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"Let me tell you a tale," The grizzled old warrior growls from his perch atop a chipped stone platform. At his sides are two moss-covered stone direwolves, each with a snarl no less wicked than his own scarred face. He looks more like a weathered tree stump than a living, breathing beast. But his quiet, raspy voice commands silence even from the whiniest of puppies. Even the birds seem to stop their squawking to listen. "Of sorrow, loss, and redemption." His grey eyes scan the crowd. There are many gathered before him, familiar wolves and strangers alike. "Let me tell you the tale of the Felvarg. A tale unfinished, for you all shall have your parts writing it. But this, here is where we all began..."

Fenrir shed the teeth he had been bestowed to devour Odin, and from them grew his children; the Felvarg, massive direwolves with the tongue of man, and the ferocity of a scorned God.
Species Information: Felvargs

Let's get started, shall we?

Welcome to Felvargs, a complex world where the direwolf reigns supreme and the human man is nothing more than a line in an old pup tale. A closed-species ARPG (art roleplaying game) owned by Kissing and inspired by old Norse mythology with a focus on character development, interaction, and a tangible system of rewards, Felvargs offers its players plenty of opportunity for roleplay while also encouraging real improvement in both art and literature. We invite you to join a community where you can be heard and influence the course of events; after all, the story of the Felvarg is ongoing.

Before you embark on your adventure into the Ulfrheim, we recommend that you read over the group rule book. Joining the group means agreeing to every single rule we have outlined -- these are intended not to restrict players, but to protect our group and ensure that everything remains functional and fair for all members.

Official Group Rules!

If you understand the rules and feel you are ready to get started, great! We know that ARPGs can be a bit intimidating at first, so the following guide was created to help you get off on the right foot.  Feel free to post any questions this guide does not address in the comments below the journal.

Official Player Cache

Obtaining a Felvarg

Before you dive headfirst into our game and story, you will want to familiarize yourself with the possible ways your character may look. Our Design Nook is intended to help users familiarize themselves with what we have to offer in terms of customization. If you head over to the guide, you will see that Felvargs come in four base colors (and several other variations on those bases). Each base -- Silver, Cream, Brown, and Black -- and each of their variations has a color swatch to help you see at a glance what the possible ranges may be. However, even after you have picked out a few favorite colors, keep in mind that colors aren't the only thing that can drastically affect how your Felvarg will look. There are currently five different coat types, variations on the standard Felvarg build that allow for a great deal of individuality between Felvargs. Some coats are more difficult to obtain than others, but it's certainly not impossible to find the perfect match for your Felvarg.

Once you have reviewed the base colors and coat types, take a quick look at the markings we have to offer. As with the colors and coats, the rarity of markings vary.  You may also make use of two free markings -- white and black -- in any design you end up making regardless of the Felvarg's genotype. For now, just take a quick look and get an idea of possible combinations. Because genotypes are determined by random number generation (RNG) except in the very rare case of semi-customs, you may not be able to get exactly what you want. You will, however, very likely be able to put together something you like, and eventually work toward that dream Felvarg as you participate in group activities.

So, how do you obtain your very first Felvarg?

There are multiple ways to start if you do not currently own a Felvarg or Felvarg genotype of your own. The easiest is to head over to the the official Adoption Center. If you are new to our game you will be able to request a randomly rolled common-tier Felvarg free of charge. This can be a fun technique if you are not too worried about what your Felvarg will look like specifically, and just want to get into the game as quickly as possible knowing that you will love the Felvarg regardless. Be aware that you are not allowed to sell Adoption Center Felvargs for money or points, as they were given to you for free in good faith and to sell them would be an abuse of the system. You may however sell slots for in-game currency/items.

Would you like a pup that's already designed? The Adoption Center has an extension to it called The Grove! Adoption Center admins will pick a geno from the drop off center and design the pup while adding special accessories or items to help them in activities. These puppies are already uploaded and available for you to coax them into joining you! Use an alpha to help assist you in your attempt to claim them! These pups follow the same rules and limitations as the rest of the Adoption Center but you have an additional chance to get some lore building right off the bat!

Want something a little more specific? The advertisement journals might have what you seek. Although it's not guaranteed to fit a specific goal, this is where current members will post the uploaded Felvargs or genotypes they are looking to sell or trade. They may also advertise raffles or contests they are hosting, some of which will have Felvargs as the prize!

If you have explored both of these routes and still haven't found what you are looking for, don't despair. You can also make and post an advertisement stating what exactly you are looking for, to see if members who have not posted advertisements can help. Alternatively, if you are very willing to wait, Felvargs itself will occasionally have contests or slot sales that will give you chances at markings and traits you might not easily obtain otherwise.

Genotype or Uploaded?

After you have purchased or obtained either an uploaded Felvarg or a Felvarg genotype, you are ready for the next step. Uploaded Felvargs have already been designed and added to the game -- these will simply be transferred to your name, and you will be ready to get started right away.  

Felvarg genotypes, undesigned sets of genetic attributes that may be combined into your very own design, will need some work before you can get going with group activities. This is where the Design Nook comes in to help inform you. You MUST design your genotype according to the guide, you may also commission or find someone else to design it for you. For example, let's break down the following genotype:

1.) Female, Healthy
Silver with Tainted
Coat type: Standard

1.) Female, Healthy <-- Gender and health status.  Will state inbred if the parents were related.

Ss/cr/br/bk/Tt  <-- Genotype string.  This code is used when breeding future Felvargs.  It tells you whether your Felvarg's genes are dominant or recessive. This particular Felvarg does not have any dominant genes. cr/br/bk are the other possible coat types, but they are not present at all in this genotype. You can tell that the Felvarg is silver because Ss (the code for silver) features a capital 'S' at the beginning. A dominant silver, which would always produce silver puppies when bred, would have the symbol SS.

Silver with Tainted <-- Phenotype. This is the more straightforward translation of the genotype string. This Felvarg has a silver base coat (so select your color from the silver swatches provided in the design nook) with the legendary "tainted" marking.

Coat type: Standard <-- Coat type.  Please make sure to download the correct PSD import base template for the coat type specified on your geno.

You may either design the Felvarg yourself, or commission another member to design it for you! If you wish to do the latter, feel free to check out the advertisment journals again, or post your own stating that you are seeking a design. You may also request designs for adoption center Felvargs for free on the Adoption Center page.

Once you have your design, the steps to getting it accepted and uploaded are as follows:

1) Upload your design to your deviantart Be sure to include the Import Information Template/Guide! in the description. Leave the design in until an admin states that everything has been accepted and uploaded!
2) Go to the group's front page and locate the monthly design nook approvals journal. Post a link to your file along with proof of genotype ownership. Ownership proof is a link to the comment that transferred the genotype to you.
3) Wait for an admin to look over your design.
4) If your design followed the guide and looks good, an admin will say that it has been accepted and will add it to the queue to be uploaded.  Remember not to delete your file until you are notified that the upload is complete!
5) If something on the design does not match up with our design nook, an admin will point out what is not quite right and will send your design over to corrections. Once you fix what has been requested (or have the person who designed your Felvarg fix it), you can post in the link provided by the approval admin and an admin will look it over again. Hopefully everything will be good to go this time and your design will be accepted and uploaded shortly.

What Next?


Guide: Activities and Requirements
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Once you have a Felvarg accepted and uploaded to the group, you may be wondering where to get started. Although they are by no means necessary for your participation within our game, activities are a fun and useful way to build your character's story while also netting some nice in-game rewards to apply to your Felvarg or exchange for Felcredits (the in-game currency, used to buy even more goodies from our Village Market). Normal activities have no time limit, so you can complete them at your leisure in between other work. Additional special activities feature entry windows, but don't fret if you miss out on a specific prompt -- there will always be more opportunities to enter in the future, and the prizes will vary to keep things exciting. 

Be mindful the group has a global limit on most every activity and so it is important when using secondary accounts that you do not break the global limit allowance of two, per day. If a special event bypasses the rule the event will state as such.

Some of the activities Felvargs offers it's members are Adventuring, Fishing, Tracking, Excavating, and Jormungand. These are only some of the exciting activities members can partake in. The group often holds seasonal events with special loot as well, along with major events, such as [Expedition] Ragnarok: The Siege of Ulfrheim

Comment in the monthly cache journal to receive your very own cache to store in-game rewards!
Member cache!
The Bartering Post -  Masterlist (Price Sheet)


Guide: Breeding (Breakdown)
THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Breeding is one of Felvargs most exciting activities, it allows members to pair their own Felvargs together, or pair different Felvargs together to return generated offspring. Members can breed not only their own Felvargs, but Felvargs owned by other members with that specific member's permission. Breeding will return pups based on the markings present in each parent (Sire and Dam), and with these odds are determined by an intricate genetic breeding roller created specifically for the group's use.

Felvarg's official member breeding roller!


THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Activities and breeding are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can do once your Felvarg is accepted. Felvargs features an optional leveling system for members to participate in even after they have already obtained their passage of courtship and been cleared for breeding. Each level -- gained through collecting exp and building your character by depicting special hierarchy update prompts brings with it in-game perks to make it feel like your character is truly learning the ropes of being a Felvarg as you include them in future activities.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim To further build a story, take the time to consider whether your Felvarg would be suited for a particular Clan, how they would respond to one of the bi-weekly quest prompts. Finally, take a look at the current official packs and get yourself involved with other players to build something truly great and make your mark on the world of Ulfrheim. With so many possibilities, what are you waiting for?


Achievement: Lovestruck by Ulfrheim Achievement: Traveler by Ulfrheim Achievement: Freyja's Gratitude by Ulfrheim Achievement: Loner by Ulfrheim Achievement: Berry Funny by Ulfrheim

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Collect special in-game achievements for your Felvargs that reward extremely rare loot along side badges that will be showcased on your official import image.


Title: Saviour of Valhalla by Ulfrheim Title: The Rekindler by Ulfrheim Title: The Untamed by Ulfrheim Title: The Dweller of the Dark by Ulfrheim

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Collect special in-game titles for your Felvargs.

Recruiting / Wild Felvargs

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Try your hand at recruiting special Felvargs that are feral, these mighty direwolves roam Ulfrheim looking for someone brave and confident enough to attempt to recruit them. Should you succeed the Felvarg will be yours to keep! They often feature new and exciting markings along side a nice seasoning of items.

Feel free to use the group's front page to navigate through the different areas the group has to offer! As always if you have any questions we are here to help! With over 300+ members in our Discord chat feel free to pop in and join us, with a lovely community ready to lend a paw, we can surely help you.

Click to join Felvargs Discord chat!

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