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Xigbar relax

Xigbar from Kingdom Hearts, for my boyfriend. :D
hope you like

Another Opencanvas piece, took about 20 minutes. Not as good as the other two but oh well, :D i just wanted to do a water effect on something and this is what came up.

Please comment and fave
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That is reaaaallly good.
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You did THIS in 20 minutes??? -dies-
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<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 this is by far the best thing I've ever seen
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O.O *Drools* OMG..... *Faints*
ninjaoreos's avatar
Ahhhhh -has major nosebleed and faints-
I love this so much >w<
NocturnalCharmer's avatar
...I love you for making this o_O
xiggysax's avatar
OH. MAI. GOSH. *faints*
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Oh... O_O
OH. Now,now...

*gathers jaw pieces from the floor*

Gosh I love this. It's been such a long time anyone did sexy Xigbar art! :love: Such a hot gaze! ;D
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I love how you paint..
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thnk you, unfortunatly my stylus is broken so i can digital paint paint for a while
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you got even better/er/er/er -envy-
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*blood drips from her nose* ... *quickly stuffs a tissue up it*

Amazing job! I love the way you illustrated the water around him, and his hair, and his eye and- *has to stuff another tissue up her nose* Great job!
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This is wonderful! I love the water affect <3
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20 minutes and such marvellous effect? I bow to your awesomness.

I really liked it. Whole work- starting from smexyness of Xigbar and ending at water reflections.
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-pants and overheats- .......i say god damn thats hot....And i still want my pic and yes im still gonna pay you -i have to get rid of my 10 dollar debt XD- -cough-
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I like the under-water effect.
Silent-nona-light's avatar
super sexy. i like! X3
Ascended-Anubis's avatar
thank you babay <3333
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