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Felix N. Espinal always open for anything
Stamp: You Know it's True by reggiewolfpro I love music Stamp by Creativeness Pixel Commission- ShulkxRosalina by IceCreamLink Osamu Tezuka Stamp by Toonfreak Proud Next Gen Crash Stamp by InsaneStar7 Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan I Love The Rain by Wearwolfaa Character Stamp by Arpie Cultured Stamp by SilverDrgnbane 607 - Litwick by Marlenesstamps Kirby Saved My Life Stamp by JigglyPuffGirl:thumb516935709: SE stamp no.2 - Black Star and Tsubaki by Csodaaut Love imagination stamp by Mel-Rosey I Love Magic by pjuk Fantasy by ashesto:thumb183647457: Crossover Stamp by lady-warrior Shogunyan Stamp by SimlishBacon Venoct Stamp by SimlishBacon Peckpocket Stamp by SimlishBacon Roughraff Stamp by SimlishBacon Jibanyan Stamp by SimlishBacon Litten stamp by babykttn Rowlet stamp by babykttn primarina stamp by peachkys mareanie stamp by peachkys Bewear - STAMP by YtFantasy Gourgeist stamp by Crimson-SlayerXAhiru X Mytho by atnezau  Princess Tutu Stamp by sparkburst Stamp #3 Len x Luka by xPanda-Arisu Princess Tutu FAN by LittleStar87  Princess tutu stamp by SimbaTheHuman 
Sonic Fan Button (Resubmit) by ButtonsMaker
Knuckles Fan Button (Resubmit) by ButtonsMaker
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Undertaker Fan Button by Ganbare-Lucifer
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Pokemon Team

Pokemon Team : Kanto)

Charizard by pokemon3dsprites Bulbasaur by pokemon3dsprites Squirtle by pokemon3dsprites

Ekans by pokemon3dsprites Koffing by pokemon3dsprites Ursaring by pokemon3dsprites

( Pokemon Team : Johto)

Croconaw by pokemon3dsprites Chikorita by pokemon3dsprites Cyndaquil by pokemon3dsprites
Ninetales by pokemon3dsprites Snorlax by pokemon3dsprites Kangaskhan by pokemon3dsprites

( Pokemon Team : Hoenn)
Swampert by pokemon3dsprites Grovyle by pokemon3dsprites Torchic by pokemon3dsprites
Arbok by pokemon3dsprites Seviper by pokemon3dsprites Milotic (female) by pokemon3dsprites

( Pokemon Team : Sinnoh)
Empoleon by pokemon3dsprites Chimchar by pokemon3dsprites Turtwig by pokemon3dsprites
Seviper by pokemon3dsprites Gardevoir by pokemon3dsprites Lucario by pokemon3dsprites

(Pokemon Team : Unova)
Serperior by pokemon3dsprites Oshawott by pokemon3dsprites Pignite by CreepyJellyfish
Scolipede by pokemon3dsprites Galvantula by pokemon3dsprites Beartic by pokemon3dsprites

(Pokemon Team : Unova 2)
Zoroark by CreepyJellyfish Grumpig by CreepyJellyfish Drowzee by CreepyJellyfish
581 Swanna by 3D-Poke-Sprites 607 Litwick by 3D-Poke-Sprites 549 Lilligant by 3D-Poke-Sprites

(Pokemon Team : Kalos)
Delphox by pokemon3dsprites Froakie by pokemon3dsprites Quilladin by pokemon3dsprites
Malamar by pokemon3dsprites Gourgeist by pokemon3dsprites Pangoro by pokemon3dsprites

(Pokemon Team : Alola)
Primarina 730 by pokemon3dsprites Litten 725 by pokemon3dsprites Rowlet 722 by pokemon3dsprites
Mimikyu (busted) #778 by pokemon3dsprites Toxapex 748 by pokemon3dsprites Bewear #760 by pokemon3dsprites

(Pokemon : Ultra Alola Team )
Lycanroc - Midnight Form by alolan-sprites Shiny Mimikyu by MidnightsShinies 537 Seismitoad by 3D-Poke-Sprites
Type: Null #722 by pokemon3dsprites Alolan Ninetales #038 by pokemon3dsprites Wobbuffet by CreepyJellyfish

(Pokemon Team : Galar)

Pets :
Persian by pokemon3dsprites Stoutland by CreepyJellyfish

Request 72 by Tailgate04

Request - FelixNFox by FlirenArt Trade -  Link by Kumi0Tyrian and Hard Times by Shnizbit

We Got it Memorized by White-prime[RQ] Felix and the team by nuclear-smash
[Request 13] The Candle and The Clock by FurakanoAbiraRequest for FelixNFox by KazukoDomoto



Favourite Visual Artist
erin,nintedrawer, White - Prime
Favourite Movies
mickey ,donald goofy the three musketeers
Favourite TV Shows
Aosth,lucky star,mermaid melodies,sao,okami san
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Books
fairy tales, manga
Favourite Writers
yana tosboso,hiro mashima
Favourite Games
sonic,super mario,eternal sonata,crash bandicoot,kh, sly cooper
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
voice actors and saying compliments. LOVES GOD!!!!!!
Wow... This Touched Me in my Feels https://www.deviantart.com/gjtproductions/art/101DS-Forgiven-Commissioned-Piece-851519168
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I'm Very Disgusted..... And Very Ashamed...:no:
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Thanks for the fav! :D

Hello:) .

It's very nice to meet youChinatsu Yoshikawa (Nice to meet you) [V2]

Um hey i like to a art trade

Thanks for the favourites, I really appreciate it! <3

do you do requests?