relationships / Interactions on your import page. Never forget who you've been interacting with and why!
  • Felvarg History - Customize your import by adding a Felvarg History. Let everyone know all about your Felvarg!
  • Much More! - Many new features are being added to accounts all the time!

Be sure to click the following link to view the login tutorial!

Good evening everyone!
Our official website release is finally underway and here! Stage 1 of 3 is live and you may view it all by simply going to, this first stage introduced a whole new skin to match our final DeviantART skin, the pack database (ex), profiles (ex), a plethora of small goodies and most important the beta stage of our login system, which we are preparing to release to the general public in the next few days. Stage 2 and 3 are already underway and the entire system is planned to be released within the next week. We hope you enjoy whats to come and what is already quickly approaching/here. Yours truly, kit!

Hello everyone, MrsEvelyn here to let you know that March is all ready and set up to go! You will notice that none of the pack functions, such as pack points and add/remove a Felvarg from a pack are down. These will be down for a few days as we finalize our pack flip. You will also see a new link on the front page! Competitions has it's own cycling journal now. And don't worry, we didn't forget about the update to companion art. You will find the link in the Import Update monthly journal.

2/28/2018 Hey there everyone, MrsEvelyn to let you know that February's monthly journals are now shut down. We will be remained closed for a day to scrub up after all those events, but don't fret! We will be up and running before you know it.

2/23/2018 Good evening everyone, Kissing here with a few updates! We have been working hard back here, team Felvargs has quite a few exciting announcements for you. Sit tight and we will go over a few of the things nearing their completed stage.

Diving! You heard right, a new activity for those level SIX Felvargs, that's right, level 6. Prepare yourself for not only diving but for some more levels and rewards to climb.

Activities! Activities in general are in the process of getting updated, we are adding new items and updating rewards to include a few spicy and tempting items. Be sure to check out Mountaineering and Excavating as those 2 are completed, the rest are started but even more items will be added as the commissions are completed.

The Bartering Post! A much needed update, things should be much easier to navigate. The Bartering Post -  Masterlist (Price Sheet)

Companions! As some of you have probably noticed the companions have gotten a facelift by the ever so amazing runandwine. Be sure to pop over and check them out, which one is your favorite? Guide: Companions - There is a few more left which we have seen the sketches for, they are amazing!

Packs! We have been working on a massive update for packs which is nearing complete, over the next 2 weeks or so we will slowly release the entirety of its contents, which we know you are all very excited for. From pack points becoming a currency, the pack shop, pack cache, pack brawls & even triggered mini bosses packs can encounter, these are just a few teasers as for whats to come.

We hope you all enjoy the bits that are making their way into the game. With a great many updates in store, 2018 is going to be yet again, another year of greatness achieved in Ulfrheim.

2/17/2018 Hello my little vicious beasts! Mighty leader Kissing here, you will have noticed Loki has snuck into the Blackmarket and consumed the two slots which previously listed items that were sold out. How rude right? Be sure to check out the items he has in stock & what he wants for them. Also as a gentle reminder Saga's Gratitude is also live this year, as it was last year. Be sure to do your valentines entries at a chance to find sunflowers to return to Astrid. Enjoy.


2/14/2018 Heddo lovelies! Elryk-Vail here. As you have noticed, in the past week there have been a few new items uploaded on Ulf. If you look at the Village Market, you'll see that there's a new shop available. The One Stop Comp Shop is live! This is a unique shop that uses special currency: Runecoins and Felpoints. You may find the Comp-Shop specific purchase thread in the monthly Village Cache/Bank journal! Please, do not use the generic Purchase Item thread when seeking to obtain an item from this shop. Now, for the thing we've all been waiting for...

The Valentine's Day Event is live! You can find more details in the journal here: Event: Love is in the Air

02/01/2018 Heya! MrsEvelyn back here to let you know that February journals are now open! There have been a few changes as well. First major change is that the physical item applications are now in the monthly nook journals. All physical applications will now be handled there, but normal item applications remain in the village cache monthly journal. Another change with physical items is that we will no longer allow physical items to be applied during approvals. This excludes scars, docks, eye mutations and background applications. Since item obscure the design, they must not be on during the approval process, but can be applied as soon as the Felvarg is uploaded. So no more accessories during the upload approvals!

01/31/2018 Hey guys, MrsEvelyn here to let you know that January journals are now closed for monthly clean up. I will let you know when we are back up and running for February! Thank you for an amazing start to the year this year.  

01/29/2018 Hey everyone, the xPazi here! It is with great happiness that I can announce that the Nook FINALLY as official ranges for the lovely Brute build! You have heard right, fellow members! For all of your favorites, common or rare, old or new, from that fuzzy Royal coat to the super thin Short coat. New markings such as Siamese, Appaloosa and Accents, just to name a few, now have their own ranges placed within the brute builds! Isn't that awesome? To find the Brute ranges, simply find the big white 'Individual Ranges' link in each marking's journal. No more comparing to the Standard or Titan Builds, you can now freely overlay the proper ranges over your designs for accurate marking creations!

A little gift from us to you, for being such amazing players and an absolutely wonderful community. :heart:

And for those of you that are pouting and waiting for the dwarfs ranges to appear, do not fret! They are in the works and will be making their way over to the journals as soon as possible, as well as Standard/Titan ranges for the new markings, and all ranges for the Royal and Shaggy coats. On behalf of the Nook Team, we hope that you will find these handy and that you will continue to design with leisure once these new additions are all up and ready to go.

Thank you for your attention!

01/29/2018 Greetings, BoneSmirk and the activity team here! After some consideration and discussion, the setting requirements for mountaineering have been changed slightly to be, we hope, a bit more accommodating and allow for some more creative freedom. While before felvargs had to be actively climbing a sloped/mountainous landscape, now just as long as it's clear that the felvargs are in the mountains, it will be accepted! A few great examples would be Ticking by FancyRatties, Bitter Quiet by FancyRatties, and Monsters 1 by Grimmald. Of course, if you have any questions whether or not a background fits the bill for mountaineering you are more than welcome to note the group or reach out to anyone on the activity rolling team for clarification.

Please also remember to be respectful to the activity admins (as well as all other admins and players!) when they are requesting corrections on activity rolls. We understand that artwork can be extremely personal and we try our best to be as polite and professional as possible when requesting corrections. Images are judged by multiple admin before corrections are requested; they are nothing personal and we do not intend to single anyone out. While we are more than happy to discuss and clarify exactly why something needs corrections, sass and rudeness will not be tolerated. If you disagree with a judging, you are more than welcome to contact BoneSmirk or any of the Guardians for further discussion.

Rock on and happy mountaineering!

01/27/2018 Hello guys, MrsEvelyn here with a few things. It has come to our attention that not everyone is aware that we have a redeems generator. This generator here takes all your redeems and makes them into a neat form, as well as calculating any and all bonuses on a Felvarg. If you're not sure how to use it, one of our lovely admins will be happy to show you how! That being said, any and all redeems that do not calculate their bonuses (Persuasion ect) will not get the bonus FC. It is not up to our banking admins to do this math for you. The redeems generator is a great tool to do this with. If you do not add your bonus FC, the bankers will not be responsible to figure it out for you. So if you don't want to miss out on that sweet bonus, make sure to add it all up!

There has also been a little bit of trouble with items being listed properly for the bankers. This can slow things down as they then have to check all the links to double check which items are which. The worst cases for this are berries, fishing poles, and scar kits. Be sure to specify which one you are selling/caching Remember to list your grand total of FC and items per redeem comment. Simply saying "all to cache" or just pasting links saying "all to cache" will now be made to recomment with the form filled out properly.

Since the moonstone is being extra tricky and pulling a fast one on us, we will be rolling and additional 50/50 chance to roll a moonstone outside of your normal roll. This will be going on for 24 hours only meaning that this will be taking place until 4pm EST tomorrow. (01/28/2018) Hopefully Ylva can get her stones then.

01/20/2018 Heya everyone, MrsEvelyn back at it again! We realized that there was a layering issue on the dwarf imports that were causing the pupils to come off as not pure black, why a lot of you were getting hit for pupil colour. Well, this error has now been fixed! Be sure to re-download the dwarf lines for the proper pupil.

01/12/2018 MrsEvelyn here to let you guys know about some changes for the Uhma Event! The current event unintentionally caused a few users to (understandably) get excited, which led to people pushing activities briskly to rush to the shop (once more understandably so.) However the event was not intended to only accommodate artists who are swift, or who can obtain rolls extremely swiftly. To be fair to all those involved we will be altering the shop slightly. We will be limiting the QTY restricted items to two items overall, so choose wisely. Items that are limitless and do not have a qty may be purchased endlessly during the event as per usual. We’re glad you’re enjoying the event. :heart: See the event journal itself for more details here.

01/10/2018 Hello guys! Ulfrheim here to let you know that an end date was added to the annual sale. Now is your last chance to get a few goodies before we close up shop! The normal raffle will be rolled once the sale is closed, but a big congratulations to Katakire and StrawberryMooShake for winning the custom raffle. It's been so amazing to see all your pretty babies come to life, we are looking forward to seeing the rest!

 01/07/2018 Ayyo, everyone! Elryk-Vail here to give a last minute reminder of 1v1 sign-ups! Are your kiddos ready to brawl? 1v1 sign-ups are due by the 8th @ 11:59 PM EST, and that deadline is coming in fast. Enter your kids today for a chance to win those fun prizes! In other news, too, the MVP reward has been updated for January. Sneak on over to the Competitions journal for more details! I heard the current prize is a... keeper. 
01/05/2018 Hello everyone, MrsEvelyn here to let you know that the Christmas event has concluded. Thank you so much for all those wonderful entries and a very successful event here at Felvargs.

01/05/2018 Katakire coming at you with the winner of January's FoTM. Congratulations to CharmysARPG whos felvargLocarian, the seer 1784 won the FoTM!! Dont forget to go Vote for February's FoTM here! I also want to mention Group Games is up and ready to go! The Varglotto is sitting at 10k FC, the Potluck is giving away 1 Import Background Set: Vale of Whispers and this month's Alpha is Estrid! Head on over to the Group Games today to get your tickets!

01/01/2018 And that's a wrap, folks! MrsEvelyn here to let you know that the journals are all up and ready to go.

12/31/2017 MrsEvelyn here to let you guys know that December journals are now closed! We will let you know when the group is back up and running again.

12/31/2017 Hey guys, MrsEvelyn here to let you know that a new quest has made its way to the groups font page. Be sure to check it out!

12/28/2017 Ulfrheim is here to let you know that the annual custom sale is live! You guys knocked it out of the park already, but don't miss this chance to get your very own baby! Here!

12/25/2017 A very merry Christmas and a happy holidays from MrsEvelyn and the rest of the Felvargs team! In celebration, we have opened comments on our Christmas Tree here to collect your gift!

12/20/2017 Hey everyone! MrsEvelyn here to remind you all that there's a countdown on the front page of Felvargs! Be sure to keep an eye on it and have that other eye out for the sale.

12/12/2017Hey guys, Katakire here with a quick note! We've noticed that a few people are confused about the advent calendar. Please note that you only need to enter once and not daily. On another note, have you voted for FoTM yet? Head on over and Vote! Also, I would like to mention the varglotto is up to 12,500FC and this months potluck is an import background: Path of Valhalla! Head on over to Group Games to buy your tickets today!

12/07/2017 Hey hi and hello there everyone, MrsEvelyn here with some fun things for you guys! There has been a new scavenger hunt added to the front page, so be sure to go and check that out in order to get some really amazing prizes. Remember those backgrounds that Kit mentioned? Head on over to the Village Market to take a peek. While you're there, be sure to check out the new traits that have rotated in there to be purchased with berries!

12/07/2017 Hello fellow vargians, high queen Kissing here to bring us some exciting news. If you haven't checked out the event or advent yet, be sure to read the new post previous to this one to join in on the festivities. The groups icon has changed to welcome this very season and with it, the Blackmarket shop has been updated. We will be welcoming a new background to the market in the near future as well as an action shop. We will delve more into this in the news post to follow the shops opening. :heart:

Greeting 'vargs! Ulfrheim here to bring you your Christmas Event! December already? It's crazy, we know. But we have lots of fun things in store for you this coming month! We have the Christmas Event here with lots of fun activities to partake in. This event will end on January 5th, so you have lots of time to get those in. There is also the Advent Calendar here, where you can enter daily to win awesome prizes! You only need to comment once! We will roll from a collective list every day, excluding the people who have previously won a day. We hope you all have a very happy holidays with your friends and family. :heart:

12/05/2017 Hello everyone! It's Elryk-Vail here to remind you that 1v1 sign ups for December are open! Are you wanting to participate this month? The sign ups can be found on the Competitions journal. You have until the 8th @ 11:59 PM EST to get them in, or else you'll have to wait until next month to join!

12/01/2017 Hey guys! MrsEvelyn here to let you know that the month of December is all set up and ready to go! This includes a new quest and the new PoC bonus as well. Keep your eyes peeled for the Christmas event as well, and have a happy holidays!

12/01/2017Katakire here with Elryk-Vail to announce a few winners!! Id like to start out with a huge congratulations to MrsEvelyn who's very own Mercy, The  Bloodseeker 769 won Felvarg of The Month! Im sure there is a smile under that snarl somewhere. The winner of the potluck goes to CharmysARPG winning 5x Rune Coins. The winner of the varglotto is MrsEvelyn, taking home 39,500FC! Congratulations to you both! Now here is Elryk-Vail with sports! Hey guys! Id like to give a Congratulations to Risketch for winning the November Competition MVP reward! They've been given 1x Creature Cage.  December's MVP reward is a Tiger's Eye! Remember to win this reward all you need to do is place 1st in either CtF or Marathon. Details on how to enter these activities can be found on the Competitions journal

11/30/2017 Hey guys, MrsEvelyn here to tell you that the group is closed for now as we set up for December. Thanks again for another amazing month! Here's to another! :heart:

11/30/2017 Hey there fellow Felvarg players, MrsEvelyn here to let you know that the group will be closing at approximately 9PM EST tonight. However, scavenger hunt activities and the quest will remain open until 11:59 EST, so you still have a bit of time for that. So go vote for FoTM and get those last minute group game entries in!

11/28/2017 Hey guys Katakire here with another reminder! Don't forget to give that special felvarg the recognition that it deserves by voting for them. Who will be December's Felvarg of the Month?

11/28/2017 Heyyo everyone, it's your local Battle Master Elryk-Vail. I'm here to ask you a serious question: Is your 1v1 entry done? These are due on the 29th at 11:59 PM EST of this month. Time is running out! Make sure to get them in on time, this activity is much more fun when participation is at 100%! This month's location and prize details can be found here. Good luck!

11/20/2017 It's MrsEvelyn here once more to let you know that Felvarg's Thanksgiving event is now open! This will be open until the 30th of November! There is also a raffle for anyone who enters the event to win 1x Trait: Bountiful to apply to the Felvarg of your choice!

11/13/2017 Hey everyone, good ol' MrsEvelyn here again to clog your feed. We've put out a few more PoC prompts, be sure to give them a read here! And don't forget that we are still looking for some new admins to join our team. Head over to our Admin Application journal to apply!

11/08/2017 Hey guys, MrsEvelyn here to let you know that submissive lines are now 100% live! This means that you can apply them to already uploaded Felvargs, or to new genos going into the nook. The lines for all the builds are located in the mutations folder above the coat files. To apply the submissive lines to already uploaded Felvargs, please comment on the physical item application thread in the Village Cache.

11/02/2017 Hey there everybody, it's your Battle Master Elryk-Vail! I have a quick announcement regarding the MVP reward in Competitions. From now on, 1v1 winners will NOT be added onto the list of those who have a chance at the MVP prize! This was only a temporary fixture, as there were not enough regular competition winners to sufficiently roll for the reward. 1v1 was never meant, traditionally, to be used for the MVP reward. From now on, in order to qualify for this reward, you must win first place in any regular (marathon/ctf) competition! You will also only be added once-- winning 1st again in any competition after your initial win does not give you another 'ticket' or chance at the reward. All in all, if you'd like the newest MVP reward (a lovely Creature Cage!), you will have to enter into the Marathon and Capture the Flag games! 

In other news for Competitions, 1v1 sign-ups for November are open! So, either way, hop on over to the Competitions journal and snatch up those goodies. See you all very soon!

11/02/2017 Heyooo, it's MrsEvelyn here! We are all set up and good to go for November, the group is all opened up! There is also a new quest on the front page, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that.

11/1/2017 Katakire here to announce the winner of this month's Feral!!! Congratulations to kalmansielu for taking home the lovely Shadow 1727

10/31/2017 TaiBerry again! Just wanted to say congratulations to Risketch & Katakire who are our winners in the group games this month! Risketch won a spiffy Murder of the Crows Background and Akire won 22,500 FC! Congrats guys and good luck to everyone in next month's games! May the odds be ever in your favor. Also have a happy Halloween and be safe everyone!

10/31/2017 Hey everyone, MrsEvelyn here to let you know that the groups monthly journals are now shut down. Like it was stated below, activites will still stay open, and things with a deadline will still be open until then. That means things like Feral Recruiting, Quest, and the Hallows Eve Activities will stay open until their specified times. Thank you for an amazingly busy month!

10/30/2017 Hello all, it's TaiBerry! Just a heads up to everyone that the group will be closing down early morning on the 31st, EST time, and will remain closed until some time on the 2nd. The admins worked super hard for this event, and so did you guys! But don't fret, the sweet shop will never close. As long as you have the candies, you can make purchases. As for activities, as long as they are in the folder before the 1st, they will still qualify for a spooptacular roll. We hope you guys all have a good, safe Halloween, and thank you all for the amazing participation this month. We also want to give a big congratulations to the winners of our costume contest which are Elryk-Vail, kalmansielu, runandwine, Aminirus, endless-adventure, and Alriandi! Your prizes have been added to your caches and well done everyone who participated! We loved getting to see all your Felvarg babies all dressed up!

10/26/2017> Heya, MrsEvelyn here again! Here to let you know that the voting for the costume contest has opened up here! Remember to vote ONLY once, and to not vote for your own entry. The poll will close on the 28th at 11:59 EST. Have fun picking, they are all amazing!

10/18/2017 Greetings everyone, MrsEvelyn here! It has come to our attention that there was a copy/paste error with the bat companion, so I'm just here to clear the air. The bat companion bonus (10% chance to duplicate all rewards found when drawn in a caving setting) only applies to Adventure, Tracking, and Fishing images. The companion guide and the wikivargs has been updated to reflect this. Also just a reminder that the new quest is up! Head over to the front page to see the newest spoopy themed quest.

10/12/2017 Hello my loves, Kissing here to give a soft mention that admin applications are open. Simply note Ulfrheim with the form here: Admin Apps | Team Felvarg (OPEN: Updated 10/2)

Hey all, Sukkol here to tell you that the BM has officially rolled over. Go take a look in the Village Market to see the exciting items in store!

10/03/2017 Elryk-Vail here to officially announce the MVP winner from Competitions in September. Congratulations to Risketch for winning-- their prize is a Ylva's Gift trait! :heart: This month's MVP prize is a Spooky Chest. How can you get your paws on that lovely prize? By winning 1st place in any Competition, you're automatically entered in for a chance to win the MVP Reward! So head on over and join the games today, we're ready for you: Competitions: Live (October Submissions: OPEN).

In other news, 1v1 sign ups are HERE! You must be signed up BEFORE Oct 9th in order to participate. The prizes are out of this world: 5x Felpoints -or- 5x Runecoins (randomly rolled), 1x Spooky Chest1x Rune of Bountiful Berries, and 3,000 Felcredits-- and exactly half of you are guaranteed to win! 

And lastly, please be aware that all who lost in 1v1 last month must apply a Healing Salve before that Felvarg can participate again. These can be purchased in The Village Market. How do you know if your Felvarg is injured? On their Import and Database, it will say "Healthy - Injured" under Health Status. The application thread to heal your 'Varg can be found under the 1v1 section of the Competitions journal. Good luck to all, and have a great day!

 Katakire here! Sorry for the delay, we had a lot going on but I would like to officially Congratulate the winners of September's Group Games! Congratulations to xPazi for winning the Rune of Creation in the Potluck and Alriandi for winning a whooping 26,000FC in the Varglotto! That means October's Group Games are open and live!

I would also like to congratulate October's FoTM Joiku 913 owned by xPatronus! Do you know a felvarg deserving some recognition? Head on over and Vote for November's FoTM!  

10/01/2017 Kissing here to let you all know that the Hollows Eve event is live and ready to go! Set off to the official journal to read more. For those asking this month there is a spooky bimonthly as we stated previous, it will be up in a. few days! (The 4th, we will put a timer on the groups front page!)

to Phicarus for taming Axel 1550. The new Feral will be up shortly, be sure to check back. Until next time. :heart:

Hey everyone, MrsEvelyn here to let you know that the month is good and ready to go! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Felvargs spoopy event, as well as the results of the feral. Have a spoooooooooopy October!

09/30/2017 Katakire here! Its that time! End of the month is here! We are currently closing down the group to flip over the journals and prepare for October! Who here is excited! I know we are! Please be patient as we prepare, we will post a journal announcing when the group is live once more!

09/30/2017 Hello my sweeties! Kissing here with exciting news. On October 29th 2017 the group will be hosting a spooky vargoween party in our discord channel. Be sure to pop in to enjoy the spooky festivities with us. We also have officially set up our Twitter page and we would love if our members with Twitter were to follow us! The page will host its own raffles and exclusive content with things we are working on and suggestions for features we are in the process of adding. Your input matters!

Until next time! (Soft mention the group will be closing today and will reopen tomorrow alongside our monthly Halloween event!)

Hey guys! Katakire here with a reminder that the end of the month is approaching which means we will be going down in order to prepare for October. Make sure you get your last minute Feral and Quest entries! October is going to be a super special month and let me tell you why! Not only is it the one  year anniversary of Felvargs but its HALLOWEEN! Our favorite time of the year here at Team Felvargs and we plan on making this one special! We will have new Halloween themed activities for you as well as a  Spooky Bi Monthly sale so stay tuned for more information!

09/028/2017 Hello everyone! Elryk-Vail, here to remind you of a few things! If you haven't already, run over to the September: Group Games and sign up for the Varglotto and Potluck. The Varglotto is sitting at a lovely 20k FC, and the current prize for the Potluck is a rune of creation! You can purchase more than one ticket, too, for the Varglotto. If you have previously purchased a ticket and wish to do so again, you are more than welcome to! In other news, don't forget about your PvP entries! These entries are due on the 29th at 11:59 PM EST. Please beware there is a 3 month 1v1 competition suspension should you not get this entered in on time. The MVP prize for this month is the trait Ylva's Gift! So hop on over, and get your entries in while you can! Competitions: Live (September Submissions: Open)

Howdy! Katakire here! Hope you are having a good September! We here at team Felvargs sure are! With the release of Dwarfs, the update to Group Games, and the introduction of PVP its surely been packed full of activity! With that said I would like to drop a few reminders as this month creeps to a close. First don't forget to vote for your favorite felvarg in Felvarg of The Month! The Varglotto is up to 19,000FC so if you want to get you a ticket head on over to September's Group Games because even a single 600FC ticket could land you the mother load! Did you know, there is just over one week before the end of the month? Get your entries in for Axel the super short dwarf Feral. Who can resist those adorable stubby legs?!

09/07/2017 Hello all, TaiBerry here! Just a quick heads up that the raffle from the dwarf sale will be closing in 24 hours so get your entries in for your chance at a pup! You can check out the sale journal for more details. Also take a moment to vote for your favorite Felvarg for FOTM, share the love! Oh and we can't forget about the quest! There's just 10 days left to enter the current quest so jump on that as well for your chance at getting the Blessing of the Hungry Wolf trait!

 09/04/2017 Hello every-felvarg! Katakire here and I have some super exciting news! As you may have noticed the group games went down this afternoon to make way for a new set of group games! We have given it a nice little face lift that I think you all will enjoy. First we have switched the varglotto from 2 tiers to one giant pot giving you the option to purchase one ticket for 600FC or multiple tickets for 600FC each! This pot will start out at 10,000 FC each month and rise as more people buy tickets! Secondly the potluck will also have only 1 tier with tickets being 1,000FC. Only one ticket is purchasable for the Potluck however the prize will be declared upfront on the journal for the month! Last but not least, we have removed Luck of the Paw to make way for a new game, Sacred Offerings. This will include you giving an offering of your choosing to the Alpha of the month and in return they will either reward you with an item or respond in other ways.

But what about the luck of the paw for September? We have not forgotten about the few that have already chosen a cup! We will be awarding 1,000FC to everyone who chose a cup as compensation for the journal switching over. I hope you all enjoy the changes and we look forward to the games!

Please take a moment and read over the journal to better understand the changes that have been made. You can find the new Journal Here

EDIT: Hey, Elryk-Vail here with a little extra snippet. Are you and your friends itching to get a little rough and tough? Competitions: Live (September Submissions: Open) is ready and waiting! Go head on with your packmates, or sink your teeth into a few flags. Maybe even huff your way through a marathon! Take care and make sure you're submitting them into the corresponding folders and have fun ruffling some feathers!

09/03/2017 Hey guys! MrsEvelyn here to let you know that September's bonus prompt for PoC's is live! Head over to the Passage of Courtship guide to see what it is!

09/01/2017 Hello everyone, MrsEvelyn here to welcome you to September! Everything is now live. Here's to another month, enjoy! :heart:

08/31/2017 Katakire here! August Group Games has concluded and im here to announce the winners! Congratulations to Chamodile and Risketch for winning the Varglotto! The winners of the Potluck are Risketch winning a cluster of unakite and NDLEAdventures winning an opal!! Last but not least the winning cup for August was LEFT! Everyone who chose left received a Primrose Tonic!

Also Id like to announce the winner of the new Feral! Congratulations to Nimiszu for taking home Rhaego 1393!!

08/31/2017 Hello there, MrsEvelyn is back again. The group is now shutting down for monthly clean up, keep your eyes peeled for the next news update to let you know that September is up and ready to go. Thank you everyone for another amazing month!

08/29/2017 Hey everyone, MrsEvelyn here! It's coming around to be that time again, the end of the month! With this of course comes our usual reminder that the group will shut down to flip over and get ready for September. That also means that a few things will be shutting down, so be sure to get your entries in on time! Group games, the current feral, and FotM will all be closing with months end, so if you have those entries and votes hanging around, be sure to toss them in there before it's too late!

08/28/2017 Kissing here with some exciting news, our final dwarf build will be released in the near future. Alongside them the group will be releasing our physical mutations. Which include 1 free one, the free one being a submissive version for character building purposes. Here we will show a handful of the other hereditary mutations. Feathered, Bobtail, Silken Cheeks, Fangs, Claws & Flopped Ears!  Example 1, Example 2

08/25/2017 Hey all! xPazi here, posting an announcement on behalf of the Nook team.

I believe that our team works rather efficiently to check designs and make sure they are all correct and uploaded nice and swiftly. However, it becomes difficult to do this when the rules of the Design Nook are not followed. I hope you can take a moment to read through this carefully, as it will help you and the Nook admins in the long-run. We thank you in advance.

To put it simply, please do not remove previous versions of your designs by deleting the files, and please also do not hide the comments that a Nook admin has posted on your previous design files. We need these files and comments to judge through corrections. How are we going to know what you were sent to corrections for if we have no trace of the original files or admin comment?
Please also make sure that once you have listed fixes for your designs that you are posting in the corrections thread. Even if the design was not judged the first time due to file issues, it is important that you post in corrections rather than approvals.

We have had a few issues with each of these things lately and felt it was time to say something. Please make sure to read over the rules of the Design Nook journal if you are ever stuck on anything to do with the approvals or corrections process. If you are still having troubles, just ask kalmansielu, SucioPerro or myself and we will happily help you out. :heart:

This is really important. Because of these issues above, our time with judging designs has slowed quite a lot as we are trying to remember or search for past notes and attempts. Please keep every design file and admin comment where it is in your, at least until your Felvarg is officially uploaded and ready to go.

Thank you for your attention!

08/24/2017 Hello little Vargs, Kit here popping in with some updates! Team Felvargs is seeking a Battlemaster and Breeding roller, just one each! Head over to the admin applications journal to apply. Be sure to check out the raffle pride event that is currently live here as well: Event/Raffle: Pride, Inspiration, and Creation!

08/23/2017 Howdy everyone, BoneSmirk here with some updates and reminders concerning activities! As the group continues to become more popular, the Activity Team would like to address a few points.

Due to the length of the post, you can read everything HERE.
The post addresses changes to the ARPG species restriction for activities, activity forms and bonuses, tracker links and threads, clarification regarding transparent backgrounds, the utilization of brushes, stock and how to reference, the accuracy of markings, making sure artwork and literature pertain to the activity, and a reminder to try and be respectful and courteous even when faced with corrections.

Please be sure to review the above information carefully; if you have any questions, feel free to ask! We’d be more than happy to clarify! We look forward to seeing your activities! :heart:

08/23/2017 Hey everyone, MrsEvelyn here to clear the air about a redeeming miscommunication. When redeeming items (besides physical items) you can actually redeem them right in your redeem comment. (How many times can Eve say redeem in one news post?) There was a bit of a mix up here on our end so I'm just here to break it down for you a bit. The only items that need to be in your cache for application are any physical item, so accessories, paints, backgrounds ect. Otherwise you may apply other items in your redeem comment, as well as being able to apply items with an admin comment. (So the actual roll comment.) We hope that this clears up any confusion, and that we are all on the same page now! :heart:

08/22/2017 Hello everyone, kalmansielu here to tell you that the free resource file for free black and free white markings has been updated! They are all now 110% Nookie Approved and ready to go. Alongside that, I've added 13 new free white markings, 9 new free black markings, whiskers and added swatches right in the file to pick from. I hope this helps with all your design needs! Go check it out here! Felvarg Player Resourses

08/20/2017 Hello my sweeties! Kissing here to remind everyone the bimonthly will be live in 1 1/2(ish) hours, alongside a discord raffle giving away not only yummy goodies, but also a semi-custom brute! Be sure to join us. Click to join our discord channel! The raffle will begin in 45 minutes!

Katakire here! Do you know a felvarg that has stood out among the rest? Be it their personality, their talents, or some unusual thing specific to them. Are they brave, daring, bold? Do they deserve some recognition? Then shimmy on over to September's Felvarg of the month and give them a shout out! Let all of Ulfrheim know of their greatness!

08/14/2017 Howdy there! Friendly neighbrohood Katakire here with a reminder! Its the middle of the month meaning that the biweekly quest is coming to an end on the 19th so get your entries in! Don't forget this month's crafty little egocentric Feral is still up for grabs! get those taming entries in before the month ends!! On a side note, if you're feeling a little lucky this month head on over to the Group Games and toss in a few coin in for the Varglotto, Potluck, or even try your hand at Luck of the Paw!

08/11/2017 It's your very own MrsEvelyn, back again with some more news in your face. I'm here to thank everyone for the amazing sale over on Kitsunari and a big thank you to you guys continuing to support this project and the next. I mean look at these pretty skins that Kit made! If you entered the Kitsunari sale and spent over $50, you may have remembered that you would get the exclusive Vale of Whispers background! -soft oo's and ahh's- What does exclusive mean? This means that you cannot purchase this background anywhere! They have snuck their way into the cache's of those who qualify, a big thank you to those who got it as well as all those who participated. :heart: Qualifying people are as follows:  prince-corvidae endless-adventure keanai nocturnalowlet demonicrose Volbeatic MarbleSplotch Bahrghests tree-kangaroo Dunrosiel CFerretRun Goatverlord Livard Deenath limonz MrsEvelyn xPazi whiitemage xRedwing CorruptIca TaiBerry Elryk-Vail IronOdArtist BoneSmirk MageMoon Fervious frostfall The-Shellcat Risketch LiIVampie skyfever insyndiar Roudanluoja Mangoswirls xFrostfall SucioPerro Kissing meowth

08/07/2017 Hey there, MrsEvelyn here! If you haven't already noticed, the BM market has restocked! Head on over and get them while they're hot!

08/06/2017 Hello everybody! Katakire here to make sure you are all updated to the current changes made in the Adoption Center and how YOU can help! One of the new changes is that everyone is allowed to adopt from the adoption center, even if you already own a felvarg however, you may only adopt once. There are two options for adoption, you can claim a randomly rolled felvarg or choose from a list of felvargs that have been dropped off by other users. This is where you get to contribute to the Adoption Center! If you have an geno that you want to drop off, you may do so! This rewards FC depending on the rarity of the geno. You can find the FC amount on the journal. Your pup that you drop off will then go on this list for new members to pick from!

08/05/2017 It's MrsEvelyn back at it again with the news posts! Just here to let you all know that the quest has been changed! Head over to the front page to check it out and get your entries in for those spicy prizes.

08/02/2017 Your favorite quest writer MrsEvelyn here to remind you all that there is two more days until the quest closes! Get your entries in and get a Long Lost Treasures, Hawk Egg, and a chance at a Robin Companion! <3 Don't forget that the new FoTM is up as well, get those votes in if you want to see your favorite Felvarg on the front page. A big congratulations to Elryk-Vail and her girl Eurydice for winning for the month of August!

8/02/2017 Kissing here, as you can see I am coding new guide templates for all of our guides, I was very unhappy with our original skins and these are turning out wonderfully. Given we were due for a new news post due to the other one getting lengthy, I decided to give it a wack here. I will be fine tuning the above navigation and setting the new style in stone as we tidy up all of our guides and clean things up. Thank you all so much for your continued support. - Team Felvargs

© 2017 - 2021 Felvargs
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The new website looks gorgeous, and I can't wait for the beta logins. ^^ I've been hesitant with doing any activities with my felvargs just in case any new changes went up that would affect it. (Also because I've been sick but eh) A fabulous job you guys and remember to get some rest.
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We're glad that you are eager for our upcoming features! But please feel free to engage in the activities of our group while the site is being released. All of the functions/features that we currently provide on dA will still be available when the website officially launches. In other words, you could never log in and use the website itself and still enjoy the game to its fullest without anything affecting your game play. You can think of the website as another version of our front page (as in information board) that holds our database, cache system, and upcoming RP forums with a sweet profile format. I do hope that you feel better soon though! Being sick sucks. 
Sakurachan20's avatar
Thanks so much, being sick does suck. Also, I'll definitely start engaging in activities soon, they look like so much fun! I didn't realize we were receiving RP forums as well, which will honestly be super exciting for me as well. <3
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The website looks fabulous! :0
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Thank you! :heart:

- Kit
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Would all requests on the December journals be answered or would I have to resumbmit to the design nook?
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Old journals are still looked at and cleared. :heart:
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I hope this lasts until the 5th but I know it won’t    |D
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Hi guys! I noticed the new backgrounds don’t have a price listed. Is that in error, or something that will be revealed later on?
They look awesome!
MrsEvelyn's avatar
There's no price for a reason! If you click on the background themselves, you can see under "obtainable" how they will be found!
goatkisser's avatar
Thanks bub!! I was on my phone and didn’t think to click.
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Yess <3
I adore the submissive lines
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Do we have to apply submissive lines, because I  nearly finished the design of my first Felvarg on the normal lines?:,)
MrsEvelyn's avatar
No, it is a free mutation and an option to apply to your Felvarg.
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Bless you for this. Thank you^^

Nice addition tho
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Q^Q aahhh thank you so much omgggggg!!!!!!!
I'm so happy being able to participate of this event! You guys are awesome ;U;
thank you so much for the HUGE support!! Happy Halloween :love:
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Oh goodness, I can't believe I managed to win over Rhaego :'D Yay~X3 Emote :eeeee: 
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So glad you're enjoying him. :heart:
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Congratulations Elryk-Vail
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Ahh, thank you! I never thought when I joined I'd get to see my girlie on the front page. I'm so happy :heart:
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