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The series of 'Group-Kickstarters Tutorials' will introduce you to the tools you can use as an admin and their many features.
Get specific help with your group trouble at Group-KickStarters.

The group icon is often your group's first visual impression :IDcard: 

A lot of deviants will see your group icon before knowing what the group is about.

In this short tutorial I would like to tell you a bit about what requirements a group icon should fullfill and how you can get one suitable for your group. :ponder:

The purpose of a group icon

A very high number of deviants displays rather the group icon then the group name when talking or mentioning groups.
The reasons for this can varry a lot and it does depend on each individual if they prefer to look at pictures (the icon) or letters and numbers (the name).
Because we are a community of art lovers though the number of name lovers is rather low. (Which does not mean the name is not important! It is very essential for the group.)
Also, when writing a text colors stick out more and loosen the text up.

You can read about the technical requirements in FAQ #404: How do I upload an avatar for my group and what are the limitations?

What makes a good group icon?

A good group icon can draw Attention and create Interest in the group so the viewer would Desire to Act(ion) and click on the icon.
Icons can not say everything about the group and include your whole philosophy and rules. Basically, it should make viewers want to learn more.
Originality and a quality icon will also aid you in getting more known.

What does it need to say about the group?

From a look at the icon you should always learn about the concept of the group.
Maybe it is a group collecting photography, photography of dogs, photography of puppies only or is it community related, a help or support group?
Make sure it is as clear as possible without being boring or overexciting.

How can it do this?

The main question that comes to mind is whether you will count on pictures or text to help get the concept across.
If the group's name is very strong (like All-about-features, StockandResources or Digital-Art-Club), the text can say it all.
More complex concepts might require visual explaination like :iconcritiquecommunity: CritiqueCommunity or :iconconstructive-critism: Constructive-Critism.
Both groups use animated icons to show a more complex concept while staying original.
Always make sure the icon is nice to look at and not blinding with fast animations or flashy colors that hurt the viewer's eyes.

(More) strong samples

Let us have a look at a few very good group icons that manage to make you curious and tell a bit about the group:

  • :iconimprovement-club: The name is displayed during the whole animation since it is a strong indicator of what the group is about. The animation hints how the group helps its members improving while drawing attention through movement. This icon speaks to artists that compare their artistic/anatomic skill with the first drawing shown. Those of them who wish (desire) for a similar improvement are motivated to click the icon.

  • :iconaplacetobegin: The animation of this icon shows the story of a little lost emoticon looking for orientation at the sign post. It is directed to new community members that would feel familar with the emoticon. The groups purpose of giving guidance and orientation is well-displayed in an attention drawing story. Who wouldn't want to watch what this emoticon will do? Viewers watch the plot and click the icon if they feel related to it.

  • :icondalibrary: This is very rare species: An unmoving icon drawing attention and showing the purpose of the group without displaying the group's name. The picture shown is quite simple but uses a variety of colors and objects (cat, mouse, book) which makes it interesting. The animals seem greatly interested in the content of the book. Their object of interest stands for anything written while the animals and their concentration on it could hint to challenging or very interesting literature. In this case dALibrary is a group collecting tutorials, articles and similar reading material.

Remember: Less can be more! Try to find a good balance of colors and movement and discuss the concept of your icon with others if possible.

How to get what you want

Maybe you already have your first idea of what the icon could look like.
But now you need to make it. Or have someone make it.
Your main options are making one yourself, organizing a contest to find a good one or hiring an artist to create one for you.
Each and every of these options have a set of advantages and disadvantages.
Always remember: There is not a perfect option!

Making one yourself


  • It only costs time not points or money!
  • You can change anything you want, whenever you want!


  • You are limited by your own skill level.
  • Your friends are less likely to stop you if you go wrong to not hurt you.

Organizing a contest

By organizing a contest you will be required to set a deadline and can only use the chosen icon after the winner has been announced!


  • You can chose from a variety of ideas you did not have to come up with!
  • The group can get some extra promotion just by hosting a contest.


  • Do not underestimate the effort of organizing and advertising a contest.
  • You might not be very happy with the result. / Your icon depends on the participants of the contest.

Hiring an artist


  • You can chose an experienced artist with a good skill level and a nice style!
  • You can ask the artist for their opinion/advice! (Most will do this if you ask them to.)


  • You have to spend points or money.
  • You depend on the artist to do their job well and in a proper time frame.

That's it for now, guys! I hope this helped you and your group to take over DA! :w00t:

Questions to you:

  • Do you have any good samples of icons that made you curious about the group?
  • What kind of group icons do you like best?
  • Do you maybe do group icon commissions? Leave a comment and advertise a bit. ;)

Please comment if you have any questions or ideas, suggestions, wishes for our Group-Kickstarters Tutorials? :eager:

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Thanks for the info! :D
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:glomp: Thank you for submitting your articles to Group-Eaze ~ your articles are so informative it is good to get the word out whenever possible.
Felizias Featured By Owner May 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you. :heart:

I'm glad I can get more exposure for them through your group. :D
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