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Highgarden, main site of House Tyrell, from George R. R. Martin's novel saga 'A Song of Ice and Fire'.

Another 3D concept about Westeros. This time, the white and bright stronghold of the dark and astute Tyrells.

Made in Bryce 7.
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No way the Lannister-Tarley Army could take this thing in a single battle without proper siege-engines!
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This is so much better than the show version and it's a lot closer to how I think the castle belonging to the 2nd most powerful house in the seven kingdoms would look like.

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 Man, this is such a supreme design, they should have hired you for the location design of the show because their highgarden so underwhelming and boring. I can only imagine how awesome it would to see your interpretation of the castle on the screen. I feel like you really capture the scale and grandeur of Martins fantasy like I imagined it.
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May we see a complete overview?
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Who said you could draw a picture my house?
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Fantastic details and dimensions...
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Is there any chance you can attempt to draw White Harbor?? Your cities/castles look beautiful.
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Probably my favorite depiction of highgarden, most people make it too small, but here it looks near the size of kings landing.
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The picture is AMAZING, yes. But Highgarden is NOT anywhere near as large as King's Landing. It might be as large as the red keep. I'd believe it would take up that much AREA, but there would be huge, spacious courtyards. And gardens and stuff. The Godswoods at Winterfell is notoriously large. Winterfell is also enormous, but half of its area is its Godswoods.
I hate nitpicking such an amazing image, but i wanted to point out that the surrounding landscape should be all lush, and farmland, with pockets of beautiful timberstands of HARDWOOD trees. Not ALL forest everywhere and with no gently rolling hills of meadows and row crops.  
All of the trees in this image are conifer. That's just... it would hardwood trees, like oak and maple. This is the south, and not a northern setting nor an alpine setting.
Conifer forests (pine, spruce, fir, etc.) grow in places where it's very cold (because they can withstand the cold much better), like in the north or at high elevations. Or they grow in areas with thin soils. Basically, areas where it's hard to grow stuff, because confiers are easier to grow. 
But The Reach, and Highgarden are known for the opposite of that. They're known for great farmland, in a warm temperate environment. It sounds like California's central Valley, but with more natural rainfall. In other words: paradise. That fertile land with plenty of water is why The Reach is by far the most populated of the 7 kingdoms. And why The North is one of the least populated. 
Dorne, being arid, is probably the least populated.
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looks like it was built by the elves or dunedain
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looks like a videogame background
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Reminds me of Gondolin in Tolkien's Silmarillion. Great work!
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Hey Feliche , your collection of 3D renderings of the different House's castles from GoT, is just amazing! Especially this one, always wondered what Highgarden would look like ! :D

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I hope you do the ancient city of Valyria someday. That would be a sight!
And the city of Qarth too.

GOD bless
John 3:16
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It kind of looks like it started out as that big keep at the very top, then just kept growing outwards with each generation of prosperous kings who wanted to make their mark and look their best, and the Tyrells probably added even more to it than the Gardeners, nouveau riche always do. "Growing Strong" and all that.
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gee, castles might be the most richest territories in the world.Confused DJ-Designs (deviantART Graphics wh0re) 
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My good man are you going to do King's Landing?
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Your work is amazing.  Have you done one of Old Town?  Can you do one of the Valyrian capital?
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Thank you! I'll do more of the se pieces on the future an prolly they will include Old Town!
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Me imaginaba más un bosque de pinos para el norte o el valle, se supone que el Dominio que esta en el sur, debe tener un clima templado cálido
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Sí, el Dominio es teoría es pastizal, con bosques templados de encino y nogal, no tanto de pinos. Es la región más fértil de los Siete Reinos y por algo se llamada "Highgarden" o Altojardín. Sin  ofender el trabajo de éste artista, me imaginaba algo más así: zippo514.deviantart.com/art/Hi…
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