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Hi hi I made this post on tumblr but I will put it here also


Examples of chibis/wee cutes!
Cutes cutes cutes by Felos

  • $30 usd for lineart
  • $60 usd for the level of soft-shaded color you see up there
  • $20 usd for a cute small ragamuffin in flat color, $15 for an extra one! Gosh!
  • Extra details and accoutrement like mechanical stuff and odd red panda fish will probably be a bit extra, depending on details.
  • No nudity this time around, sorry. Maybe later, just not really how I want to start off with these. Goofy proportions and cheesecakey things should be okay.
  • Fanart from major IPs should be fine. I don’t want to take potential commissions from other artists of their own characters or anything like that. If you’re not sure what qualifies though, feel free to ask!
  • No sexualization of characters that are or clearly look underage.

If interested, you can email me at at WJMuzzi@gmail.com!
Thank you bye--

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