[Expired] Expedition: The Siege of Ulfrheim

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T H E  G R E A T  E X P E D I T I O N

" Talk of a band of wild vicious Felvargs is spreading all over the island, since their sudden unwelcome arrival the clouds above Ulfrheim suggest a wicked storm is brewing, and from the dark and swirling skies, great balls of fire crash into the mountains and rip the world asunder. The mighty Hongerige roars back in defiance, her waves as sharp as razors as they devour the coastline and bring the cliffs tumbling into her depths, while all across the land, forests are set ablaze and the herds flee in panic. The elders talk of 'Ragnarok', the end of days and the twilight of the Gods, an event to end life as we know it and leave nothing but a memory of Ulfrheim and her beloved Felvargs. In this time of need, the world needs a leader to look up to, a hero to guide them out of the darkest of days and back into the light... Will you be that hero? "

Expedition Entry Requirements

These entry requirements are relevant to any titan event currently live. Including Expedition & the Taming of the Shadows event.

Icon 0001 Artist by Ulfrheim Artwork must be lined, colored, shaded & featuring a complex background.
- If we feel as though the entries are rushed we can and will deny them of rewards. We will very lightly judge them based on your previous work/personal gallery.
Literature must be at least 1,500 words or more and focus on the task at hand, each Felvarg in the literature entry must play a main role and be mentioned fluidly throughout.
        - Literature Tip** Mention your Felvarg at minimum, in some way, every 200-300 words.

Please submit all expedition entries into the 'Expedition Entries' gallery within the group.
Please submit all taming of the shadows event entries into the 'Taming of the Shadows' gallery within the group.

Entries can only include a single Felvarg, unless the prompt requires another Felvarg or Alpha to be present.
Icon 0017 Wingman by Ulfrheim Collaborations are fine so long as only a single Felvarg is partaking. The images can be drawn by the owner or commissioned/drawn by other artists entirely.
Icon 0017 Wingman by Ulfrheim There is NO deadline and each Felvarg can participate a single time. Please enjoy the expedition at your own pace, dates listed are simply when we will release additional expedition chapters.

Those partaking in the Taming of the Shadows event may enter into the sub-event 2 times each day, the same odds as usual activities. Using other members to abuse or otherwise disregard this rule will result in immediate suspension or banishment from the event.

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Each Expedition entry must also include a completed activity template form! THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim

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  • Chapter & Trek:
  • Previous Chapter & Trek: (Admin rewards comment)

THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim Each Taming of the Shadows entry must also include a completed activity template form! THIS ICON IS NOT FREE by Ulfrheim

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    Event: Taming of the Shadows
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CHAPTER 1: TREK 1 of 2

In the wake of the approaching cataclysm, you find yourself drawn to the edge of the world, your gaze traveling out across the furious waves of Hongerige. Perhaps for a second you consider your chances in the waters, but are swiftly reconciled upon noticing a familiar white figure perched on the precipice ahead; it is the Goddess Freyja, and she wastes no time in beckoning you to her side. She tells you about how she had foreseen the events unfolding across Ulfrheim in dreams and visions, but never did she think they would come to be so soon. "My child, you must trust me," she says as she insists you take possession of a bloodstained leather pouch that for some reason reeked of death, "I have a task for you, please come closer child!" The urgency in Freyja's voice is unsettling and wakes within you a primal desire to protect and serve, and you waste not a second longer in taking up the pouch. She begs of you to trust her and insists you protect the bloodstained bag with your life and speak of it to no one, again and again she repeats herself, "You will know when it's time.. you will know," as uncertain as you are, you agree and part ways with Freyja, unaware of the perilous quest that lies ahead. As you make your way down the cliff side and towards the gates of Hearth you can still hear Freyja's words echoing in your head, 'you must not lose faith in in me no matter how hard the journey becomes.'

Freyja spoke of a male Felvarg named Noah, she mentioned Noah could often be seen fishing near the docks of Hearth. She insists this wise fisherman will know what to do. Seek out Noah in hopes of understanding what it is Freyja is asking of you.

  • O B J E C T I V E

  • Depict your Felvarg traveling to the docks of Hearth or otherwise speaking with the grumpy old Felvarg.

R E W A R D:

Freyja's Favor: Bloodstained Pouch

Your pouch must remain in your Felvarg's tracker.

CHAPTER 1: TREK 2 of 2

On Freyja's command, your paws carry you through the busy town of Hearth, her streets relatively empty compared to a usual day; you can only assume the dreadful weather conditions outside have forced the residents into hiding, and you don't really blame them! Making your way towards the docks, the sound of a gruff and angry voice shouting obscenities ahead immediately catches your attention - it is Noah, an old and wise Alpha, world renowned for his impeccable fishing skills. The elderly male appears frustrated with his empty nets and hungry stomach which growls alongside the roar of Hongerige as the wicked tempest revels in her victory. He informs you that the fish have fled the shores of Ulfrheim in fear for their own lives, finally chased off by the sea. He also makes sure you are aware of how hungry he is! You try to reason with the old sea dog, but he could care less and even brushes you off after the mention of Freyja and her urgency. All hope seems lost, and you fear your journey may have already come to a bitter end as Noah pushes past you to return to his hut, when all of a sudden, over one of his greying shoulders he says, "If ye bring me sum fish, I'll talk to ye." You hastily accept this negotiation, calling after him that you will return shortly with his bounty.

Noah clearly has 0 interest in speaking with you unless you retrieve fish for him, with the sea as vicious as it is this will not be an easy task. Perhaps if you do manage to catch some he will speak with you about the pressing matters that still confuse you greatly.

  • O B J E C T I V E

  • Depict your Felvarg traveling to Noah's hut deep inside the village Hearth while hauling his fish, or otherwise your Felvarg attempting to obtain the slippery and elusive fish in some way.

R E W A R D:

1-3 Fish Remains or otherwise known as the bits Noah did not wish to keep, at least now he will talk to you? Oh and this Tangled Fishing Line

CHAPTER 2: TREK 1 of 3

After battling toe to toe with Hongerige herself, you race through the empty streets of Hearth with your bounty of fish, eager to locate the cabin of old Noah. You waste no time hammering on his door, much to Noah's disapproval, and happily dump your prize right at his paws. "Well done young'un," he says with a lopsided smirk, before beckoning you quickly inside of his hut. The accommodation is dimly lit and primitive, furs line the floor and ancient paintings don his otherwise bare walls, the smell of fish and saltwater is almost overwelling. "Come 'ere young'un an' listen to what I 'ave to say." You creep as close as you can as the old Alpha settles himself beside the crackling fire, his eyes alight in the flame, "Ye need to find yer'way to Skalaness and call in a favour I been keepin' for a rainy day. There's someone there who can 'elp... I 'ope. Find me a chunk of Snowflake Obsidian from the Great Maw, ye'll need an Alpha escort, of course. Now, gerrout me 'ouse and leave me be!" You backpedal out into the empty street once more, blinking a little as you process the instructions given by the old sea dog before heading out with haste. However, as your paws hit the road, you are struck by a wicked vision of the mighty Path of Valhalla aflame! Your pupils dilate and you are frozen in fear as you watch the ancient forest burn right before your eyes.

Noah insists you travel to The Village of Skalaness in search of an escort, he then insists you and your escort roam the caves of the Great Maw in search of a rare and precious stone known as the Snowflake Obsidian.

  • O B J E C T I V E

  • Depict your Felvarg's vision of the Path of Valhalla on fire and how they would react, or otherwise their expression after the vision subsided.

R E W A R D:

A Magnifying Glass and 1,000 Felcredits.

CHAPTER 2: TREK 2 of 3

After recovering from the painful vision of doom and flame, you manage to make your way to the peaceful farming village of Skalaness, tired and a little worse for wear, but in one piece. Life in Skalaness seems to be relatively uninterrupted, the fields are being tended to and livestock graze peacefully in the paddocks. You wander through the village for a little while, asking those you pass by about the favor Noah spoke of, but they claim to have no knowledge of this and you begin to fear the old Alpha might just be a little bit senile! However, a voice from the shadows beckons you closer upon overhearing you and you waste no time scurrying over to the pair of glowing eyes. "Noah sent you?" they ask curiously, and you nod hastily, "I can help you," they reply with a faint smile and you suddenly become aware that the Felvarg you are talking to is in fact an Alpha. You explain that you require an escort into The Great Maw, and describe the mysterious Snowflake Obsidian Noah spoke of. "Ah yes, a rare and precious gem. I will take you into the Great Maw, but I cannot promise your safety once in there," the Alpha says, before hurrying you away towards the great cavern. Few dare to tread in the paw prints of the Trinity, and you feel the undeniable shiver of fear run up your spine as you follow the Alpha closely into the dark in search of the mysterious stone.

Noah might have sent you on a wild goose chase! Or did he? Perhaps we better find this escort as quickly as possible.

  • O B J E C T I V E

  • Depict your Felvarg traveling through the winding caves of the Maw with your escort. Please also include which alpha is escorting you. (You may choose!)

R E W A R D:

Snowflake Obsidian & a Strange Nordic Box.

Your snowflake obsidian must remain in your Felvarg's tracker.

CHAPTER 2: TREK 3 of 3

After traversing the dark depths of the Great Maw with your Alpha companion, the two of you travel together back to Hearth in order to deliver the rare Snowflake Obsidian to old Noah. "Ye found it then, eh?" the old Felvarg says, his eyes lighting up as he scans over the precious stone inside his hut, "Well done young'un." You proudly accept the closest thing to a compliment Noah will ever grace you with, but the old Felvarg allows this for only a second before he jumps straight back to business. "The Snowflake Obsidian is a rare an' mysterious piece o' rock, if ye know what to do wi' it, that is. I can make ye a shield o' sorts, I can't say much more than that, but ye should know that the Gods can see all..." The old Felvarg trails off, his eyes clouding over with thought once more as he digs through his dusty belongings. Your Alpha escorts you to the door and insists that the pair of you leave to allow Noah peace in order to work, and you begrudgingly comply. Noah slams the door behind the two of you and threatens that if you try to peek, he will feed you to the sharks. After about 20 minutes of Noah crashing around inside the hut he drops a charm wrapped in leather outside of the door and tells you to bugger off, you're left dazed and confused but as you shout for him he returns no response. You turn now to escort your escort back to Skalaness.

With the stone in your possession its time to head back to Hearth in hopes Noah will better explain what is going on. Who knew it would give zero answers.

  • O B J E C T I V E

  • Depict your Felvarg waiting for Noah to finish crafting the charm or otherwise traveling back to Skalaness even more confused than before. Shield you from what exactly? Little did you know things were about to be crystal clear.

R E W A R D:

Snowflake Obsidian Charm & 1,000 Felcredits.

Your charm will be applied directly to your Felvarg.

CHAPTER 3: TREK 1 of 2

    With your new charm on hand, you escort your Alpha companion through the valleys back towards the peaceful town of Skalaness. You chat for a while and learn a little more about one another, and each develop what feels like a strong bond based on mutual respect; your Alpha offers to remain by your side for the rest of your journey, to which you happily accept. However, your moment of elation is swiftly cut short when the undeniable smell of smoke hits your nostrils, and the sound of panicked screaming flows into your ears. You waste no time running as fast as your paws will carry you the rest of the way, and are absolutely shocked at the scene unfolding. Villagers flee their houses while others herd the livestock to safety as you watch Loki's villainous titans setting ablaze the ancient and mighty Path of Valhalla, all too close to home. You waste no time gathering your equally shocked Alpha, and rush through Skalaness to help put out the blazing fires.

The fire is slowly consuming Valhalla, thick smoke makes it impossible to see more than 3 feet in front of your face. You must find bravery.

  • O B J E C T I V E

  • Depict your Felvarg attempting to put out the fire, or otherwise attempting to face off a titan still setting the poor forest ablaze.

R E W A R D:

Pile Of Valhalla Remains, Empty Pail & Title: Savior of Valhalla

Title: Savior of Valhalla
Please hold onto your Pile of Valhalla Remains along side your Bloodstained Pouch. These two items must remain in your Felvarg's tracker.
Please Note:
Your title can ONLY be redeemed on the earning Felvarg.

CHAPTER 3: TREK 2 of 2

    Through hard work and bravery, you and your alpha companion manage to quell the flames that devoured the ancient Path of Valhalla, and are now being hailed a hero and savior of Valhalla. You relish in the well deserved attention and respect of your fellows for only a few short moments, before promising to put a stop to Loki's reign of tyranny and waste no time in setting out after him. You follow a trail of massive paw prints and charred fur all the way to Helheim's Gate, possibly the most feared and avoided area of Ulfrheim nestled at the foot of Odin's Spine, and can only assume that the Wolfsbane pack are residing within it's darkness. You wait in the bushes until Loki leaves with his wicked titans before boldly traversing into the unknown depths of Helheim; After a few scares of being entirely lost you turn down a long strip of tunnel, at the end a light flickers and the glow captures your attention. At this point it calls you, very cautiously and alert you make your way towards the light, which soon becomes clear it is a torch in a room that looks to have papers scattered all over it, on the walls runes in old languages are carved deep within it. While inspecting the mysterious paperwork you locate an odd map, its held down by four large rune coins and while you try to study it, it simply makes no sense. Regardless of your lack of knowledge something in your gut tells you to take it, and so you do. Just before you leave you grab the torch and lay it upon the great king's paperwork, best leave before he finds out it was you.

With great caution you follow the titans back to one of the main campsites, but oh what's this?

  • O B J E C T I V E

  • Depict your Felvarg either tracking the large beasts or locating and exploring/destroying their battle plans.

R E W A R D:

Map of the Stars, Geode

Please hold onto your Pile of Valhalla Remains and Map of the Stars, along side your Bloodstained Pouch. These three items must remain in your Felvarg's tracker.

Your charm will be applied directly to your Felvarg.

CHAPTER 4: TREK 1 of 1

 For weeks you find yourself searching for information on the curious map you located in Loki's private chambers, it seems as though no one has a clue as to what the map says or what its true purpose is. Dodging Loki's followers has not been easy, even with your charm laid upon your chest you couldn't help but wonder if somehow the great king knew what you were up to. Word has traveled far and wide of meeting you are meant to attend, the messenger spoke quietly as they nervous canvased the forest path, he spoke of a shrine just north of hearth but despite being there a thousand times you could not recall a shrine bordering the towns walls. As directed when night fell you set off to meet up with the mysterious Felvarg seeking you. As you follow the guide given to you suddenly you locate the shrine up ahead, the waters created a subtle flicker against the blue-gold moon above, next to it sits Freyja and she appears to be lost in the waters gentle dance. When she hears you approaching Freyja turns briskly, "Oh its you thank goodness, the map do you have it? Quickly child come here, were you followed?" Freyja gazes behind you concerned as she begins unraveling the map with large eyes. Suddenly Freyja's voice seemed concerned as she mumbled incantations and traced her muddy paws against the map, her ears perked and pinned against her skull multiple times as she sat down with the look of defeat, "He knows what it is we are trying to do." Freyja released the map from her paw as it rolled back up on its own when she perked, "But he doesnt know I have you." Freyja paced momentarily before looking up to the night sky in silence, unsure of what to say you simply watched. "We must leave at once," Freyja added abruptly, "My messenger will bring you a list of items, please child find these items you must! In 4 days an eclipse will appear above Ulfrheim briefly, meet me on the peak of Fenrir's Incisor with you know what and the items I have requested."

Freyja speaks of a list during your meeting, what is she up to? Clearly she wants Loki to think she is gathering these items when it will be you instead. Curious. Freyja kept the map as well, what would she need it for?

  • O B J E C T I V E

  • Depict your Felvarg seeking Freyja out and exchanging a conversation with her.

R E W A R D:

1,000 Felcredits, 1x Rune of Bountiful Berries

Rune of Bountiful Berries by Ulfrheim

CHAPTER 5: TREK 1 of 1

 As Freyja said her messenger would deliver a list of items you and your alpha would need to seek out. There is no way possible you could have known the item requests would be this.. odd. You tried to counter these requests to her messenger but the Felvarg just stared at you blankly, not speaking a word. How would you find all of these items in just a few short days?

The list read:

- A Love Potion carefully crafted by Freyja; located her in hut
- Kelp retrieved from the depths of Hongerige below the Shrine of Freyja
- A Pile of Human Remains
- The contents in which Feyja forbid you from opening. (Bloodstained Pouch)
- Obsidian Snowflake Charm
- A Stainless Compass
- A Pile of Valhalla Remains

Finding these items will surely prove difficult but time is of the essence. You swiftly set out in seek of the items needed by Freyja. With a day long trip climbing Fenrir's Incisor alone to meet Freyja in three short nights, these next 2 days would prove eventful. Freyja left no notes on where to find the Stainless Compass and so you could only hope it wasn't of too much importance.

Freya's messenger delivered the list as promised and with only a few short days left to locate it all we must act swiftly.

  • O B J E C T I V E

  • Depict your Felvarg climbing Fenrir's Incisor.

  • Your Felvarg must have completed 1 Fishing, Adventure and Tracking image previously. These images may be done using the groups usual group activities.

R E W A R D:

1x Stainless Compass

Stainless Compass by Ulfrheim

Please note: You do not need to locate each item on the list. Simply show your Felvarg has completed at least 1 Fishing, Tracking & Adventure entry and include the prompt image required above. The completed activities can be old activity images that have already received rewards.

CHAPTER 6: TREK 1 of 1

The journey to the summit of Fenrir's Incisor is perilous and exhausting, your growing doubts about the sanity of Freyja's instructions have made your feet heavier than usual and your mood sour. Bloody pawed and tired, you cast your gaze over the scarred and wartorn world beneath you and can't help but allow a snarl to break across your face; how could she allow this to become of your beloved Ulfrheim? The red moon looms overhead, casting its neverending darkness across the land, and behind you you hear the exasperated sighs of your comrades who tell you that they are leaving and suggest you join them; they do not believe Freyja is coming, and neither do you. In a fit of frustration and disappointment, you rip the bloodstained pouch the Goddess gave to you at the start of this miserable journey from around your neck, where you have faithfully guarded it throughout this entire nightmare, and watch as it smashes beneath your paw into a growing pool of blood.

Unbeknownst to you, at the Seat of the Alpha, Loki has captured the Goddess Freyja and is seconds away from dealing his final blow. The deceitful God has been watching Freyja follow the same mission as you, tricking the trickster himself into believing she is the one responsible for devising a plot to cease his devilish activity, while you are infact the thorn in his side, protected by the mysterious snowflake obsidian you have been wearing. "Now we shall be even," Sneered Loki as he towers over the seemingly unafraid Goddess beneath him, his body poised like a rattlesnake ready to strike.

As Freyja's blood seeps from the pouch beneath your paw, it makes it's way across the hallowed ground of the shrine you have built. As you turn your cheek to the dying world beneath you, you are blinded by an incredible beam of golden light that spears through the dark clouds overhead and pierces the frightening blood red of the eclipsed moon. This magnificent light then bounces back down to the earth, illuminating Freyja and Loki at the Seat of the Alpha and alerting them finally to you. You have no time to feel guilty about ever doubting Freyja as you stare in absolute awe at the blinding and ethereal light as it catches Loki by surprise, mid-pounce. From the glistening beam of light, a figure erupts to cut off Loki's strike, and you find yourself choking on your own breath as you watch a massive black beast wrestle the startled God to the floor.

"You should not have come here, Father," booms a voice that stirrs your soul and forces the hair up your neck to rise, could it really be? "Fenrir?!" Loki gasps in horror, his eyes wide with a mixture of fury and terror as he wriggles desperately beneath the hulking form of the Father God himself. Your heart pounds in your chest as you and your comrades leap from ledge to ledge, descending the great mountain as swiftly as you can while keeping your eyes turned to the unbelievable scene unfolding ahead of you. "How can this be?!" Loki roared in anger, his gaze turning to Freyja as she rises to her feet behind Fenrir, and even she finds herself shrinking away as the fury in Loki's eyes intensifies upon figuring out her deceitful plan. Before Loki has chance to fight away from Fenrir, the great black felvarg snaps his mighty jaws closed around Loki's front leg, and the Mad King roars in agony. You stop in your tracks as a shudder eminates from his wounded soul and into the air, a sensation of shattering ice rushing through the wind as he stumbles weakly on his legs. "What have you done!" he roars in fright, his chest heaving as he stares up at his triumphant son,
"You will do harm no longer, Father. That which you have created and grown to hate so much is what you have become. No one will fear you as before, and your soul is forever bound to my Ulfrheim." Fenrir replied calmly, his tail high above his back as he stared down at the fallen God, his power slipping away by the second as his body shakes with a new mortal fear.

Speechless, Loki flees into the woods, followed by his most loyal titans, leaving Fenrir and Freyja alone together for the first time in centuries. "I have missed you dearly," Fenrir spoke softly, embracing his tiny lover close to his body, their identical scars touching in the flesh for the first time. "I knew you would come back for me," she replies, her voice muffled by his thick coat. "But you should know, I had help," she adds with a smile, "Your children are faithful."
"I know,"
he replies, his golden eyes casting across the distant land to fall directly upon you from so very far away, the nod of his head forcing you to your knees in absolute admiration.

  • O B J E C T I V E

  • Depict your Felvarg descending the peak of Fenrir's incisor or making eye contact with Fenrir for the first time.

R E W A R D:

1x Title: Savior of Ulfrheim, 1x Stainless Compass

Stainless Compass by Ulfrheim

Please note: Your Stainless Compass has seemingly brought you good luck, this item can now be applied to your Felvarg and will provide a small chance for your Felvarg to return with a long lost treasure chest while adventuring.

In conclusion a use has been added to your Empty Pail, your Bloodstained Pouch will be destroyed upon completion. Other related items will also display uses.

T A M I N G  O F  T H E  S H A D O W S

Fenrirs arrival has stirred Ulfrheim, and in doing so a new breed has been rumored. Shadows walk the island shielded from visual contact.


Once a shadow has been located and swayed to join your pack the design will be revealed and ownership will be transferred. Provided the import image is still grey Felvargs listed below are still available to be tracked and located to tame.


Siubhail 1269 by Ulfrheim Mohatu 1270 by Ulfrheim Riuhdon Vaa'as 1271 by Ulfrheim Unrevealed Shadow 1272 by Ulfrheim Unrevealed Shadow 1273 by Ulfrheim Rumor 1274 by Ulfrheim Runa 1275 by Ulfrheim Zepherus 1276 by Ulfrheim Suzanne 1277 by Ulfrheim Shadow 1278 by Ulfrheim


Isolfr 1279 by Ulfrheim KillerQueen 1280 by Ulfrheim Nottir 1281 by Ulfrheim Matcha 1282 by Ulfrheim Geralt 1283 by Ulfrheim


Fullbody 75% or more of your Felvarg exploring the shadow forests of Ulfrheim
Complex background
Effort of equal or greater value to your usual work
1 Felvarg per image
Literature: 1,500 words minimum

Please submit your entries to the taming of the shadows folder in the group and include the following form:

Official Import:
Chapter 3 Complete: Yes/No (Please show proof if yes, if you have completed expedition please also state!)

STOP! You may only have 1 image pending rewards at any given time in the folder. Once your image has been rolled you may submit another one. When rolling if an admin locates Felvargs belonging to the same user in the folder at the same time they will remove all entries. Please only submit your next entry once your previous has been rolled!

**You can only win ONE shadow Felvarg! Once you've successfully tamed one, you won't be able to enter anymore.
We want to give everyone an equal chance at taming one.


Arsiatra 661 by Ulfrheim Shadowy Figure 662 by Ulfrheim Makani 663 by Ulfrheim Skuld 664 by Ulfrheim Thexan 665 by Ulfrheim
Lucifer, Hellspawn 666 by Ulfrheim Keir 667 by Ulfrheim  Kuura 660 by UlfrheimE

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