News: August is Now Open! Feral and POC updates!

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By Ulfrheim

7/31/2017 Katakire

Greetings everyone! So sorry to be updating so much today but I have a few more things to announce! The feral recruiting has concluded! Everyone please congratulate the winner of this month's recruitment xPathyTales !! With that said, we have a new feral live and ready to go! Do you think you can convince this overly confident male that he should join you?

Also note that the new Passage of Courtship is live! Gather all your courage to face your foes and save the innocent! If you succeed, you may find that you have awoken a new found strength in yourself!

7/31/2017 MrsEvelyn

The group is now open and live! Thank you for your patience, and here's to another amazing month at Felvargs!

7/31/2017 Katakire

Ladieeeess and Gentlemennnn! The Group Games have concluded and I have the winners here for you! First off the winners of the Varglotto are TaiBerry (Average) and Bahrghests (Extreme)! Next up we have the winners of the potluck, endless-adventure winning a Love Potion and ThatDangCat winning a Flast of Risk! Last but not least the winning cup for the month of July was Left winning everyone who chose that cup a Fertility Potion! Congratulations to all out winners and we look forward to our next round!

7/29/2017 Katakire

Hello everyone!  Just a reminder that the group will be shutting down tomorrow for monthly clean up. During this time the group will be down as usual, and we will let you know when the new month is live. Also a few reminders! Group games will be clsoing down with the monthly flip over as well as Felvarg of the month so don't forget to go vote for your favorite Felvarg! Also, there are 6 days left to complete the Quest, hurry up and get your entries submitted before its too late! From the team here at Felvargs, thanks again for another amazing month, we love you guys and look forward to another month!

7/20/2017 demonicrose 

Hello All! I have lovely news for you this fine evening. A few traits have been cycled inside The Village Market including a group favorite "Overachiever". So don't be an underachiever go trade berries for yours today!

7/20/2017 Hibiscuses

Hello everyone! It is time for the friendly reminder of a few group activities before the month is over.
-Group games is a really fun place where you can test your luck to win some great prizes!
-Don't forget to nominate your favorite felvarg in FoTM! You may possibly see them on the front page next month.

7/19/2017 MrsEvelyn

Greetings everyone! If you haven't noticed yet, a new quest has found its way onto the front page! Go check it out and get those entries in for those amazing prizes.

7/14/2017 TaiBerry

Just a heads up everyone, the yearly summer Felcredit sale will be going live in less than 3 hours! So get those Felcredits ready cause the sale will be first come, first served and there will be no holds or USD options.

7/13/2017 MrsEvelyn

Well hey hi and hello there!  Just a few things here today! First on our list is the new swatches for points! There are now some for specialty coat colours, go and check them out here.…

Also just a reminder to go and vote for Felvarg of the Month! Is there one fluffy boofer that you see around all the time, that you know the owner loves and adores? Make sure you let them know by giving them a vote. A reminder that the quest closes on the 18th, so get those images in before then! :heart:

7/10/2017 MrsEvelyn

Hey everyone! The Taming of the Shadows part 2 is now officially open! There are 10 shadows that can be tamed by any Felvarg who has gotten at least Chapter 3 finished in the expeditions. If you are not yet at this point, you can still catch up after the event is live. As long as there are shadows to tame still, you can enter. There are also 5 shadows that can be tamed by any Felvarg who is level 2 or higher. Check out the guidelines at the bottom of the expedition journal!

The BM market has also been updated! Go and check it out!…

7/05/2017 Katakire

Greetings! Warm up your vocals and sing me the song of your people! This month's Passage of Courtship is live! Giving a reward of 25% chance to bring back a Rune of Experience!

Also note that there has been a new tutorial added for pinto over in the Nook! Zip on over and take a look!

-The winners of the July 4th Raffle are Chamodile winning a Fertility Potion, Vaysteria for winning one full slot to Midnight 14, and the three winners of the Spooky Chest are Arrillaga, RedlightWolf, and Jaimep!
Congratulations to all out winners!

7/03/2017 Hibiscuses

Greetings everyone! Apologies for another news post so soon, but I have some exciting news to announce. You may know that the group is now open for the month of July, meaning that there is some winners to announce from June's events!
-The winner of June's Feral Vigdis is Sukkol! The runner ups are jess-hawke , Bahrghests , Delh all which won Pristine Battle Chest, and xRedwing who won a Legendary Battle Chest.
-Group games has concluded as well, winners can be seen on the group game page. If you won, a comment of what exactly you won should of been sent directly to you!

Congratulations to all of our winners!

7/03/2017 Kissing

Hello everyone! A soft reminder quest ends tonight, be sure to get those last minute entries in. Happy 4th to those of you celebrating, come and celebrate with us no matter your location. #Rafflefever 4th of july festivities/raffle!

7/01/2017 MrsEvelyn

Greetings everyone and happy July! The group is now open for business, all monthly journals are able to be posted on! :heart:

6/30/2017 MrsEvelyn

Hey everyone! It's that time of the month again, and Felvargs will be shutting down tonight to flip everything over for July. Goodness, July already! During this time everything will be down, and we will let you know when the new monthly journals are live for you to post your little hearts out.

Just a little reminder about our upcoming Felcredits sale as well! You may have noticed a countdown on the front page, be sure to keep your eyes on it and look out for the sale. Feral recruiting is over and done with as well, and once we roll over to the new month the winner will be announced. Thank you all for your continued support, and on we go to another amazing month in Felvargs. :heart:

6/20/2017 Hibiscuses

Hello everyone! Here with your friendly reminder about a few Felvarg group activities that you do not want to miss out on!
-Come test your luck at group games. You can either spend felcredits or nothing with luck of the paw to win some amazing prizes.
-Felvarg of the Month is still taking nominations for July's winner. Go vote for your favorite 'varg and hopefully see them on the front page next month!
-Feral recruiting has yet to have much love this month. The summer event has had everyone's attention, but have you seen this beauty? Why not go give her a peak now before the month is over!

6/19/2017 Kissing

Sorry for the additional bump today, we just wanted to remind everyone that on discord here in 30 minutes the group will be hosting a mini giveaway along side giving peeks on our newest update for our import database. Be sure to join us if you would like to poke in. Click here to join discord!

Also we would like to give a gentle reminder the summer fever event ends in 3 days and so members should wrap up any images they have not yet completed. With summer fevers farewell Felvargs will be welcoming its newest coat type, royal. The alphas will be uploaded tonight for all to view and the group would like to extend a thank you to noebelle for altering our lineart to create this lovely coat type for us. Be sure to head over to expedition because the event to follow shortly after summer fever ends will only be available to those who have managed to complete chapter 3 or higher, a perk for following along. Expedition will not be going anywhere and can be started and finished at any time. Please understand this event is specifically for those that have reached chapter 3 or higher, the first launching taming of the shadows event was open to all members, however its concluding event is only for those who are playing along.

Best of luck!

6/19/2017 Kissing

Hello everyone! Just a few small updates. We are currently seeking a few more admins and have recently wiped our old applications, so if you want to reapply feel free. We also wanted to give a soft reminder that next month the group will host a Felcredit sale. We feel as though this will be a nice change for those usually unable to participate in the bimonthly sales, to have a chance to scoop up some delicious goodies. The FC sale will be in july and the usual bimonthly in august will be unaffected by it. Make sure to save up your credits if you are interested in participating in the FC sale. Quest has been updated, be sure to shoot over to the groups front page to see what the new prompt entails. We have added more titles to the mix and have officially released them, you can pop over to the titles guide to see them. We have also made it so those that can be found with the overachiever trait, can also be found in usual activities at a lower rate than the overachiever trait. Until next time. :heart:

6/15/2017 Hibiscuses

Greeting everyone! You might notice a slight text change in the description on the black market if you pay close attention. The black market has changed just a tad, and so not to confuse any members; I am here to alert everyone about this change! Due to recent concerns we are adding an additional rule on the black market shop that will limit the amount of items a member can purchase to two. Please understand this rule is to help our members find a balance in the black market shop. The items are extremely limited and often all together its around 10 QTY and we do not feel one member aspiring to buy a great deal of the black market shop all at once is fair. We hope you also feel this new rule is justified and fair. Happy hunting.

6/14/2017 MrsEvelyn

Black Market shipment!
You heard it, right from your favorite Evelyn! Be sure to go and check out the newest assortments of Black Market items!… Go grind out those activities to get some lovely items!

6/13/2017 Kissing

Import Database V.1.0 is live!
    In just a few short moments Felvargs is going to release stage 2 of our caching update. (Yes there is more!) This is a large update but please be mindful it is not our last, we have a lot in store but would like to push this system through to a beta stage. Your support to our project allows us to create, to continue to build together as a team and we hope to truly rock the arpg world. Please be thankful to a great deal of our admins and to our coders for working so hard on this for you.

Please more than anything enjoy it and utilize it until your hearts content. If you find any errors please alert us here >… Please be mindful we are only human and despite doing two sweeps moving thousands of imports has been quite the task, help us to buff out the hard edges by checking over your own sweeties to make sure everything is as it should be. Please refresh your cache to see your currently owned Felvargs now have names that are clickable and accessible through your cache, this will direct you to the import database. Happy hunting!……

Please join us on Discord where we are hosting a raffle along side the release of our import system!

6/12/2017 Kissing

Within the next day or so Felvargs will be releasing the largest update yet! This latest project has taken our admins by storm and we have been working very hard. We're nearing the ending stages now and soon we will share our accomplishments with everyone. Thats not why im here though, feel free to peek at titles which are officially up and running.
Guide: Titles

Happy hunting!

6/05/2017 Hibiscuses

Greetings everyone, hope you are feeling lucky! Join group games to win outstanding prizes! There is even a free option that doesn't require any felcredits.
Give a peek over at Felvarg of the Month. Nominate your favorite felvarg and hopefully you will see them on the front page next month!

6/04/2017 Kissing

Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well. You will have noticed the cache has gotten an upgrade including a plethora of new features we have been working on. Be sure to head on over to my cache or perhaps your own to have a peek. We have been working very hard behind the scenes and we truly believe the features to come in the next week or so will knock your socks off!

Felvargs Official Member Cache

edit; You will have noticed an additional Expedition chapter has been released. :heart:

6/03/2017 Katakire

Hello everyone, get your floaties ready and dive on in for some summer fun! The June Passage of Courtship is now live! Giving you a 20% chance to return either a common/uncommon trait or a rune of bountiful berries!

6/01/2017 TaiBerry

Attention, attention, June is now live. With the new month comes a few changes we think you'll enjoy. For starters, if you haven't checked out the new updates to the hierarchy levels you can check them out here. There are now more rewards for leveling up your Felvargs, how exciting! The village market has also been stocked with some new breeding consumables, these consumables have also been added to the breeding roller so you can test out your odds with these new, enhancing items.

06/01/2017 Kissing

Hello everyone, we're still tying up some loose ends but the new month should be live before tonight's end. You will have noticed some new items in the market and even some new level bonuses in hierarchy updates, feel free to peek at those while we finish tinkering with things.

That being said we are looking for 3 admins to join our team. 1 Hierarchy Update (Judge) and 2 Banking Admins. Feel free to apply Here!
Admin Applications | Team Felvarg (OPEN)

05/31/2017 MrsEvelyn

Howdy everyone! As you may have noticed, the group is now closed for monthly clean up! We have a few new exciting changes coming, which we will break down once the group is live. Thank you everyone to your continued support and activity, and have another good month here with us at Felvargs. :heart:

05/28/2017 Hibiscuses

Hello everyone! The feral recruitment has concluded, meaning we have some winners to announce! Flynn has made his way home with the lovely Risketch, congratulations! Three runner-ups have been picked, all receiving a Pristine Battle Chest. They are ThatDangCat, Skellicorn, and TaiBerry. Congratulations to the runner-up!
-Don't forget to place a nomination for Felvarg of the Month before the month is over.
-Group Games, and Beast Hunting still has a few days as well, so keep track of the end date/group close!

05/24/2017 MrsEvelyn

Hey hi and hello there! If you haven't noticed already, the Black Market has been updated!… It seems like you were all a bunch of eager beavers, as one of the items is already sold out. Also just a soft reminder that months end is coming. We close a few days before hand to flip over from May to June, and during this time everything will be shut down until the fresh new journals are up. There are also only three days left to try your luck at taming Flynn! With a feral that amazing, who can resist?

05/19/2017 RuneStoneArt

Hello all you lovely people! I wanted to let you know that keys are the only bonus for all chests, minus the small select applicable bonuses that can be used for Quest chests. The applicable bonuses need to have been applied to the felvarg that found the chest.

Also wanted to remind you that beast hunting ends in a week. Come and join in!

05/19/2017 MrsEvelyn

Greetings everyone! I hope everyone is having a good month so far! Just here to give you a little nudge at the new updated quest! Also just a reminder that the end of May is drawing near, which means you better get your votes for Felvarg of the Month in, as well as enter those group games for a chance to win a bunch of FC.

05/11/2017 Hibiscuses

Hello, you amazing people! Just a few friendly reminders.
The group games are still open for anyone willing to try their luck! Enter for free with Luck of the Paw or enjoy the two other sections that cost Felcredits.
Do you fancy a certain Felvarg more than another? Submit your nominations to determine the June's Felvarg of the Month winner!

05/09/2017 Kissing

Hello everyone. Recently we have been having some issues where a problem member that has terrorized other arpgs, has made their way into Felvargs. This player owes hundreds of dollars of artwork to people; alongside over 1,000 activity rolls. We are doing our best to shut down every attempt they make but you are your safest course of action. There is a variety of things you can do to ensure the safety of your items and money alike.

1.) Never send anyone money using the friends and family option. It is against paypals ToS to ask someone to send a payment using this method when it is a payment for goods/services.
2.) Be mindful of new accounts. Accounts less than a few weeks old that dive right into arpg land and begin taking deals should always raise a red flag for us.
3.) Send money as goods & services, this will allow you to do a charge back if something fishy pops up.
4.) Talk to us, if you think somethings not quite right we are always here to help.

We will do our best to keep this under wraps, so that you all can continue to enjoy this game with as little threat as possible.

On a completely unrelated note we raised $580 for dogs in need. Well done everyone.…

04/29/2017 Hibiscuses

Hello! I have some exciting news to share with everyone. First off, I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Secondly, there is some winners I would like to announce, but before that there is some important updates.

-There was a small issue with the server swap, causing a delay. That being said, it is a bit behind schedule. We are extremely sorry for those who decided to wait it out.
-The Easter Market is only here for a limited amount of time! It will be packing up shop and leaving May 5th. Make sure to get all your purchases done before then.
-Beast Hunting finally came to a close, awarding four different players with brilliant treasures. Arrillaga obtained a Cloverscale Companion, Elryk-Vail, The-Shellcat, and ThatDangCat all obtained a Legendary Battle Chest! Congratulations to the winners.
-Finally, the Felvarg of the Month has been tallied together and the winner is! Kauan 559 owned by runandwine! An adorable little skunk companion has managed to sneak its way into your cache.

edit; 04/29/17 (SERVER SWAP)

 Hello everyone, we hope you're having a lovely day today. We are reaching out to let Felvargs members know we are going to be switching servers to our permanent nesting grounds, our new server allows for us to implement the shiny new features we have been speaking of and ideally transition all the rollers to run in realtime. This new server will also increase our speed, uptime and productivity, as well as double our back-up abilities to ensure our back end is doing everything possible to keep your information and items safe. With the transition to the new server however, in the early EST hours of the 30th of april the entire website will fall offline, temporarily leaving no trace of Felvargs in its wake. Don't panic, this process is entirely natural however it will mean rollers and cache's alike will not be available for group use. This transition can take up to 24 hours to complete, too which the website will resume usual actions and everything will come to life once more. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope everyone understands this server upgrade is being implemented with the groups best interest in mind. Come the 1st of may we will be smooth sailing once more. We will give a final shout just prior to the black out. Thank you! -Team Felvargs

04/29/2017 Kissing

Base this is kitten, may is a go go, I repeat, may is live and ready for action! Before you dive into your may time fun please make note of a few things.

- The new passage of courtship bonus prompt is live. Offering a 50% chance for felvargs to return very exciting companions.
- There is one day left to complete any last minute beast hunting entries and 3 days for the quest.
- As we all know on the 5th we will say goodbye to the easter event. We had a lot of fun with those egg entries.
- The april achievement will no longer be claimable as of may 1st, so if you were working on a silly appril fools day image be sure to finish it up.

We hope you all had a wonderful month. :heart:

04/29/2017 MrsEvelyn

Greeting guys. :heart: We seem to have run into a 'spam comment' issue with DeviantArt while setting up the new monthly journals. We apologize so much for this inconvenience, we are working hard to get everything together as quickly as we can. We will let you know as soon as they are all live.

Feral Recruitment has been closed, and the winners rolled! A huge congratulations to Sadbloom for getting Syrix! She is a true beauty, and a great catch! There is also congratulations in order for our runner ups! mangoswirl has won the Legendary Battle Chest, with RuneStoneArt, xRedwing and ThatDangCat winning a Pristine Battle chest! There were so many stunning entries that an extra chest was rolled this time. The new Feral Recruiting is up and live, and you are for sure going to check him out. <3

04/27/2017 MrsEvelyn

Guess who's back, back again. Hello there everyone! Just a little heads up that the group will be closing tomorrow so we can sweep up the old journals to get fresh new May ones up and running. We will work as fast as we can to get everything back up and running. We are also going to be making a new Adoption Center journal as the current one is reaching a dangerous amount of comments. During the month of May we will also be opening our nursery, a place for you to drop off your eggs (and shells!) in hopes of hatching a companion. Keep your eyes peeled and ready those eggs.

04/25/2017 MrsEvelyn

Hey there guys! Just a little reminder that the end of the month is coming up, meaning that our monthly clean up is on its way. Remember that we do close a bit early to have everything set up for the new month, and all monthly journals will be closed at this time.

We would also like to remind you of a bunch of events coming to their end dates. The Feral Recruiting ends in just a few days, on the 27th of this month. And seriously that cross is such a sweetie, totally drool worthy. Who can resist a good Alex design? (Not me, that's for sure.) The current Beast Hunt ends on the 30th of this month, so get those entries in for a chance at some cool prizes! Last but not least, the quest closes on May 2nd with the amazing prize of a Egg of Spades. Happy playing everyone! :heart:

04/18/2017 WiIdpaws

  Hello there everyone! We wanted to thank you all for your amazing entries for the last quest as we welcome in the new one! Freyja is in need of help of any and all felvargs, so be sure to check it out on the groups front page.

The month is nearing its end, and there's still time to vote for Felvarg of the Month! Cast a vote for your favorite fel here! We hope you're enjoying the egg hunt so far and would love to see some special shout outs for FotM!

04/14/2017 Kissing

  Hello my loves! We've been working hard, the new design guide is finally 100%. Thank you for bearing with us during this transition. All traces of the old guide will soon be deleted. So be sure to find yourself heading over to TheNook when you're handling design related things!

Design Guide: Resources Hub

Be sure to get any last minute quest entries in as the quest will turn over in a few days. :heart:


04/11/2017 Hibiscuses

Hello everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the Easter event! Have you entered the Group Games this month? You can test your luck with Felcredit entry raffles! If that is not your cup of tea, then there is a free raffle called Luck of the Paw. Be sure to check it out.

04/08/2017 Kissing

Hello everyone, I hope you're having a wonderful day so far today. Just a friendly reminder to pop over and read the group rules, we have been having some members trying to sell raffled items/prizes and we want to be certain everyone understands how they work. When the group hosts raffles and rewards prizes they are in fact bound to you so be sure you intend to use them if participating in raffles. :heart:

Speaking of raffles we are hosting one tonight on discord, pop in and join us at 6pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)!
Official Group Rules! (Updated 01/14/2017)

You can find the details on joining in the group rules guide, be sure to skim through them before joining.

04/07/2017 Sukkol

Hello everyone! Along with the Easter event kicking off, we have introduced some new hierarchy level prompts! Be sure to check them out here.

04/06/2017 TaiBerry

Me again! Just wanted to let all of you lovely people know that the Easter event is now live and ready for your enjoyment! Similar to the St. Patrick's Day festivities, Easter will have unique rewards that can only be obtained from the Easter Market using Easter eggs as currency. These beautifully painted eggs can be found while participating in usual group activities so get up, get active and join in the fun! The event will run until May 5th so get your egg hunting on and trade in those eggs for rare and wonderful rewards before they're gone!

04/06/2017 TaiBerry

Hear ye, hear ye! We've recently added a limit to the number of traits that can be placed on a single Felvarg. There is still no limit to how many common/uncommon traits that can be applied to a single Felvarg, however, each Felvarg can have no more than 6 rare traits and 5 legendary so you'll want to choose wisely. This will allow us to add even more fun traits for you guys to use and choose from! You can check out further trait details here. Also, have you seen a Felvarg that gets lots of love, stands out or has a story that just draws you in? Why not show your love for them by nominating them for Felvarg of the Month! We are currently accepting nominations for the month of May, just go here to nominate!

04/03/2017 TaiBerry

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you all know that the new PoC bonus for April is now live so be sure to check that out. The clover black market items have come to an end so hopefully you were all able to snag some cool loot while the St. Patrick's Day event was live. The Black Market is expecting it's next shipment on the 7th so keep an eye out for what's to come!

04/01/2017 goatkisser

Hi all!  We hope you enjoyed your April Fool's (or at least came out unscathed).  There is a new bi-weekly quest ready and waiting for you to peruse! Thank you to all who participated in the last, and we hope to see you enter this new one as well.

Don't forget to check the previous news post for a link to the newly released chapter of Expedition!

04/01/2017 Kissing

Hello everyone! Sorry for the second bump today I just wanted to let everyone know that we added 18 new markings to the group. We have not made proper guides for them yet but if you want a sneak peak feel free to launch the official breeding roller and roll some random puppies! Official Breeding Roller

Whats even more exciting we are adding another free expression marking, sit tight for more details on that!

And don't forget that quest is closing tonight at 11:59 pm EST!  Don't get too distracted by our fancy new markings; get a last minute entry in now if you haven't already.

Last but certainly not least for today's updates, the new chapter of EXPEDITION is now live!  Check it out here.

03/31/2017 Hibiscuses

Hello! The group is now live for the month of April and with the change comes a new Felvarg of the Month. Congratulations to Sombra and kalmansielu for winning FoTM by over several votes!

Group Games has now been updated with winners on the page, though hold tight for a new entry journal to be announced.

March's Beast Hunting: Spirit of Winter has concluded, congratulations to the four lucky winners! TaiBerry won +15 exp, Elryk-Vail won 5x Chunks of Raw Meat, Volbeatic and ThatDangCat both won a Legendary Battle Chest.

I would like to announce a late congratulations towards the winners of Feral Recruiting! Elryk-Vail won Alvis and SozinThis won Gunnvor. All the attempts made had been extremely well done, but we could only pick three runner ups. Celtic-Barbarian won a Pristine Battle Chest, xPazi won a Pristine Battle Chest, and ScandinavianMutt won a Legendary Battle Chest.

03/30/2017 MrsEvelyn

Hey guys! Just a reminder that the group will be closing soon to do our monthly clean up and set up next months journals. During this time, all monthly journals will be shut down until the new ones are posted. Please be patient with us during this time, we will have it all up and running as soon as possible.

03/27/2017 WiIdpaws

Hello everyone! The Saint Patrick's Day event is coming to a close soon, so get those activity entries in for a chance at those clovers! Be sure to check out the Black Market as well before the special items disappear. We will also be closing the monthly journals for clean up beginning March 30th. Good luck getting those last minute clovers! :heart:

03/25/2017 Hibiscuses

Hey there everyone sorry for the 2nd update today, you will have noticed some new markings cropped up in the breding roller, we would like to welcome them along side the new ashen/dilute/helix base coat fun! Shortly we will be making the Felcredit/pennies sale live so keep an eye out for that! :heart:

Appaloosa, Patchwork, Siamese, Accents, Faded and Stitch! Head over to TheNook to check them out!

Hello everyone! Just a friendly reminder that the Group Games are still going on! Test your luck with Felcredit entry raffles or even go a safer route with Luck of the Paw. That being said, do not forget to vote for Felvarg of the Month. April is coming up fast, and nominations are still live!

03/24/2017 TaiBerry

Hello all you lovely Felvarg lovers! We are happy to announce that the FAQ journal has been updated! Feel free to check it out and soak up all the new knowledge. We will also be hosting a discord raffle tonight at 6Pm EST. If you aren't on discord yet, now is the time to join in on the Felvarg chatter! Simply click here to join us!

03/21/2017 MrsEvelyn

Hi, hey, and hello everyone! Winter has finally released her icy claws on the world of Ulfrheim. Spring has come as a welcome release, and look! A pretty new icon! <3

Now, we know that things have been crazy with the expeditions, but don't forget about the quest, beast hunting, and feral recruiting. All the deadlines for those are all on the front page. How goes the clover hunting? Has luck been on your side? If so, you'll want to try that luck out on the group games here! There are free entries as well as paid entries, so even if you're not feeling particularly lucky there is an event for everyone!

03/20/2017 Kissing

Good morning everyone! Last night you will have noticed for a short period the cache was unavailable, during this short period we set up additional backups (Like we need more than one a day Felvargs calm down! :P), and also integrated our new banking system. You will notice things working a bit differently and we sure do hope you like the changes. This version of the cache is our 2nd to last stepping stone and so it was important that we gave it a whirl to see how it was running front end after a great deal of testing.

We still have some minor things/styles to shift, like for example adding our fancy new resource buttons down bottom, but those will be tackled today, merely cosmetic. Enjoy. :heart:

03/18/2017 Kissing

The forever long design guide work in progress is finally coming to an end. Excitedly enough we finally have our ducks in a row and we are now officially putting our final guide together. For those of you who want to follow along prior to getting everything in place, feel free to come and have a peek perhaps? :heart:


03/17/2017 meowth

The Taming of the Shadows event has concluded! Congratulations to all the lucky winners, and well done to everyone who put forth the incredible effort to join! It has been an honour to roll all of your entries. The bonus roll random titan geno will be rolled tomorrow for the remaining entries, so hold onto your hats! Entries will not longer be accepted into the Shadows folder, so anyone who does have an unfinished entry is welcomed to submit it as a regular adventure for a shot at those curious clovers!

03/16/2017 Kissing

Here is that final update to let everyone know that clovers are in and are a go! Be sure to get your entries in before the 28th! The Village Market (Clover Shop!) You can locate clovers while doing usual group things, this includes quest, recruiting, taming, beast hunting and of course our usual group activities. Happy hunting!

03/16/2017 Kissing 

Just a few quick mentions. There is still 2 more titans to be tamed in the shadows event. Once they have all been tamed we will pull any remaining entries and give them a seasonal event roll along side entering each image into a random number generator to give out 1 randomly rolled titan genotype. We appreciate your hard work and wouldnt want any creations to go to waste!

You will have noticed quest has changed and the reward? Four leaf clovers? What does this mean you say? Well it means for Saint Patricks day members will be able to locate Four Leaf Clovers while participating in usual group activities. These clovers can be used as a currency in the upcoming Black Market shop which will be stocked in the next 24 hours. We will update the news post once more today when the ability to find clovers goes live and the shop has been stocked. Until then feel free to join the quest to begin your clover journey.

03/14/2017 Kissing

Hey there everyone, if you have any quest entries you're finishing up be sure to get them done shortly as the biweekly quest is due to change. For those of you partaking in the expedition sub-event (shadows), there is still 4 more titans to be tamed. [Expedition] Ragnarok: The Siege of Ulfrheim

We would also like to note that we are currently hiring some new paws, are you interested in becoming an admin? Feel free to pop over to the admin application journal and read through the details carefully. Admin Applications | Team Felvarg (OPEN)

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Pathea's avatar
Thank you so much for Brier. I'm so happy because I had so much troubles with the drawing ;w; <3 Thank you <3 
xPazi's avatar
The RNG really liked you, congratulations! :heart: You've worked hard and it has payed off! We all know you'll take great care of her. ;w; <3
Pathea's avatar
Thanks again :heart: <3
Can you send me the .psd by note? So I can edit it when I'll buy some stuff for her <3
xPazi's avatar
I'm afraid I didn't design this girl, so it would be best to contact the person who created her look, who looks to be @/PrinceAiex :heart:
Just send them a note and ask, i'm sure Alex will be happy to help you out! ^^ <3
Pathea's avatar
Aww, no problem, thank you :heart:
Wild-Dracoyena's avatar
I have a feral that was already a level 1 when I won him; is he eligible for the new rewards too or is it only my varg that I've actually done PoCs for?
TaiBerry's avatar

Is it Raevar 388 that you're talking about? Because if so, his import shows that he already has his PoC's. But yes,
you would be able to claim those rewards from level one on a feral that was already level one when you won them.
CharmysARPG's avatar
Will there be an active link for the prize claiming for the hierarchy stuff soon? :)
TaiBerry's avatar
Yes, we just finished getting that set up today.

Here is the link:…

It can be found on the hierarchy levels guide. :heart:
AutumnFlick's avatar
Hah! You guys are the best.
My favorite is this one;
1.) Female, Healthy
Build: Standard
Dilute Silver with Siamese, Side Bacon, Koolaid Stains, Staples, APRIL FOOLS, Party Hat, Pinto, Merle, Reversal, Bicolored
Coat type: Savage
TaiBerry's avatar
Ha ha ha oh my goodness!
That one is quite a genobomb that's for sure! XD
AutumnFlick's avatar
It would be the prettiest princess ever. : P
TaiBerry's avatar
A pretty princess worthy of a crown! Crown Emoji 
AutumnFlick's avatar
Everyone else shall be her peasants because none are as glorious as she.
TaiBerry's avatar
No one is as side bacon, koolaid-y as her! XD
AutumnFlick's avatar
Ah-haha! I actually sung that in my mind.
TaiBerry's avatar
Ha ha ha yessss! :heart:
Chamodile's avatar
Hahah.. I think people should actually try to design these silly genos just for giggles.
TaiBerry's avatar
 We completely agree with you! ;)
Achievement: Should have seen that coming! by Ulfrheim
Zaleho's avatar
omg I'm dying. Best genos ever xD
Ulfrheim's avatar
You're very welcome! :P
Wild-Dracoyena's avatar
1.) Female, Healthy
Build: Standard
Silver with Tipped, Siamese, Avocado, JOHN CENA, Sparkles, Pinstripes
Coat type: Standard

Best felvarg ever. XD
TaiBerry's avatar
Sparkle Felvarg will rule them all! :heart:
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