Felvargs: Anniversary/Halloween Event! (CLOSED)

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By Ulfrheim


Not only is it that time of year... you know, spooky time! Its also Felvargs 1 year anniversary and in light of both of these amazing events lining up together we will be hosting a month long event to celebrate. Thank you all so much for your continued support, this last year has shaped us into one an amazing group and community.


Fall leaf - F2U by GentleLarke GENERAL RULES

Members may commission or otherwise complete entries for themselves.

Creations must be made for the sole purpose of the event and cannot be reused in other areas of the group.

  Entries that contain rewards in any way, for this event, must only include Felvargs.

Entries submitted after the timer expires on the groups front page will not qualify for seasonal rewards.

Each entry may include a total of 3 Felvargs.

Fall leaf - F2U by GentleLarke ARTWORK REQUIREMENTS

Simple Background

Fall leaf - F2U by GentleLarke LITERATURE REQUIREMENTS

1,200 Words Minimum (+)
Be sure that literature entries are also focused on the task at hand and fluidly include the Felvargs seeking rewards as main characters of the story!


Treat Craze by Ulfrheim

Treat Craze

Trick or Treat at least 10 admins.

Happy Halloween by Ulfrheim

Happy Halloween

Participate in the 2017 Halloween event!

Yer a Witch, Felly! by Ulfrheim

Yer a Witch, Felly!

Locate a Witch Hat and then exchange it for this achievement.

Yer a Wizard, Felly! by Ulfrheim

Yer a Wizard, Felly!

Locate a Vial of Blood and then exchange it for this achievement.

Trick or Treat by Ulfrheim

Trick or Treat

Purchase an item for 50 or more candies.

Please be mindful you cannot claim both the witch and wizard achievement on the same Felvarg!


In order to participate in the Halloween event and return the seasonal goodies below, please be sure to meet the following requirements:

  • The above requirements for literature and artwork entries.
  • Submit the completed image into the Hollows eve entries gallery folder.
  • The background setting must include Halloween and/or an autumn setting of some sort.
  • Include the following form in all Hollows eve entries:

    Link to import/ID#:
    Link to Tracker:
    Activity: Hollows Eve

You may join the event with ANY usual activity, provided your image is autumn themed/spooky themed in some way and you submit it to the hollows eve entries gallery folder. (If you submit it to fishing entries, for example, it will get usual fishing rewards!)

Each image may include a total of 3 Felvargs.


Once every 24 hours members may choose an admin to trick or treat. Each admin will use the groups seasonal roller to trick or treat the user back. Please choose from the following admins below.

Felvargs will class each days turnover as 11:59PM EST, so please comment only once each day, the day resetting after the specified time!

You may comment on each admin a single time, choosing 1 admin to trick or treat in every 24 hour period. You may not trick or treat the same admin multiple times!

Please do not comment on the same admin twice or comment too soon. If you comment too soon the admin in question will hide your comment request and you will need to re-comment!

Trick or Treat Kissing!
Trick or treat Bahrghests!
Trick or treat Katakire!
Trick or Treat MrsEvelyn!
Trick or Treat Sukkol!
Trick or Treat SucioPerro!
Trick or Treat insyndiar!
Trick or Treat Sharkiiee!
Trick or Treat Elryk-Vail!
Trick or Treat TaiBerry!
Trick or Treat BoneSmirk!
Trick or Treat demonicrose!
Trick or Treat nocturnalowlet!
Trick or Treat xPatronus!
Trick or Treat xPazi!
Trick or Treat Skellicorn!
Trick or Treat ThePaintedKitsune!
Trick or Treat Roudanluoja!
Trick or Treat kalmansielu!
Trick or Treat meowth!


There is 7 mysterious figures that have surfaced on the island of Ulrheim, these spooky Felvargs display special seasonal markings that are non-hereditary, despite being non-hereditary these markings become hereditary during the month of October every year. In order to locate these Felvargs players must locate and open a Chest of Nightmares. These chests are located through purchase from the sweet shoppe or from participating in the Halloween event. Each chest has a specific percentage chance to reward the user with one of the special Felvargs, alongside some other special goodies.


Prophet Koume 1704 by Ulfrheim

LOCATED BY goatkisser

Usva, the Undying 1703 by Ulfrheim


Ghoul 1702 by Ulfrheim


Scout Wheep 1701 by Ulfrheim

LOCATED BY Bahrghests

Reaper 1700 by Ulfrheim

LOCATED BY Roudanluoja

Gloom 1698 by Ulfrheim

Once revealed the above Felvarg will be marked as located, until all 7 Felvargs are revealed and located.


Due Date: October 20th 2017 @ 11:59PM EST

Dress your Felvarg up in any which way you choose. The group will host a community voting poll and the top 3 costumes with the most votes, alongside 3 costumes chosen by the owner herself (Kissing) will be awarded a randomly rolled Halloween prize! All 6 costumes will be displayed on the groups from page for all too see for the remainder of the spooky season.

  • The image must only include a single Felvarg.
  • It must be lined, colored and shaded.
  • Backgrounds are encouraged to sync with your setting but optional.

Please submit your costume images to the Costume Party gallery folder. You may only join with 1 single Felvarg, please choose wisely. You may commission your entry.


Share this journal via poll or journal to be entered into a special spooky raffle, the winner will receive a randomly rolled Felvarg containing at least 1 seasonal spooky marking. (Read more above!)

Requirements: Please share this journal & at the very least mention and link to both our Halloween event and Twitter! On twitter we will actively host raffles in the same manner we host them on DeviantART and Discord. Don't miss out!
Magical Moonstone by Ulfrheim

Follow us on Twitter Felvargs!


Currency: Sweets
(Sweets are located while participating in spooky themed activities and event related happenings!)

Vial of Blood

Vial Of Blood by Ulfrheim
Price: 5 Candies

Consume this vial of blood to heal your Felvargs wounds while participating in competitions.


Warpaints by Ulfrheim
Price: 15 Candies

Use these warpaints to apply a paint on your Felvarg that will allow for 30% coverage with nonrestrictive placement allowances.

Witch Hat

Witch Hat by Ulfrheim
Price: Set of 5 Unique Pumpkins

Use this hat to apply one of the Halloween witch hat items to your Felvarg.

Mysterious Den

Mysterious Den by Ulfrheim
Price: 25 Candies
Unique (3)
Apply this mysterious den to your activity image for a 25% chance to obtain a slot to a randomly rolled alpha.

Magical Moonstone

Magical Moonstone by Ulfrheim
Price: 40 Candies

This magical moonstone if applied to a breeding will guarantee at least 1 offspring a physical mutation.

BG: Murder of Crows

Import Background Set: Murder of Crows by Ulfrheim
Price: 55 Candies

Apply this background to your Felvarg. This background is a seasonal Halloween background.

Chest of Nightmares

Chest Of Nightmares by Ulfrheim
Price: 60 Candies
Unique (3)
Open the chest to reveal Loki's most horrifying nightmares. WARNING: OPEN WITH CAUTION!

Long Lost Cat Collar

Long Lost Cat Collar by Ulfrheim
Price: 125 Candies
Unique (1)
This lost cat collar would pair well with a mysterious headstone. One might find the two together very meowerful?


Below is a detailed price guide of items that can be located during the October event.

Candies (1-3)

Resale: 1 Felcredit

These candies are tempting to eat sure, but they are far more useful as a currency.


Resale: 120 Felcredits

This cauldron has been long since forgotten, I wonder who it belonged to?


Resale: 150 Felcredits

Gross? Who would want to buy these?

Bone Fragments

Resale: 175 Felcredits

These bones are brittle and old.

Blunt Axe

Resale: 200 Felcredits

Old but still able to do the job for certain.


Resale: 230 Felcredits

Don't suppose it will give you a lift? Nahh.

Hel's Spellbook

Resale: 250 Felcredits

Where did this come from? I'm willing to bet that when Hel realizes it is missing she will exchange a great reward for its safe return? Eh, what do we know?

Skull Candle

Resale: 275 Felcredits

..Too spooky. I wonder how this came to be?


Resale: 300 Felcredits

A map, thats odd, why would there be a map in these parts?

Mysterious Headstone

Resale: 320 Felcredits

This headstone, if paired with its owners collar will trigger the impossible?

Pumpkin of Insanity

Resale: 350 Felcredits

Did that pumpkin just wink?

Pumpkin of Spite

Resale: 350 Felcredits

I wouldn't turn your back on this one mate.

Pumpkin of Doubt

Resale: 350 Felcredits

Its almost as if it is trying to see inside your soul.. freaky.

Pumpkin of Malice

Resale: 350 Felcredits

Keep this where you can see it.

Pumpkin of Enmity

Resale: 450 Felcredits

Ouch! Its hot to the touch, but how?


Resale: 500 Felcredits

This item can be used as an ace of spades of sorts, irony? With it you may substitute a single item in the Black market price requirement. Need 3 fish? use this joker in place of one.

Spooky Raccoon

Resale: 1,000 Felcredits

Removes the ability for the Felvarg to sustain injuries when failing 1v1 player vs. player encounters and provides a 10% chance to return a randomly rolled competition trait when failing any and all competitions.

This companion comes with an import application possibility.

Spooky Bat

Resale: 1,000 Felcredits

Awards a gold passage of courtship medal to all direct offspring of the Felvarg and awards the companions owner an additional 2 lifetime breeding slots.

This companion comes with an import application possibility.

Skeletal Cat

Resale: 1,000 Felcredits

 Awards a Felvarg with an additional lifetime breeding slot for every 200 EXP obtained after level 4.

Combine a mysterious headstone and long lost cat collar to create this companion.

© 2017 - 2021 Felvargs
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Wild-Dracoyena's avatar
Does the Treat Craze achievement go to one or all of my felvargs?

And a similar question about the Trick or Treat achievement: is it one purchase gives the achievement to one varg and I'd have to buy another thing for 50+ candies to give it to another or does the one purchase unlock it for all my vargs?
MrsEvelyn's avatar
Hi there, sorry for the late reply!

All achievements can go on any Felvarg, any achievement can be applied as long as you have qualified for it. So as long as one item was purchased for over 50 candies, then you can place them on as many Felvargs as you please. Hope this helps!
Wild-Dracoyena's avatar
It does, thank you!
United-ARPG's avatar
Are Candies going to be the same currency next year?
Kissing's avatar
I can confirm they will be, used next year that is. We will also use them during the year in the BM ah like eve said. :heart:
United-ARPG's avatar
:D Glad I saved them then. *hoards*
MrsEvelyn's avatar
They could be, yes, we will see. But it's also no secret that we use holiday items in the Black Market!
Wild-Dracoyena's avatar
Do the costumes need to be something the vargs could believably make in their world or can it be anything (ie neon fabrics, elaborate garments, etc)?
Katakire's avatar
Hey there! Your vargs can wear anything they want for halloween! It does not need to be something they can find in felvargs.
Wild-Dracoyena's avatar
Thanks! But two more questions:

1. Does Hel's Spellbook do anything? The description kinda suggests it does, but not really (if that makes sense). I wasn't sure if it was just something to sell or if it could be redeemed for something.

2. Where do I go to get the skeletal cat once I buy the collar for it?
Katakire's avatar
The spellbook is yours to do with as you please, it wouldn't hurt to hold onto it if you wanted. As far as the skeletal cat, you need both the collar and the headstone. Once you have both you can head on over to special redeems <3
WolfishlyBloody's avatar
Can you use the same Felvarg for multiple activities? Other than the achievements, or do we have to use a different Felvie for each activity? (So costume party and trick or treat with the same Felvarg or do we have to have one do the costume party and so on?" 
Katakire's avatar
Yes, you may use any of your felvargs for any of the activities <3 Including the same one for multiple activities.
WolfishlyBloody's avatar
m-idlifecrisis's avatar
Pumpkin Of Malice by Ulfrheim


Other than that, I'm so excited!! <3
Kissing's avatar
growling-deer's avatar
the witch hat's link doesnt seem to work ;n;
Kissing's avatar
It is plugged in now, sorry it took a little to get everything in order. :heart:
Ulfrheim's avatar
Spooky Friends!

Did you feature the event/group & our Twitter account? Please comment here with your journal/poll, word of mouth is one of the most powerful forces.

Thank you for your support! :heart:
Ulfrheim's avatar
Thank you to all who entered! This is now closed.
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