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Poet by luv2sing57 Poet :iconluv2sing57:luv2sing57 11 11 A Skyrim Tale: Sofie (RE-DRAW) by luv2sing57 A Skyrim Tale: Sofie (RE-DRAW) :iconluv2sing57:luv2sing57 8 1 A Serenity Tale by Javott A Serenity Tale :iconjavott:Javott 36 29 The Sisters: A Skyrim Legacy by Javott The Sisters: A Skyrim Legacy :iconjavott:Javott 44 32
A Whole New Definition of Pathetic
I am a 19 year old girl sitting here crying over a dead video game character from a game I'm not even playing, while simultaneously editing and eating gummy worms.  I also have a brother who is laughing at me right now.
:iconjavott:Javott 7 15
Lydia's Farewell
It's beautiful here, Vahl. The Hall of Valor. Well, I suppose you have seen it before. So you should know not to worry. I know you will mourn, I know you will cry, I know that you will hide from everyone to conceal your sorrow. And I know that the others will morn with you. But I ask this, and only this, when all the tears have dried.  I ask that you rejoice for me. Yes, my thane. Rejoice for our friendship and for our many glorious battles. Rejoice that I am fit to sit at the table of the many warriors before me, because I shall be celebrating for you here. For one day you shall take your place here next to me, just as great warriors do. But by all means, Vahl, take your time. Fight many more battles and save the lives of others. Be strong and bold. I shall be saving you a seat.
- Lydia
:iconjavott:Javott 36 39
Gaelan's Lullaby
Tell me why you had to go
Did you fall in the dirt, or in the snow?
I've lost nearly everyone, from the start
Now you left me with this emptiness in my heart
Don't tell me that it will all be well
For my life is already a bitter Hell
Would you have loved me throughout our years?
But now you aren't even here, to dry my tears
You have always watched over my sister, Vahl
A brother's duty, I was doomed to fail
And as I fought on a foreign field
You became her sword and her shield
Tell me please where your body lies
I just want to at least close your eyes
Tell me the names of those who ended your life
So that I may put them to my knife
So tell me where you wandered to
Fields of green or skies of blue?
Please tell me that when I die, you will be the first that I'll see
Tell me Lydia... Why did you leave... Me?
:iconmcab719:MCab719 28 26
Lydia's speech
:iconmcab719: Inspired me with his poem ^3^
"Listen Vahl:"
Now do not mourn for me,
God wanted me to go, you see.
Now he has set me free
from this town of misery.
Now close my eyes and lay me to sleep,
At my corpse please do not weep,
Now this is a promise you must keep,
And dont go moping in the deep.
As I take my final blow,
I know that it is time to go,
I wish you luck, Vahl.
As I do not want you to fail.
You can look at my grave,
But be warned: be brave.
And I know you have a family,
So be the best friend and mother you can be.
But always remember warrior ol' me.
:iconasminer311:asminer311 12 18
I'll Save You A Seat by Javott I'll Save You A Seat :iconjavott:Javott 35 20
OK. So, the crew has formed a group on and you people should like... join us because we can all chat n stuff.
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How To Be Vahl

1. Sleep standing up

2. Freak out around trolls

3. Have more than one follower at any given time

4. Be a Dark Elf

5. Also be a werewolf

6. Have a voice in your head

7. Adopt a human

8. Adopt a Khajiit

9. Dress up your followers

10. Don’t trust glowing armor

11. Be a politician

12. Save skyrim

13. Have a Tardis

14. Slay vampires

15. Obey the mighty console

16. Summon cheese wheels

17. Avoid being a frozen elfsicle

18. Talk to slow-talking dragons

19. Make your own engineer adorable

20. Loot everything


22. Crash your Tardis in a river

23. Accidentally buy a troll

24. Make nerd references

25. Name any big metal thing Daxius

26. Summon dragons

27. Destroy all the thalmor

28. Change the hairstyles of your followers

29. Dress like a bird








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