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Game of Thrones: Dearly Beloved

Sooooo somehow a little while ago I managed to convince ~DahliaGrimm to cosplay Joffrey with me when I did Sansa... I owe her a huge one!! I really wanted to do a Game of Thrones cosplay, but I didn't want to do it alone, and I'm so glad she did agree to it, she looks amazing ;w; It's the only thing I ever wanted!!

I managed to sway her decision by offering to make the pimping coat Joff wears in the first part of season 2 for her! It matched up with the dress I wanted to make, too, so it all worked out rather nicely~!!

I have to be honest, I've never had a costume that's been so photographed or well received as this, so I really hope I can finish the embroidery (not that you can see the embroidery I did do...) on it and get some really nice pictures where my wig doesn't fall out of style!

So yeah... Umm... Hopefully there will be more photos of this coming soon where my hair isn't a mess Xd;;


Series: A Game of Thrones
Sansa Stark
: *felixize
Joffrey Baratheon: ~DahliaGrimm

Photo by the ever amazing Chi.
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What kind of fabric is that if you don't mind me asking? I want to cosplay him for a con that's coming up, but I don't know where to start!
It's very beautiful work you've done :0
CosplaycheriseHobbit's avatar
Fantastic!!! very well done!! :)
XiXiXion's avatar
love them expressions ! awesome cosplaying :D
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love this. i wanna do a game of thrones cosplay eventaully. i wanna do sansa and arya sometime.
RoxannaMeta's avatar
Spot on!! This is AMAZING. I love it, I hate it, I love to hate it! ;)
felixize's avatar
Aaaah gosh, thank you very much!!! <3
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This is fantastic hun, your cosplays just get better and better. I'm always nervous of people doing real person cosplay as I find it hard to break away from the image of the actor in my head, but the costumes and the expressions in this are so in character it's brilliant.
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Thank you so much, sweetie ;w;
It means a lot that you would say something like that! <3
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I think I saw you in the masquerade on Saturday at MCM expo in May- all three of you were incredible; such stage presence!
felixize's avatar
Aahhh thank you so much <3
NamNamcha's avatar
it's official, I will forever ship the two of you together.
awesome cosplays, you both look awesome and beautiful :iconilavplz:
felixize's avatar
LOL wow, well, thank you very much!!
Elisa-Erian's avatar
Oh, this is such a perfect couple! Beautiful costumes and pose.
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Thank you so much!! <3
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You guys look SO good! From the preview, it looks like a freakin screenshot of the show. Did you manage to find fabric for Joffrey's robes or is that painted on? Amazing work!!!
felixize's avatar
Gosh, wow, thank you very much!!
The pattern is printed onto the fabric (:
WarmSummerSun's avatar
That was a great find! Love your work :D
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You both suit the characters perfectly, really nice job!
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Thank you so much~!! <3
DistantDream's avatar
Awesome job! Both of you!! Love the expressions
felixize's avatar
Ahh, gosh, thank you!! ;w;
LittleGeeky's avatar
You both looked so amazing! It really looked like you'd stepped out of the books!
Both of you look so wonderful and i hope that you cosplay these two again!
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