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Sunset Flight Cover by felixplesoianu Sunset Flight Cover :iconfelixplesoianu:felixplesoianu 2 0 Amusement Park by felixplesoianu Amusement Park :iconfelixplesoianu:felixplesoianu 4 2 Cover for Game Programming Interfaces by felixplesoianu Cover for Game Programming Interfaces :iconfelixplesoianu:felixplesoianu 1 0 Robots in Spring by felixplesoianu Robots in Spring :iconfelixplesoianu:felixplesoianu 2 1
A worldbuilding manifesto
(Or: a discussion of science fiction clichés)
Long ago, I created a space opera universe, with high hopes of setting all kinds of awesome stories in it. That didn't work out. Took me years to write just one. Even writing down all I knew about the setting didn't help. After some reworking, it finally yielded another story written by a friend, and a forum-based roleplaying adventure. And that was all.
My third attempt at worldbuilding came much later, and went straight to science-fantasy. But even though almost everything changed, most of my old principles turned out to have aged just fine. So here they (still) are. Enjoy.
Earth should not be special in any way
Aren't you annoyed by the anthropocentrism and Terracentrism of most science fiction? I mean, when Earth isn't the pinnacle of galactic civilization (usually without justification), it must be a
:iconfelixplesoianu:felixplesoianu 4 0
Lonely Palace by felixplesoianu Lonely Palace :iconfelixplesoianu:felixplesoianu 4 2 Ink Jerkers Group Logo by felixplesoianu Ink Jerkers Group Logo :iconfelixplesoianu:felixplesoianu 1 0
The Watch
Plumes of smoke drifted across the clear summer sky, carrying with them the acrid smell of still-burning fires. Below, narrow streets winded among facades riddled with holes, pavement stones upturned by tank treads wherever the lumbering mechanical beetles had struggled to turn some corner. Here, a lamp post leaned against a partially collapsed house, where an artillery shell had pierced the wall and exploded, scattering blackened bricks every which way. There, water gurgled out of the exposed pipework of what had been a lovely public fountain, forming pools in the tattered shadow of an awning.
There was no sound but for the crackling of flames; at least, not until the rapping of boots echoed among the endless files of three-story buildings. Two dozen soldiers marched as orderly as the torn ground allowed for, peeking nervously at the gloom behind broken windows while they fingered the straps of rifles. But there was nothing to see, not even the flapping of a pigeon's wings.
Until, tha
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Cubist City by felixplesoianu Cubist City :iconfelixplesoianu:felixplesoianu 1 2 Make Your Own Programming Language cover by felixplesoianu Make Your Own Programming Language cover :iconfelixplesoianu:felixplesoianu 2 2 Out of Our Past cover by felixplesoianu Out of Our Past cover :iconfelixplesoianu:felixplesoianu 2 4
It was a beautiful day at the beach, with not a cloud in the sky and just enough wind to temper the burning sun, the piercing cries of seagulls breaking up the heartbeat of waves washing up on hot sand. The meteor shower was just a bonus; nothing like that had been announced, but still they came, strings of silver sparks streaking across the sky. People pointed, watched with binoculars, filmed with their phones, shouts of excitement punctuating the bigger fireballs. But none of them ever came closer than the horizon. For a while, the show seemed to have ended. Then the wind picked up, bringing with it small dark clouds that churned furiously as they raced low over the water. People began to panic, swimmers racing each other ashore while those sunning themselves grabbed their towels and ran. A couple fell off their jet skis, narrowly avoiding one of the clouds that swept close to the shore. For a moment its shape suggested a bird of prey as it hovered above a hastily deserted jetty made
:iconfelixplesoianu:felixplesoianu 2 2
Vryheid cover by felixplesoianu Vryheid cover :iconfelixplesoianu:felixplesoianu 3 0
Vryheid prologue
A curious person strode the halls of the royal palace in Stichting that morning: under a meter and fifty tall, with slick blond hair held back by large pointy ears, blue eyes and most strikingly a lion tail swishing behind him, which added playfulness to a youthful appearance. Heads turned at the sound of steps on the granite floors and the creaking of shiny, elegant space age clothes, as sunbeams streaked through the ornate windows. A couple of robot maids standing in a doorframe bowed in unison, receiving a nod in response. A middle-aged man in a tailcoat stopped in his tracks. "Magister," he greeted. "Chief Secretary," was the amiable answer. From a perpendicular corridor which seemed gloomy by way of contrast came a woman with a sour expression, in a conservative skirt suit, passing by without so much as a sideways glance, a large tablet in one hand, briefcase in the other. Without hesitation, the short figure turned left, away from the light, casting a long shadow ahead.
This wing
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Clash of Cultures cover by felixplesoianu Clash of Cultures cover :iconfelixplesoianu:felixplesoianu 1 2 Little House Waiting by felixplesoianu Little House Waiting :iconfelixplesoianu:felixplesoianu 1 0


Timida by edulenoir
Mature content
Timida :iconedulenoir:edulenoir 40 0
Charlotte Circle J.C.N.J. by jus4taday Charlotte Circle J.C.N.J. :iconjus4taday:jus4taday 8 2 Sonrisa by edulenoir
Mature content
Sonrisa :iconedulenoir:edulenoir 85 9
I Hear You by John-Logan
Mature content
I Hear You :iconjohn-logan:John-Logan 58 6
Lookin so sexy..... by jus4taday Lookin so sexy..... :iconjus4taday:jus4taday 172 29 Jewel by FransMensinkArtist
Mature content
Jewel :iconfransmensinkartist:FransMensinkArtist 629 74
The Princess, and the Pegasus
    The Princess, and the Pegasus
     By Kantuck Nadie Nata-akon
   for Jessica with many thanks.
  A deep, forlorn sigh slowly rose into the air, as a young girl peered out her window at the gray landscape. It had stormed all day, dishes rattling thunder, and waterfall rain lashed at the sides of the small home. Now with the fury reduced to a gentle pattering on the metal roof, the fog faded the mountains a mile away to a ghostly outline. Even at noon, the buildings around her home was barely showing.
  There was one building, a red barn of little remark. She looked over at it, and happy memories playing in it brought a smile to her lips. The /work/ however, she had to do at times furrowed her brow.
  Jules Huffman, the WSAZ weatherman from Huntington, West Virginia, said in his uplifting, smiling voice. "The rain's coming to an end, folks." But even Mr. Cartoon could barely lift the haze of her boredom. Even wishing it was
:iconkantuck-nadie:kantuck-nadie 2 0
4 5umm3r'5 d4y 6l17ch by TheYoungGhosts 4 5umm3r'5 d4y 6l17ch :icontheyoungghosts:TheYoungGhosts 1 0 Ghostnyancat by NalaFontaine Ghostnyancat :iconnalafontaine:NalaFontaine 59 13 Tales of Kitsune - Cover Art by KSchnee Tales of Kitsune - Cover Art :iconkschnee:KSchnee 2 1
A Chance of Carols, Chapter 2
Stave 2; To be, or not to be: that is the question:
Inside Claire's cabin, the warm fire popped and snapped, the dogs laid in a pile beside the heat. Lightning was chewing on his bone, and Shiner's was laying beside him, and Jefferson was stoking the fire. The tea kettle announced the coming out of the two women. As Debbie carried out a tray with coffee and tea cups rattling slightly in their dishes. Claire was carrying out a plate loaded with her transparent pie-tarts and homemade cinnamon buns fresh out of the oven, giving the air a sweet smell of cinnamon, vanilla, coffee, and tea.
"Ahh thank ye'" Jefferson happily said as he reached for his coffee. Debbie, with her teacup, sat beside her husband, while Claire was subdividing a tart between her, and her two dogs.
As the tall redhead handed each segment of the tart to each dog, she was looking over Debbie and Jefferson. He was dressed in jeans and a blue sweater, and his normal jet-black hair was already showing streaks of gr
:iconyunwi-tsunsdi:yunwi-tsunsdi 2 1
Power and Grace -Line Art- by RussellTuller Power and Grace -Line Art- :iconrusselltuller:RussellTuller 115 8
World Anvil, a review
A few weeks formerly, I ran across a posting about a new world-building site called ’World Anvil’
Much like the smith tool, it is big, bulky, and know what? It’s explicitly what’s needed, without the cost, and without being tied to just one computer. One of the nice things about cloud computing it seems.
So without anything to lose and everything to gain, I gave it a try. In truth, :iconfelixplesoianu: and I have.
So far, I have recommended it highly.
It allows you to build your world using specific fields, hyperlinked together. You fill in various areas such as species, then drill down into more and more specific questions such as Physical aspects, then even more detailed. How does your species see things? Hear? As you do, each question makes you think and fill in more questions. Already I’m seeing things of my own story-worlds that I never saw before.
The best thing; it shows you what’s needed to at least begin a story-world. I say begin because I
:iconink-jerkers:Ink-Jerkers 1 0


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