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Fenrir was born from hatred, forged by his father for great evil doings on a scale the world had never before seen. Silenced and neglected, Loki left Fenrir alone in his cradle in hopes that the solitude alone would breed a monster fit to devour the God Odin.

Fenrir, however, had other ideas. The young wolf took to the world of Man but soon came to discover that they feared him, and so alone once more, Fenrir wept. He longed for companionship, an ally to guide him away from the dark path his Father insisted upon him. Fenrir wept and he wept, his pained howls ravaged the world until a portion split away and drifted away on his sea of tears. This new land became known as Ulfrheim, or 'Wolf Home' in the native tongue of the brave men who inhabited it still. They embraced the weeping wolf child and offered him their wisdom and knowledge, taught him kindness, peace and love.

In return for their guidance, Fenrir shed the teeth he had been bestowed to devour Odin, and from them grew his children; The Felvarg, massive Dire Wolves with the tongue of man, and the ferocity of a scorned God. The Felvarg followed Fenrir's new path of peace and companionship, and in return for their assistance the people worshiped them like Gods. The God Loki angered over his failed son and his creations, despised them with every essence of his being. Loki whispered forth to the Viking lord Skoll about the true nature of Fenrir, and consequently the hidden danger lurking within the Felvarg, and once more hatred entered the peaceful life of Fenrir and his children. Skoll rallied his most faithful berserkers and captured Hakon, Fenrir's favorite and wisest son. Hakon preached peace and tried his best to reason with Skǫll. Skǫll would have none of it and in a fit of rage orchestrated by Loki himself, murdered Hakon in cold blood at the Shrine of Ragnarok, the birthplace and shrine of all Felvarg.

Distraught over the loss of his favorite son, Fenrir bit Skǫll and his cold blood became poisoned by the furious Father of the Felvarg, and from his misguided anger spread a blood plague that would wipe out all of mankind. Loki reveled in his victory while Fenrir mourned for his child, and the fury bred within the Felvarg became evident. A great war raged between Man and Felvarg for many a year, the unquestionable peace that had once grasped the land long since shattered by the cruel manipulation of Loki. The blood plague born into Skǫll spread across the land, claiming the lives of all Men in it's wake. In their fear and anger, Man rebelled against the Felvarg and named them harbinger's of death, blamed them for the uncurable sickness that claimed their lives and responded by slaughtering the Felvarg. Both races dwindled until both teetered on the edge of extinction, two entire species annihilated by the jealousy of Loki.

Fenrir sought comfort from the Goddess Freyja, who sympathized with the Father's loss and shared with him a gift to last the ages; To his final three children, Freyja bestowed her protection and took to the Earth to defend the young Felvarg, two brothers and a young female, all orphans to the misguided war. The final battle took place where it first started, where Skoll took his stand as the last Man on Ulfrheim. Skoll raised his sword without mercy, his anger clouding his judgement as the three pups wailed in his shadow, but as Skoll swung his sword, it was Freyja that felt the blow.  The Goddess had sworn her life to protect Fenrir's last children, and the strength of her love for Fenrir proved too much for Skoll as he fell to his knees and wept beside the dying Goddess. “Forgive me," he wept as he held her pale hand in his own, tainted by the blood of countless slain Felvarg as he wept and wept at her side. The last three children of Fenrir, took pity on Skoll and comforted him in this time of great sadness. It was this act of selflessness that removed the shroud of deception from Skoll's eyes, and all too late he realised the error of his, and all other's ways.

Fenrir hung over Freyja's lifeless body as anger and pain rushed through his veins, his entire body tense as his legs grew weak and he fell to the floor beside the white haired Goddess.A dreadful howl left the grieving wolf, a song even more sad than the one that had brought his children into existence, and what happened next was truly remarkable. Fenrir's soul split in two right before Skoll's eyes, and half lay to rest over the lifeless body of the woman. Fenrir appeared pained as he scrambled to his feet, his body trembling as he turned one last time to his children and whispered, This is the last time you shall see me, my loves, but fear not for you will never know the meaning of loneliness and with that, Fenrir leapt into the stars with a flash of light so bright that Skoll had to shield his eyes, and when he opened them, in the place of the Goddess lay a beautiful white Felvarg.


"Talk of a band of wild vicious Felvargs is spreading all over the island, since their sudden unwelcome arrival the clouds above Ulfrheim suggest a wicked storm is brewing, and from the dark and swirling skies, great balls of fire crash into the mountains and rip the world asunder. The mighty Hongerige roars back in defiance, her waves as sharp as razors as they devour the coastline and bring the cliffs tumbling into her depths, while all across the land, forests are set ablaze and the herds flee in panic. The elders talk of 'Ragnarok', the end of days and the twilight of the Gods, an event to end life as we know it and leave nothing but a memory of Ulfrheim and her beloved Felvargs. In this time of need, the world needs a leader to look up to, a hero to guide them out of the darkest of days and back into the light... Will you be that hero? "


The journey to the summit of Fenrir's Incisor is perilous and exhausting, your growing doubts about the sanity of Freyja's instructions have made your feet heavier than usual and your mood sour. Bloody pawed and tired, you cast your gaze over the scarred and wartorn world beneath you and can't help but allow a snarl to break across your face; how could she allow this to become of your beloved Ulfrheim? The red moon looms overhead, casting its neverending darkness across the land, and behind you you hear the exasperated sighs of your comrades who tell you that they are leaving and suggest you join them; they do not believe Freyja is coming, and neither do you. In a fit of frustration and disappointment, you rip the bloodstained pouch the Goddess gave to you at the start of this miserable journey from around your neck, where you have faithfully guarded it throughout this entire nightmare, and watch as it smashes beneath your paw into a growing pool of blood.

Unbeknownst to you, at the Seat of the Alpha, Loki has captured the Goddess Freyja and is seconds away from dealing his final blow. The deceitful God has been watching Freyja follow the same mission as you, tricking the trickster himself into believing she is the one responsible for devising a plot to cease his devilish activity, while you are infact the thorn in his side, protected by the mysterious snowflake obsidian you have been wearing. "Now we shall be even," Sneered Loki as he towers over the seemingly unafraid Goddess beneath him, his body poised like a rattlesnake ready to strike.

As Freyja's blood seeps from the pouch beneath your paw, it makes it's way across the hallowed ground of the shrine you have built. As you turn your cheek to the dying world beneath you, you are blinded by an incredible beam of golden light that spears through the dark clouds overhead and pierces the frightening blood red of the eclipsed moon. This magnificent light then bounces back down to the earth, illuminating Freyja and Loki at the Seat of the Alpha and alerting them finally to you. You have no time to feel guilty about ever doubting Freyja as you stare in absolute awe at the blinding and ethereal light as it catches Loki by surprise, mid-pounce. From the glistening beam of light, a figure erupts to cut off Loki's strike, and you find yourself choking on your own breath as you watch a massive black beast wrestle the startled God to the floor.

"You should not have come here, Father," booms a voice that stirrs your soul and forces the hair up your neck to rise, could it really be? "Fenrir?!" Loki gasps in horror, his eyes wide with a mixture of fury and terror as he wriggles desperately beneath the hulking form of the Father God himself. Your heart pounds in your chest as you and your comrades leap from ledge to ledge, descending the great mountain as swiftly as you can while keeping your eyes turned to the unbelievable scene unfolding ahead of you. "How can this be?!" Loki roared in anger, his gaze turning to Freyja as she rises to her feet behind Fenrir, and even she finds herself shrinking away as the fury in Loki's eyes intensifies upon figuring out her deceitful plan. Before Loki has chance to fight away from Fenrir, the great black felvarg snaps his mighty jaws closed around Loki's front leg, and the Mad King roars in agony. You stop in your tracks as a shudder eminates from his wounded soul and into the air, a sensation of shattering ice rushing through the wind as he stumbles weakly on his legs. "What have you done!" he roars in fright, his chest heaving as he stares up at his triumphant son, "You will do harm no longer, Father. That which you have created and grown to hate so much is what you have become. No one will fear you as before, and your soul is forever bound to my Ulfrheim." Fenrir replied calmly, his tail high above his back as he stared down at the fallen God, his power slipping away by the second as his body shakes with a new mortal fear.

Speechless, Loki flees into the woods, followed by his most loyal titans, leaving Fenrir and Freyja alone together for the first time in centuries. "I have missed you dearly," Fenrir spoke softly, embracing his tiny lover close to his body, their identical scars touching in the flesh for the first time. "I knew you would come back for me," she replies, her voice muffled by his thick coat. "But you should know, I had help," she adds with a smile, "Your children are faithful."
"I know," he replies, his golden eyes casting across the distant land to fall directly upon you from so very far away, the nod of his head forcing you to your knees in absolute admiration.

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