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Tiger Tiger

By felixxkatt
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watercolor piece, with some sharpie marker. 8x10" commissioned work. i LOVE it when people say "i just want a tiger" or "i just want something with a lilly and a wine glass" and just let me do my own thing. so much better than when people ask for a super-specific thing/arrangement/colorscheme/etc. anyway, the commission was for "anything with a tiger" limited by what they wanted to spend. i didn't do anything super-crazy, but i think it came out very nicely.
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That is a wonderful Tiger! Very realistic.
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You're welcome deary.
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Hooray! Your deviation has been featured here! Congratulations, and wonderful work!

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thanks, nice tiger collection!
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Lovely. I like that his eyes match the background :P
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Well you picked one of my favorite poems and made a wonderful piece out of it. The green of the background really makes the tigers eyes pop. I love it.
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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhh
Mine you can't have it.
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you can have one! the prints are available now!
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Yea I can't stand it either when people are specific. Because then I can't really think of anything...its agravating. This piece, is beautiful.
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I just have to say that i'm a very big fan of designs/printed surfaces (especially like ornate wallpaper or fabrics) so that makes me a fan of your work. this one...i really like tigers, and i just think the colors are great, so good job!
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This is really beautiful!!! Of course, I like big cats so....

It's a very excellent drawing. Looks so real!
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Great background pattern, great tiger, and great use of colors all around. Great!
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burning bright
in the forests
of the night
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yeah, i actually contemplated putting the poem into the piece, but i really dislike the part where it goes "what daring hand or eye dare frame thy fearful symmetry" partially because he uses "daring" and "dare" so close to each other and partially because symmetry" does not rhym with eye unless you are being silly which destroys the tone of the piece.... it had such potential as a poem and then the writer jsut kept going.
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So gorgeous! Great work : )
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amzing background, also ears and chest shading turned out really nice :)
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