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INFO BELOW |Trigger The First Snowflake Side Event

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Update1: We've received 3 submissions = 3 snowflakes has fallen!!! This should definitely be enough to wake up Ghost, however, submission is still open until 11/15/20 to increase your chance for a MYO Design Event!!

The Snowrbrute season has OFFICIALLY BEGUN!! 

You can expect some Snowbrute adopt by this week!

ITS WINTER MONTH meaning it's #Snowbrute Grabuki season!!! However, it seems to be late this year... so why don't you give them a little help?
Snowbrute will not awaken if no snow falls, we need at least one entry to trigger the season! However, all entry submission before 11/15/20 increase a potential chance of a Snowbrute Free MYO Event!

What is a Snowbrute?
Snowbrute is a subspecies of #Grabuki that are only available in the winter season (Nov. - Feb.)
Check them out here:…

Who is Ghost Beneath the Snow? 
Our Snowbrute NPC… (Aka Ghost)


To simply say... you are to draw your Grabuki or other user's grabby watching the first snowfall. The Grabuki can simply be looking down at a snowflake that landed on their hand, etc.

Writing submission and Art submission are both allowed.
-Artwork must contain at least one Grabuki, can be any a headshot view, bust, etc. as long as the artwork have some sort of background. 
-User may use this year' artwork if they contains a snow or a Snowbrute (artwork must also have a background)
-You may submit your submission HERE:… with a link to this post
-OR submit them here to the Riot Event folder… to trigger a joint-event. You submission will also be count as an Riot Event Entry as well as Snowflake Side Event
-Then comment with your entry below to officially trigger the Snowbrute Season

-You may use other user's Grabuki from here (check the featured comment)… (This event is also currently active)

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(Was already posted before just forgot to put it here!)

Snowflakes! [Grabuki Event]

(Not my Grabbie! Masterlist link in desc)

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My lil boi enjoys the snow c:

Lil snowman
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I am a slave to my Memes

Made using Tambour and Laulaki, with permission from lina1313

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Lato is tired and lazy as he lies on snow

Lato lying in the snow
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Just a Lil'o snow

Grabuki Snow Prompt
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Its time

I finished while battling an illness! sorry if it isnt good

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tis the season...

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First Snow

The little one is experiencing their first snow!

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The snow has fallen

Luco isn't quite ready for the cold but is happy to see the beauty of snow finally come down.

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ARPG - Early Season?

Chillin with dat hot chocolate, or....whatever Grabukis drink when it's cold.

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oops! I didn't know to comment on this!!

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Would a drawing of Ghost count for an entry if we don’t know anybody with a grabuk? :0

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Ghost is currently asleep and not avaliable for prompt entry at the moment! However, you can use other user's Grabuki from here (check the featured comment) (This event is also currently active)

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Thank you! <3

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how long do written entries need to be?

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