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One of the most exciting things about ARPGs is breeding your characters to create new genotypes to keep or trade. That said, if you are still feeling your way around the mechanics it can also seem a little overwhelming and frustrating. This guide is meant to clarify in detail what you need to do before you are able to breed your Felvargs, as well as what you should expect once you have done so. When breeding Felvargs you will need to understand genotypes, phenotypes, the correct passage rites you will need as well as relation and lineage, together all of these things seem confusing, however they are very easy to understand once you get a feel for it. Feel free to use the guide below to walk you through some of the key factors of breeding. If you are still confused after giving everything a read, feel free to comment below!



Felvargs must complete their Passage of Courtship trials in order to breed officially within the game.

Each Felvarg gets a total of 18 lifetime breeding slots at level 4.

Players should keep a detailed log of slots promised & used, overselling slots is frowned upon and against the groups official rules.

Players should know the risk! Inbreeding is possible but often comes with great punishment. Felvargs that are inbred can be deceased, blind, infertile, have spinal deformities or event be deaf. These punishments come with an increased fail rate in usual group activities and a loss of rarity percentages in the process.

What is considered inbreeding? We consider all the lines on the parent's lineage when determining if a pup will be inbred. If the parents are related or if one parent has an inbred lineage then the puppies will be inbred, regardless of if the inbreeding shows up on the puppy's lineage or not. With that being said, if you have an inbred parent who's lineage does not show inbreeding, it will give birth to healthy pups so long as its partner is unrelated.

Each player may submit a total of 3 breedings in any given month, these are tracked by the group. Each player may only participate in 1 alpha split breeding in a given month.


Consumables are different items players can apply to a breeding to increase the odds in specific breeding happenings.

Love Potion
Apply this item to a breeding to increase the odds of offspring returned by 3-5, rather than the usual 1-4. Titan x Titan offspring 2-5.

Cluster of Lavender
Apply this item to a Titan x Titan breeding to reroll build return; should no Titan builds pass in the first breeding attempt.

Stone of Unakite
Alter the usual 1-4 offspring chances to 2-5. Titan x Titan offspring 2-4.

Flask of Risk
Greatly increase the chance a single puppy will inherit the mutation present in the breeding. Be mindful that it also has an equally increased chance to punish the remaining litter.

Fertility Potion
Apply this Fertility Potion to a breeding to increase the odds your breeding will return a special coat other than standard.


Should a Felvarg have Loki's Curse or Ylvas Gift (Two traits within the game), they provide bonuses while breeding. Ylva blesses the litter with more offspring while Loki increases the odds it will punish the litter with mutations

All traits in the game are hereditary and can be passed on to direct offspring.



Silver, Cream, Brown and Black. These are the four different base coat colors the group offers it's members. When breeding for a specific color it is always best to pair those two colors together.

The group also offers what is called specialty colors, these colors are obtained by breeding specialty to itself or to its standard color.

Silver: Dusk Silver
Cream: Fawn Cream
Brown: Fox Brown
Black: Midnight Black


Silver x Silver = Silver
Silver x Cream = Silver/Cream
Silver x Brown = Silver/Brown
Silver x Black = Silver/Black

Brown x Brown = Brown/Cream
Brown x Cream = Brown/Cream
Brown/Black = Brown/Black

Cream x Cream = Silver/Cream
Cream x Black = Cream/Black

Black x Black = Black/Brown


The group has various markings, these markings come in active form and dominant. An active marking has the chance to pass to direct offspring, whereas a dominant marking would pass with a 100% pass rate. Common markings are far more likely to pass than legendary markings and it is important to be mindful of this when breeding.

Please visit the groups design guide to view all possible markings.

Players should visit the groups official design guide to learn more about these features and how to obtain them while breeding.


The group offers a variety of coat types to its members, each of them falling into certain rarities.

Standard: Common
Silk: Uncommon
Short: Uncommon
Arctic: Uncommon
Shaggy: Uncommon
Wooly: Uncommon
Rex: Uncommon

Rugged: Rare
Curly: Rare
Savage: Rare
Royal: Rare
Wisp: Rare
Satin: Rare

When breeding for a specific coat type the best odds would come from pairing the desired coat type with either its coat type or a coat type of the same rarity.



The group offers 4 builds, one of which is not yet released. These builds have different visual aspects and when breeding for them players have the best odds when pairing the two same builds together.

Standard Build
Titan Build
Brute Build
Dwarf Build

Titan build comes in 4 rarities. Low, Medium, High and 100% Purity. The higher the purity the more difficult it is to obtain.

Build Logic:

When breeding for a specific build type, please keep in mind this logic:
Standards and Titans are the original builds. Consider them "Pure Bloods" whereas Dwarf and Brute are a result of a mutation from both builds respectfully (Dwarf being a short-legged standard and brute being a short-legged titan). If you are aiming to breed a standard or a titan, it is advised you not breed to either build's respective mutation. For example if you wish to breed a medium content titan from a high content titan, we would advise pairing titan x titan or standard x titan to keep the bloodline pure of the brute mutation. This is not to say brutes can not produce titans. A brute x high content titan can and will produce low content titans. We advise playing around in our mock roller found here (LINK) when attempting to breed for a specific build.


The bonus of the original three. Having any of the following Felvargs as your Felvarg's sire or dam will result in additional bonuses.

Bjorn 1 by Ulfrheim  Ylva 3 by Ulfrheim  Ulfr 2 by Ulfrheim

At level 4 each Felvarg with a direct tie (sire -or- dam) of the trinity will have obtained a total of 25 lifetime breeding slots, unlike usual lifetime breeding slots that cap at 18.

Additional Bonuses:

Automatically awarded with the "Skill" trait. Direct offspring of the Trinity will receive a skill trait, awarding them with a gold medal during their passage of courtship trials and also giving them a chance to pass a sub trait called persistence to any additional offspring.
(This trait is Hereditary and has a small chance to pass to offspring of the Felvarg that has the 'Skill' trait present.)

Trait: Skill: All direct offspring of the Trinity are awarded a gold medal for completing their Passage of Courtship trials. Felvargs with the Skill trait also have a chance at passing the Persistence trait to all direct offspring.

Trait: Persistence
- All direct offspring inherit your thrill for perfection, guaranteeing they will receive a gold medal when participating in their Passage of Courtship.

Any direct offspring can be bred to an unknown female/male. When you submit your breeding simply type 'Unknown' in the relevant slot (sire /or/ dam). Your Felvarg will be paired to a randomly rolled Felvarg. Limit of once per month.

Awarded an additional companion slot. Direct offspring of the original three will reward an additional companion slot to the usual allowances.

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This will sound stupid but how do I breed my felvarg? Is there somewhere I can post to say I want to breed him? I'm a little confused...