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By Kissing


Its no secret we here at Felvargs are all about improvement, about being proud of a creation you made with your own creative juices. Each and everyday talented artists in our group improve and inspire those who share this group with us, and its a treat to watch and enjoy from the sidelines. Albeit literature or paintings, or just traditional and digital artwork, skimming through the groups gallery is sure to inspire all those who give it a wander.

Felvargs would like to thank YOU for aspiring to create your very best work, realizing your worth and enjoying the game with us while you continue to grow as an artist in our ever so wonderful community.

In honor of our very talented and aspiring artists/creators, Felvargs will be hosting a week long event that will result in various mini raffles. Please read through the journal carefully if you're interested in participating.



If you enter all 3 raffles
you will be awarded a 'Primrose Tonic' at the end of the raffle, which is a tonic that allows for the soon to be released dwarf build to breed with brute builds safely. Without this tonic the builds would otherwise be non compatible.

INSPIRE - Comment Here

The most important thing about creation, is when we find inspiration in something that gives us the drive to create and aspire to excel. With so many other talented members around us, we surely look up to some as we aspire to create and improve.

Who inspires you and why? Tell us in the comment above to award a ticket to your chosen artist/writer.

Prize: The 2 winning artist will receive a randomly rolled Runestone. Awarded for their creations inspiring those who look up to them.

CREATE - Comment Here

Create something personal using your very own Felvarg. Go above and beyond your usual road block, inspire and aspire to create something even you are proud of. In doing so the group will reward you for your efforts. Images must comply with usual activity requirements.

Draw or write a story of your Felvarg, go above and beyond your limits and create something you're proud of.

Long Lost Treasures by Ulfrheim
Title: The Challenger by Ulfrheim Title: The Fabulous by Ulfrheim
Prize: Your choice of the following title: The Challenger, or The Fabulous, 1x Long Lost Treasure, and 500 Felcredits.

Please link the creation image/literature and your chosen title, otherwise we will roll it at random!

FRIENDS - Comment Here

Friends make playing arpgs better, enjoying them with your friends more importantly. Invite at least 2 friends that do not play Felvargs currently by tagging them in the thread above.

Tag 2 DeviantART friends and invite them to play Felvargs, remember that new players can claim a free randomly rolled genotype from the adoption center as a starter varg!

Prize: 1x Tier 1 -or- 2 alpha slot for every 10 comments received. Rolled when each 10 comments are submitted.

© 2017 - 2021 Felvargs
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Congratulations to the following who entered all 3 events:
insyndiar RandomAbsol7404 SucioPerro Carnivorous-Unicorn
RivaxorusII PrinceAIex ThatDangCat Sukkol
Volbeatic DiJet Delh The-Shellcat 

You have all been awarded a Primrose Tonic! 
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breathes heavily and rubs nops on you
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AnimeFan4Eternity23  You might like this arpg c:
FancyRatties Check this arpg out, maybe you'll like it ^^
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Ulfrheim's avatar
This is now closed! Thank you, everyone, for entering.
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Aww thanks!
I already own one lady tho >>> Lakshmi 398 
even though I've never been active. not sure if I count as a newbie? ;-;
RuneStoneArt's avatar
Omg I didn't even realize you had a lady!! What a cutie! <3
Miss-Nymph's avatar
yeah I got her forever ago and ive never done anything with her unfortunately ;-;

and thanks! <3 <3
Delh's avatar
casualGEE & Moirasars

Didint know who else to tag ;u;
Volbeatic's avatar
Winzer i know you are more into pons, but these guys are hella fun and i adore this community! ;u; just in case you may be interested bub!

lnklings i don't know if you'd be interested either, but it is worth a try! these guys are super fun to draw and play with! and you can get your first one for free <3
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Congratulations. You have earned 1x full slot to Maev 5, please use this comment as your proof of slot permission. Thank you and all those who commented in this thread for your dedication as well as aspiring to enjoy Felvargs with your buds. :heart:
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Austd021 and DarkShadowSoul 
Wow virtually no one that i know isn't in this group XD
GuardianSuccubus's avatar
Lee-Coffee + PeachKeeper
Plss check this ARPG out, i have no friends ;;
Lee-Coffee's avatar
X3 ya you do <333
GuardianSuccubus's avatar
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raccoonhearted + RobinTheBurb 

I'm not sure if either of you are into ARPGs, but Felvargs is a really great place if you ever wanted to! Lots of activities like monthly quests, adventuring, PvP, etc. and the community is absolutely fantastic :heart: 
RobinTheBurb's avatar
oh! sounds interesting
ThatDangCat's avatar
ChelseaFlower & Yodeldog 
If you guys are interested. <3 Didn't know who else to tag ;=;
xPazi's avatar
Going to invite these guys. :heart:
Looner579 + ThePawRepublic
C'mon friiieeenddsss at least get your own Fel so I can draw them all adventuring together ;D It will be fun! FREE flying hearts Icon 

And although you're already in the group, Creamy-Aioli you need to be more active in Felvargs! ;w;
Your artwork is great, and your writing skills are awesome too, so let's collab or do some RP's together! Get Different that EXP for you. pink heart bullet 
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