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January 27, 2017
Poseable art doll, winter world bearer sea turtle by FellKunst
Featured by pinkythepink
Suggested by craftsbyblue
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Poseable art doll, winter world bearer sea turtle

Poseable Art Doll
Winter world bearer sea turtle
She is fully posable
Used Materials: polymerclay, fabric, wire, worbla, fiberfill, felt, doll skeleton....
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EyweenaPterus's avatar

Really cute and beautiful turtle! :seaturtle: static

UnbridledMuse's avatar
Wow!! What a sweet face! Beautiful work! :clap:
R-Eventide's avatar
Holy crapola, the realism!!!  D:
allora217's avatar
There a name for the type of fabric you used? I would love to find it to make a dragon. Did the fabric come with the turtle's colors already or did you paint them in?
jojoiwi's avatar
Baby sea turtle, X3 taking the world over its back. Such amazing amount of detail in its head and characters that are living in its shell. So gorgeous!! ^o^ :heart:
TheMythicalMenagerie's avatar
What kind of fabric did you use, if any? It's got such realistic movement.
FellKunst's avatar
It's an soft elastic fabric, with a scale pattern on it
TheMythicalMenagerie's avatar
Where did you get it at, if you don't mind me asking? I have been looking for a good scale pattern fabric!
FellKunst's avatar
It was from a marketplace in germany.
Is called Stoffmarkt Holland.
TheMythicalMenagerie's avatar
Keyshe54's avatar
Darling baby... I so want to hold him...  I thought at first it was just another normal(gorgeous sculpture) NOPE! I love the life in this piece :heart:
That's not a real turtle? 
FellKunst's avatar
killersprinkles's avatar
This looks so freakin cool!!!!! Great job!!!
MyCatLovesMe's avatar
Gorgeous! I thought you'd put a tree on a real baby there!
II-Ravenstar-II's avatar
That's extremely realistic! Amazing job!
Dorcas96's avatar
little A'Tuin? :D
AnimatedForLife's avatar Impressive. I'm actually a bit disturbed by how real it looks. Fascinated and disturbed. Quite a combination.
graydama's avatar
This is brilliant!!! :la:
JoyChan1's avatar
now that, is very cute! And I like the design!
Crystalitar's avatar
it almost looked like a real turtle!
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