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(copy/paste from tumblr, forgive any typos and goofs)

Commissions Update!

$25 for a lil’ cheeb bit, $15 dollars for extra characters

$40 for inks!

$55 for basic hard colors!

$70 for whole-hog soft colors!

If I haven’t edited this post to say I’m full-up on commissions, you can probably assume I’m still taking them  :)

My art! And cheebs specifically!

Contact me through tumblr messages or asks, or hit me up at

(Disclaimer, extreme details can be extra, no sexualization of characters that look like minors, no straight up sex and junk (cheesecake and unrealistic proportions are allowed), no people or people’s characters without their permission, all that good stuff)

If you want something not pictured here, ask about it! We’ll figure something out probably

Thanks for your time!

© 2018 - 2021 Felos
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Sorry for lack of activity on DA, this is largely copied over from tumblr. I'll try to get to posting the backlog over here soon  :>