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June 20, 2009
Magical Angel by =Felsus - I have long admired this brilliant illustration.
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Magical Angel

well.... I make this job for a great friend!, I post previously in my blog. this drawing is very special, because with this drawing, I am exploring new things to leave the monotony. this pic is the last of 2008 and I hope that for the 2009 and the years that come, that my work be better and to be able to reach my goals and dreams with this.

thanks to all the deviantart community by always to be looking at my work, I hope don't defraud them never and of certain way to improve for you. :hug:

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Alfadas91's avatar
This looks soooo awesome. But what happened to his lower part?
TgirlValentine's avatar
Very well done darlin! i still love your work!
Zhaanman's avatar
Wicked Cool image and design such vivied colors Love it!!
pri-sakura's avatar
FairyGost's avatar
you should draw him more often!!! he is such a cool character!! I love his design! :love:
BlizzyStorm's avatar
Wooaw! Awesome!
I seriously don't get how to draw muscles XD
But you did really great!
on everything that is :P
IAmTheUnison's avatar
Totally Etheric!
sakuradbzgirl15's avatar
The drawing is hot.
I love your style!! This is beautiful.
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar
I really love the colors.
WhiteWolf912's avatar
He looks sad.

This is gorgeous, I love the colours. Definitely worth the DD.
REALLY Beautiful! Thanks you made my day!:heart:
I love this! Great work.
cian-fionn's avatar
so so SO gorgeous! your style of drawing is so distinct. It makes me kind of want to see in animated. lovely work! ^_^
whatwouldyoudo's avatar
Wow Nice, What inspired you to make that?
CylindricalFawn's avatar
I absolutely love this great work!!!!
unicornpoop's avatar
Wow, this is great! Wonderful artwork! Congradulations on making the Daily Deviations!
ILL-I-AM's avatar
Sweet... cool piece.
Ploopie's avatar
Congrats to you third DD! :heart:
It is wonderful :)
Felsus's avatar
thanks a lot XD
Amasov's avatar
Congratulations on the DD mate :aww:
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