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This is a project in which the sole purpose is to accommodate you when commenting on the deviations that you would like guaranteed and constructive comments on. While our other projects do not seem to meet that requirement, this one hopefully does as we strive to make our comments that much more driven and focused for you.

This is specifically targeted at those who actually want or need to improve their artwork. Please do not request comments if you are just here for more exposure.

Receive Comments!

:bulletblue: Leave a link to your deviation in a comment below this blog.
:bulletblue: Please make sure to include a minimum of one specific question for our Commenters in the Artist's Comments. The more the better, though not too many of course. :dummy: [Please do not go for a general question like "What do you think?" or "What could I improve?" but rather "I think something is off. Can you help me figure it out?" or "Do you think the background is suiting the scene?"]

That's it!

More Information!

:bulletred: You can only request comments for one deviation, per month.
:bulletred: You are guaranteed at least one constructive comment.
:bulletred: Commenting can take up to two weeks.
The owner of this deviation has disabled comments.

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January 7, 2015
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