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By Kissing

3/7/2017 MrsEvelyn
Hello guys! Just wanted to remind everyone to check out the first expedition!… We are moving on and so much about our lore will be revealed in this, be sure to give it a good read! On top of that, it has finally happened. The titans have been unleashed! On top of selling semi-customs, there are slots for sale and some fun little grabby bags! They are selling like hot cakes so get there before they are gone!…

3/5/2017 WiIdpaws
Hello everyone! It has come to our attention that members are attempting to trade Adoption Center genotypes. This is strictly against the AC rules and we can not allow these transfers to go through. Even if they are not immediately caught, it would be found in the design nook as the proofs for the felvargs are the permissions written by admins. Remember that these pups may ONLY be traded after they are designed and official, as the Adoption Center states.

Also, please be mindful that we wouldn't be responsible for the loss of goods or currency from any trades completed with Adoption Center pups. It would be at the discretion of the pups owner to refund you. This is why we urge members to always check the sources of the genotypes you trade or purchase.

3/3/2017 Kissing
Hey guys, group games are officially live. Feel free to pop over and join in on all the fun! We decided to make one of the monthly events free to join so that everyone can participate regardless of felcredit balances. We hope to see you there.
Group Games (Old)R U L E S
Please read the rules provided, those who participate agree to abide by them.
 Each member may enter each available event a single time each month.
If members are caught cheating by having other members enter for them, they will be permanently banned from the following recycled group events.
Members are responsible for checking the entry document to see if they have already entered the event each month, if you double post multiple times you will receive a month long cooldown before you can enter again.
The odds are rolled using a random number generator and because of this members can place in multiple events each month.
Winners will be announced below.

Varglotto is Felvargs' in-game currency lott

3/1/2017 MrsEvelyn
Just another little note here to say congratulations to Marko and goatkisser for winning Felvarg of the Month by a landslide! #MarkoforMarch

3/1/2017 MrsEvelyn
Greetings all you lovely people! Our new monthly journals are now up and live, so feel free to redeem your little hearts out! The ferals were rolled, and I would like to congratulate MechaMutt for winning Ragna and Celtic-Barbarian for winning Fell! Our runner ups were sinchanted, Wolfiish-ARPG, and Wild-Dracoyena who all won a pristine battle chest. It was a joy to see all of your entries, you all did such a wonderful job. Remember that there are new ferals up for grabs!

The beast hunt for Tempest has concluded, congratulations to the winners! BADVIBESGENERATOR and insyndiar won +15 EXP, Baeyah won a Legendary Battle Chest, and runandwine won the x5 Chunks of Raw Meat! Thank you again to everyone who entered, and don't forget to check out the new beast hunt; Spirit of Winter.

A little note here to let everyone know that there have been a few changes made to the forms of PoCs/Hu and Activities. From this point forward please take care to use these new forms. We are also uploading and updating the Google drive with .sai friendly versions of our imports, so check back for those soon! Thank you everyone and we hope you all have a happy March. :heart:

3/1/2017 goatkisser
The Spring Has Sprung quest is now officially closed, and a new quest has been opened!  I will be sorting the entries for last weeks' quest (assuming they were submitted before midnight EST!) in a couple hours after I rest!  Thank you to all who participated, and we hope to see you enter the new quest as well.

2/28/2017 MrsEvelyn
Hello everyone! Just a quick note here that the group will be closing soon for our monthly clean up crew to go in and do their magic! We expect things to be back up and running by the AM (March 1st) at the very latest! Thank you for your patience during this time. :heart:

2/26/2017 TaiBerry
Beast Hunting and Feral Recruiting has officially closed! We will no longer be accepting any more entries. Thanks to everyone that was able to enter and look out for the results of these two activities.

2/26/2017 goatkisser
Hey guys!  A bit of a big news post and an important clarification -- the Map of Ulfrheim and Black Market Map items do not stack.  The Black Market Map is a replacement/upgrade to the Map of Ulfrheim, and we have only just realized that people have been applying both to their Felvargs.  The fault is our own, and we apologize.  This detail will be clarified in the market, and we will be correcting instances where both are applied to the same Felvarg.  Please keep this in mind when submitting your forms for activities, as well.  Your Map of Ulfrheim will be added back to your cache!

On a lighter note, please head on over to check out our new fishing items in the Bartering Post!  We are working hard to make sure every activity is exciting to participate in, so keep your eyes peeled for even more new additions soon.

Finally, Beast Hunting and this round's Feral Recruiting are both closing tonight at 11:59 pm EST!  If you have not yet submitted your entry, please be sure to finish before the deadline!  For all those who have already entered, we hope you are excited to see the results!

2/23/2017 TaiBerry
The Valentine's Day event is now closed and we will not be accepting any more entries. Thank you to everyone that participated, we hope you had fun and enjoyed the festivities. :heart:

2/23/2017 goatkisser
Hey all, just a quick reminder that the valentines event is ending tonight at 11:59 pm EST!  Get those last minute entries in!

2/21/2017 Kissing
Sorry for the second bump today, but we are full of surprises.…

2/21/2017 Kissing
We are still going to add in currencies and tidy a few things up / fine tune a few things, but for those of you who need help now and then figuring out what things do, this gift is for you.

Feel free to poke around the WikiVargs until your heart is content!

 2/18/2017 Kissing
Hey guys, Kissing here, I just wanted to let you all know the new free black color choices are here and live. Markings Guide: Free Black (Expression)
Feel free to pop over and check them out, there is 2 swatches to pick from, from any given color we currently offer. :heart:

We are also finishing up both Clans and Battlegrounds/PvP so you can expect those soon as well.

 2/15/2017 meowth
Edit; (2/16/2017) The new weeks quest is live!
Hey guys! Just a friendly reminder that the current quest ends in an hour or so, which will then reveal the next bi-weekly quest. Be sure to get your entries in. :heart:

2/14/2017 Kissing
Sorry for the second update today, we just wanted to let you all know its raffle time! Pop over and join us and thanks again for enjoying this project with us. :heart:

A very heartwarming thank you to every last member that has supported us over these last 3 months, we have had an amazing climb and we truly enjoy our community more than anything else. As a thank you for you enjoying this game with us, Felvargs would like to host a special raffle giving everyone a chance to obtain rare goodies. Please read through the journal carefully before commenting.
Each member may join each raffle a single time. You must be a member of the group to participate.
Please be mindful to keep things fair we will roll from Raffle #1 - Raffle #, If you place you cannot place in any of the remaining raffles in the journal.

RAFFLE ENTRY END DATE: 02/22/2017 : 11:59PM EST



2/14/2017 Kissing
edit; I have removed the large body of text. We understand that when someone gets upset, they often say or do things they do not mean. However in this case, we were all able to move forward on a positive and truthful note, like adults, which brings me great joy. A Small Public Apology 

Please disregard the previous news post that was once here. We simply had to set the facts straight in the situation, a small one that was accidentally mistaken for something far larger. Upwards and onward, we can certainly do that.

2/13/2017 meowth
Hello my loves!
It has come to my attention this month that there have been players partaking in multiple split litters in which they are granted POTL; this is considered an abuse of the breeding limitations, and will no longer be allowed. As of right now, all players are limited to only one split litter slot in which they are granted POTL in addition to their three monthly breedings. I hope you can all understand that this is the fairest approach for the breeding system, and I can't wait to continue rolling your little bundles of fluffy joy (and teeth). :heart:

2/8/2017 TaiBerry
Hello all! It's finally time to reveal the two new background sets! The official import PSD's have been updated to contain these new backgrounds and they are ready to be used. These backgrounds can be used for free on any new Felvargs. However, in order to apply a free set to an uploaded Felvarg, you will need to purchase a 'background exchange frame' from the Village Market. These would be applied like usual custom backgrounds in the import update journal. You will need to include an updated PNG. We hope you enjoy them! :heart:

2/6/2017 goatkisser
Hi everyone!  There has been a change to how quest redeems will be handled going forward.  This only applies to quests which are submitted after this news announcement!  Any currently unredeemed rolls should still follow the old instructions (but please redeem them asap)!

To make quest redeems less confusing, we will be removing the "Quest Redeems" section of redeems.  Instead, after you submit your quest to the quest folder to be rolled, your specific biweekly quest reward alongside this chest will be posted in your Felvarg's tracker.  In the same tracker comment you will be directed to special redeems to have your chest (which contains your adventure roll) opened.  The other reward changes with every new quest, but we will be sure to direct you to the right place for that too!  We hope this helps make the redemption process not so frustrating.

2/5/2017 goatkisser
For those who have not yet seen, take a look at our homepage and familiarize yourselves with a special new activity, Beast Hunting!  Reports of a great beast have spread throughout Ulfrheim, and it is up to your Felvargs to address them.  This event will have the same requirements as quest, but offers special prizes to multiple winners on top of the fun new prompt.  It's open and ready for entries now!

2/2/2017 Kissing
Apologies for the second bump today guys, we have just made a small update to group held events. Moving forward all feral recruiting entries must include the provided form in the recruiting journal. On the form you will notice a new line in particular.

Use for EXP (Chosen Winner): yes/no

We respect our artists and their ability to decide who uses their artwork when things boil down to RNG, however, we also respect our members. Moving forward all members who place 'no' in this field, should they place winning the feral in question, will not be able to use any images created during the recruiting process. We hope that everyone can see how this would be the fairest option moving forward. (To be clear the winner may use their own entry, just not any failed entries, and this would only apply should the artists not allow the image to be used for EXP.)

While I have you here just a soft mention to be sure you check our the Valentines Event!
Thanks everyone.

2/2/2017 goatkisser
Hey all!  The Stranger quest is now officially closed, and a new quest will be added to the quest and front pages shortly.  This one ties a little into our Valentines event, which you should also check out!  Thank you to all who participated in the last quest, and we hope to see you enter again.  :heart:

2/1/2017 Kissing
Hey there everyone, usual group activities are now live sending us into February. The Valentines day seasonal event will be launched later on today! We will let you know when thats up and running as well.

The bi-monthly sale is also live! Thank you all so much for your continued support, creating this project for each and everyone of you, is such a treat for me. :heart:
Bi-Monthly Sale! (LIVE/OPEN!)

1/31/2017 WiIdpaws
Votes have been tallied and we are proud to award Volbeatic 's  Bates Felvarg of the Month! Congratulations!

1/30/2017 goatkisser
A bit of a big update here -- our Feral Recruitment winners have been chosen!  Please say congratulations to Volbeatic who was chosen to recruit Eydis and Wild-Dracoyena who was chosen to recruit Raevar.  Our runners-up have also been chosen via RNG from a pool of favorites chosen by multiple admins based on effort and creativity.  goatkisser and Wild-Dracoyena have won Legendary Battle Chests.  jesstural Mizie-Wolf and StrawberryMooShake have won Pristine Battle Chests.  These have already been added to your banks and their contents may be revealed in the special redeems once the February journal is opened.  New Ferals will be up soon!

On that note, journals will be back up and running tomorrow!  So save up those redeemables and get ready.  Also coming tomorrow will be an official SALE AND AUCTION to help boost our project as it grows.  The sale will go live before or around 5pm EST and will offer a lot of goodies members have been asking for.  Stay tuned, and thank you all so much for your continued support.  

1/29/2017 Kissing
Another small update to let everyone know the Black Market is stocked. The Village Market

1/29/2017 Kissing
Hey there everyone, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Just a friendly reminder that the group will be closing shortly for monthly clean up crew. Recruiting has officially closed but don't worry, along side the valentines day event we will be introducing two new ferals. Keep in mind the bi-monthly sale goes live at the start of the month as well. We have tried to make the sale more exciting by offering different things, if there is anything you would like to see in there let us know. (no promises!)

We have also released the Trinity bonus details, which can be found here for those who want to read up on it!

On a final note we are adding new free black swatches to accommodate different base coat colors, so for those of you who like a nice tint to your free black to match your base coats, that should be in shortly. :heart:

1/27/2017 TaiBerry
Just a friendly reminder that the group will be closing around mid day EST on January 30th so the staff can clean up and prepare for the new month. We will re-open just before February and with the re-opening will come the Valentine's Day event, so get excited! We will announce when the new month is officially live. The battlegrounds will also be closing the 28th (tomorrow) at 11:59 PM EST so get those entries in for your chance to recruit a feral! 

1/21/2017 Kissing
Edit; Sorry for the additional bump today, I just wanted to let everyone know that the three new coat types have officially been added to the PSD hub. Be mindful they are not yet live but for those who want to see them, or poke at the psd, feel free! (Wisp/Rugged/Short) :heart:

Felvargs: Official PSD Download Hub (01/21/17 NEW) by Ulfrheim

Hey there everyone, Kissing here with quite a long news post. You will have noticed a lot of skin changes around the group, a transition we have been working on for quite a long time. There is still a few small things to change however they are all minor and nearly complete.

Be sure to pop over to the main page and check out our new skin! Felvargs
If you wanted you could go poking around the Information Board on the skin to see the new journals. (There is 2 remaining on the old skin, however fear not we are aware of these and they will be replaced shortly.)

Ulfrheim: Official Locations

Make sure you get those entries in for the ferals if you were interested in recruiting any as well. :heart:
January - Recruiting (Open)

1/16/2017 goatkisser
The quest "A Rustle in the Woods" is now officially closed, and the new one will be opening shortly!  Keep an eye out on our front page and quest info page for details, and thank you to all who participated in the last!  Entries for the last quest submitted before this news post will be rolled, just hang tight a moment.  :heart:

1/16/2017 Kissing
Feel free to pop over and enjoy the raffle, its live! Raffle! (01/15/2017) OPEN

1/13/2017 Kissing
Hey everyone! The new bartering post/masterlist is coming along nicely! Feel free to peek your head in and check things out. The Bartering Post

You will have noticed two new activities are now live. Mountaineering and Excavating, feel free to pop into those after checking out the necessary requirements to partake.

We are releasing custom backgrounds soon, which will be available in two different ways, however most commonly purchasable at level 4. We will be hosting a raffle where we will give away 2 frames for free! Have a peek at the current backgrounds available. Be mindful there is plenty to come.

Happy hunting.. er Mountaineering.. er Excavating!

Previous News Posts

- 11/22/2016
- 01/12/2017

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Ahhhh my beautiful rugged puppy~

Congrats to everyone!
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aaayuuuss!!! Thank you so much! ;U;
TheOneAndOnlyEevee's avatar
Screams loudly
I have a valentine event thing ready but I can't submit anything rip
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I can't wait for PvP tournaments! ;o;
MechaMutt's avatar

ooooo Excited to see these updates, looking forward to 'em!
Aminirus's avatar
I got my entry in for the Whispers of Flowers quest, but still no reply on the items. Now the quest is closed... will I still be able to get the prizes and submit the sunflower to Astrid?
Ulfrheim's avatar
Yes, all entries submitted before the deadline will still receive rewards as per usual. We apologize for the small wait but our usual lorekeeper is in the hospital and so we are doing our best to handle that area of the group along side usual duties.

No need to worry though, if it submitted to the group successfully, the reward is as good as yours! :heart:
Aminirus's avatar
No problem. I know things happen, though I do hope they are alright. 
I just wanted to make sure I'd still be able to complete it even after the due date.
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As long as your quest was submitted to the quests folder in the Felvargs
gallery before the quest closed then it will be rolled. :)
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Awesome, thanks :3
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Sweet, those look awesome!
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