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rune stemgordsson.

How the hell did I exactly manage to make an execution look like a Disney-esque children's book illustration? Honestly, I have no idea. The sketches turned out to be a little bit toonier than usual, and somehow I ended up liking this style...

I'm still horribly noob at colouring/shading, so any pro tips are welcome!

Technical things aside, let me introduce my Skyrim character, Rune.

Mind you that he has a Norwegian name: 1. the e in Rune is not silent, 2. ø is mostly like the German ö if you are familiar with the language - if not, try to pronounce it Stemgirdsson, that should be roughly right...

So in my first hour of gameplay I have managed to create: a ginger (because red hair is hot) Nord (because I have a heavy obsession with Norway, and I wanted to play with whatever race was native to the province anyways) with Wes Borland's contacts :rofl: The eyes have very little to do with Wes Borland however. They have a story on their own.

When I was a kid, I used to write a lot. In these stories, the all-black eye was an indicator of an exceptional talent at birth: a naturally gifted bard of some sort of prophetic quality. Originally, my character was to be half blind, but when I saw the shiny all-black eyes, I squealed a little. That very moment I knew that only those eyes are worthy of a Dovahkiin. So the one thing I knew from the very beginning was joining the Bards College, of course. The questline has fallen tragically short of my expectations, but thanks to a totally amazing mod, he can now play instruments and theoretically even sing (I have not tried yet, this is a very new feature of the mod)

I can understand why people enjoy the thrill of being able to commit crimes such as theft and mass murder without having real life consequences and join the Dark Brotherhood and things like that, but somehow, I always end up on being on the lawful side. Le wild NPC appears and they have a problem and I immerse in the game too much and go all "D'aww let's save and help everyone." :| So it turns out that Rune is a good guy Dovahkiin. Dull and boring, you may say, but at least there is plenty of material left for a second playthrough.

He began as an archer, because, for some reason, I always take archery in a game if I can. Since my early childhood days, I have been interested in learning archery for realz but kinda never had the opportunity - so, just like a bad mother, now I force it on my every child.

He began his life as an empty shell, not much of an individuality except for his name - but through him, for the first time in my life, I understood what a "roleplaying game" really means.

My Skyrim adventures inspired me for a comic series (you might have already seen a few examples) based on some funny ideas and conversations with friends. In these comics, his soul slowly forged, his personality formed - and that made me change the way I play, too. Picking choices much more consciously, as I assumed he would. One day I needed an excuse to ignore my homework and he got a backstory as well. Strangely, it wasn't even the game itself but what the game inspired me for, that made my immersion very deep. This is the story of the birth of Rune.

I'm afraid elaborating on his personality would make this description painfully long (it's quite painfully long already) but in case you are really interested(and I hope you are) I will share his much more detailed and specific backstory separately (maybe under a separate deviation).

Sorry about the big file & small text. I hope you can read it anyways.

***"I also hunt dragons but no one pays me for that shit" That is not completely correct, actually. Sometimes Jarls will pay you to hunt a particular dragon down, ask at the inns. But for the most part, it's still true.

Many thanks to :iconallocer2009: for the background that is available here: [link]

Thanks for checking out and I hope you will enjoy this little drawing as well as his upcoming adventures :blowkiss: :heart:
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1t-1s-Just-Me's avatar
Oh my God, this is great! Your Dovahkiin is so unique, I've never seen such interesting nords (I mean I love nords & stuff and I'm a little obsessed with Norway too, but I mean Rune looks like no other, which is COOL and CREATIVE)Clap 
Besides, it turns out that Rune and my Dovahkiin have some things in common, like being all good let's-save-everyone guys and love for archery))):D (Big Grin) :happybounce: 
It's really cool when a character has a backstoryBoogie! 

Oh, and yes, red hair IS hot;) (Wink) Giggle 
MagicKitKatKodi's avatar
Haha "just like his mommy" x3
felrokker's avatar
He takes after mommy in a few ways yes :aww:
XD... Főleg az eating them:D Hogy jutott ilyen királyság az eszedbe? :D
felrokker's avatar
De ha egyszer ez az igazság.... :rofl:
Dak-Hamee13's avatar
I wanted to correct you on him being a Nord when I saw black eyes :P Then I read the description, and thought "NOT A WOOD ELF"
felrokker's avatar
lol yeah he is in fact a Nord even though he does not look so much like it. :P Dunno how he got those eyes, it seems to be running in the family... maybe a dremora slipped into the bloodline? :rofl:
Dak-Hamee13's avatar
Mayyyybe :P

See, I have the problem when I get RPGs for a console with character parents always pester me about character creation, saying I should "play the actual game," so in Skyrim I'm just default Nord male :|

That's not to say I don't like him. And I did tweak him a little bit.
felrokker's avatar
You shouldn't listen to them! It's your game, enjoy it however you want :D
There were some good-looking characters among the presets though, which one did you go with? I remember, I liked the last one best, the dirty guy with long brown hair. There was also one that looked a lot like Ralof, in retrospect...
Dak-Hamee13's avatar
The very first preset, with the long blonde hair. I made it brown, though.
bodaszilvia's avatar
nno, ezt végre értem, az elejét még megnéztem :D
tetszik a humorod :D
felrokker's avatar
Köszönöm szépen :hug: :heart: Olyan aranyos vagy! Jól esik, hogy értékeled, még ha nem is mindig tudod, miről van szó... :P
bodaszilvia's avatar
igazán nincs mit :D :hug:
nem érdekelne ennyire, ha nem Te csinálnád :no:
felrokker's avatar
:blushes: olyan kedves vagy!!! :hug: :heart: :love:
bodaszilvia's avatar
Isriana's avatar
That's got to be one of the best introductions I've come across so far. :lmao: Awesome and funny!
felrokker's avatar
Why thank you, for the kind words! :bow: I'm glad you were entertained! :D
*notices icon* Wait... I KNOW YOU
You are the one who makes those comics... GASP I love them so much!! :faint:
Isriana's avatar
Haha, thank you so much! :XD: I'm really glad you like them! This game is so awesome that sometimes I feel I could simply drop every other subject and just draw Skyrim stuff all day long. So much fun! :D
felrokker's avatar
I exactly know how you feel! Ever since I started playing, I can't stop sketching Skyrim stuff all the time - either my own character or NPCs (which is helping me a lot to experiment with different styles and force myself to draw consistently).
Whatever ideas you have, they will always be welcome and I'll make extra sure not to miss them :heart:
AlaskanBear's avatar
What is he saying in dragon tongue? LOL "Just like his mommy"
felrokker's avatar
Unless I made a typo, he says "Kren sos aal" "Dir volaan"
Both of them are things that Draugr said to me when I was fighting them. No idea what they mean, but I would assume they go somewhere along the line of "Go fuck yourself" ....
miss-redfur's avatar
Oh it bothers me that I didn't see this before... He's just awesome!! "has a strange habit to pick up things from the ground and eat it" I've never actually tought of how stupid that is, even my khajiit does it all the time xD

I am a female khajiit, like I was in Oblivion, and I wanted to join the dark brotherhood, but felt a bit bad for it, because I had decided that she was going to be nice... So I made a badass female vampire nord... And then I wanted to make a male mage character, and so on... so I think I got around 5 users to play with now :P
I also do find up stories to my characters, since it is a RP game you got to know your character, and what you would do if you were that person in different situations... For me that's a part of the game x3
felrokker's avatar
Many, many thanks! :hug: :heart: It appears that a lot of people like him, which makes me really proud *tear*
That's my favourite panel actually :D There are so many things that make perfect sense in the game, but once you stop to think about them for a moment, are just plain hilarious. I really like that, actually.

I agree with you completely. There are some people who play games like this "heartlessly", not really caring about the character - to each their own of course but I don't really understand that kind of playing. It's much more fun placing yourself into the world and the position of your character. Skyrim, in my opinion, is particularly good for this - it gives you enough to inspire you, but leaves enough space for your own ideas.

Care to share some stories? I would love to hear them!
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