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Hi, guys.

I'm holding a contest! :la:

Draw one of my KHR OCs in a creative

(yes, I give you freedom.).

Participants are:

Fear her by Felizias Amaya (aka. Hoshi)


Sketch: Marco by Felizias Marco

For reference and information about them you can go here:…; :)

The judging is as following:

Idea: /10 (Is the picture „exciting“ to look at? Originaly, expression, pose etc.)

Technic: /10 (Are there mistakes e.g. in the anatomy or is the OC regonizable?)


1st | 15 :points:, 2
llamas, journal feature, 30 commision points (style choseable!)

| 10
:points:, llama, journal feature, 17-18 commision
points (style choseable!)

3rd | 5 :points:, llama,
journal feature, 12-13 commision points (style choseable!)

Every entry | llama!

Start: NOW!

Deadline: 15th of February


Q: Can I draw more than one character?

A: Sure. :la:

Q: Can I enter more than once?

A: Sorry, you can't. :( But if you want to draw more of my OCs I can offer you this deal: :)

Good luck! Felizias
© 2012 - 2021 Felizias
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Cool. :D You're lucky I'm on now. :XD: I have to leave for school now. :XD:
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dont i'll draw it righ tnow ^^ plz wait for mee!
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Pff, you very lucky thingy. :no: I checked your page since you didn't give me the link and found it... To forget who it was for... :no:
Lucky too because I'll close the contest right now.
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im sorrryyy i knew your icon, i knew your contest, ididnt know your NAMMMMEEEE ;A;
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im sorry~! and i hope u like the entry ^^
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It's not that hard, c'mon. :XD:
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Thanks~ :heart: I'll let you know in about 2 days... :P
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If you're really fast! :noes: It ends tomorrow.
here is an entry: [link]
i hope you like it!
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Thanks~ :heart: I'll let you know in a few days. :D
is the contest still open? i want to make another piece.. i am starting to like Adora! :)
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No, it has been closed for one week. :( I can offer you a journal feature and a llama if you still want to draw her though. :)
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is the contest still open? I have some free time today, might think about participating...
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Yes, two days left. :D Hurry! :)
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Thanks~ :D I'll tell you when the contest is over. :)
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I've finished my entry~ :D [link] I hope you like it~
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