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Name: Fellefan Foxjade, call me Fella.

Pronounce: he/him or she/her, I don't mind which ever.

Main OC: Alice, a vulpake (mostly fox, little bit dragon).

Fursona: Fella, a lutdrac (otter and dragon equally).

Likes: everything cosmic, snow & ice, dark vibes.

Dislikes: being ignored and uninvited.

Religion: science.


..colors: red, black, gold, white. in any combination.

..games: platformers, puzzle, souls-like, story-rich. GORE.

..movies: sci-fi, action fantasy, deep/emotional character arcs.

..books: same as movies, but with more magic and romance.

..music: synthwave, orchestral/epicore, rock.


..obsession: buying art.

..playthrough: borderlands 3.

..on repeat: forever alone - smash into pieces

Where to find me: linktree


memento mori

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I love you art and all the creatures in your gallery, have a new watcher ^^

aah thank you so much! ♥

your design adopts are so good I have to really strain to hold myself back from impulse buying.. ;o;

Glad to hear you like my designs ! :la:

Wow I like your style^^

thank you so much, means a lot ;u; ♥

You have a wonderful gallery and style !!!! Have a wonderful day !

thank you so very dearly for your kind words ♥ a wonderful day to you aswell!!