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I'm sure about it.

Have you ever had that strange feeling that everything is different than you? Like you're some kind of alien being?
Well...I sometimes think of that. xD
I'm still waiting for my mothership to come back here for me. :\

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I belong nowhere at all...
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I Don´t belong on this world, i belong on Planet Vegeta Mastered UI Serious Goku Mastered UI Serious Goku Mastered UI Serious Goku 
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true about my life

also using
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I'm pretty sure I belong on Mars
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Yeah, I do feel like I belong on Cybertron <3
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So, I'm not the only one! ... Let's build a planet where we could live together without the human race!
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Really! I always say the exact thing to myself! :( I hate this world
I'm completely different from the other ones
I just can't stand this world anymore
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I do not belong to this world neither.
I often dream of another world where there is no rules, where your fate is not already decided.
I mean, we all have the same fate. We're born to learn things, to have a job, to have kids, to watch them grow in the exact same way, and then we die. That's a lifetime on Earth.
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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not happy that i living in this World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(
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I don't belong on earth, I belong on Gallifrey.
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... I'm ashamed of our world.
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I'll not lie. I'm so diferente from everyone... THAT I DESIRE NOT TO LIVE ON EARTH!!! :angry: 

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Anyone suffering from depression would hear those words in their mind all the time. I know because I have it
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I'm COMPLETELY different to any other teenage girl I know (except for my twin sister, ~CelticWarriorMoon). I feel so isolated sometimes in school... but I don't mind. I like to be alone sometimes! :)
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"Take me home, God. Take me to where I belong." -Me
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I feel your pain...
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my imagination is way out of this world!!! trust me!!!
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That you don't belong in the world you live in...

That's a weird feeling.

That you don't belong to the world you live in...

You don't belong to any world, sweety. Or -anyone- else but you. <3
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sorry, I didn't understand it :confused: xD
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