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The Sea Witch's Lament

When Ursala Began with her witchy ways, she never used to be fat and lazy... she was beautiful. lol. my inspiration, What would they look like younger, not so ugly, beauty is within the eye of the beholder.

hmmm ! :P

"Swweeeeeeet Child"
"Poor Child"

lol, i love Jetsam Flotsam.

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(awesome pic, btw. The pinky-purple-blueish tint really adds to the mood.)
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lol good job!!!

haha, thank you
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Yeah... I do wonder why the villans in those Disney movies are so ugly...
I reality some of my foes are eye candy.
felixdacat89's avatar
lol mine too... baha, but oh well i only have three foes, and im pretty sure i can beat them up anyways.
DapanChan's avatar
I have no desire to. Usually they're my foes for silly little reasons.
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=P She looks a bit like Ursula's sister Morgana from Little mermaid II ^-^

Cept still prettier xD

I like teh character Ursula.

And I like this version even more.
Love the colors! ^-^

felixdacat89's avatar
ive never seen the second one. lol. i dont like sequels to disney movies. lol
RubyMowz's avatar
tbh, there generally not as good xD

That one is pretty good though...Well, I like the songs in it anyways =P

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wowowowowowow *w* i loooooove the soft colors and lineart. just.... ::melt:: what a great picture, the figure is so subtle, and the creatures look amazing. awesome job!
felixdacat89's avatar
awww thank you so much! :P yeah, but if you read my earlier comments to others, i did a half fast job lol. but it actually turned out really nicely. I loke it and thanks for the fave!:P
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Beautiful!!! Love the colour effect :]
felixdacat89's avatar
thank you, i kind of got lazy. i was workingon it off and on for the last three day and i was like, "SCREW YOU URSALA!" and i just color gradiated the whole thing. lol it looks good though.
thank you for the fave too! :P
SilverandCold516's avatar
Wow, she really let herself go XDD

She looks beautiful in this drawing!
felixdacat89's avatar
lol, thank you. oh she had some finger sandwitches <--lol witches... haha.

thank you
SilverandCold516's avatar
ouch, That joke was so bad, I think it gave me cancer.
felixdacat89's avatar
awww, you better get some treatment! lol
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I thought "Ursula? Isn't she the 'Little Mermaid' villain? But she's so pretty!" xD
I've already saw a cartoon with a slim version of her, but she was still ugly! >_<
Great job! The eels are awesome as well!
felixdacat89's avatar
yeah lol, she is supposed to be ugly but i didnt think she would be. maybe being ugly was her diguise all the time... i mean she does have witch powers, so why should she choose to be ugly. lol
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Maybe <cliché>her badness made her ugly</cliché>...xD
If I were a cecaelia (are there male ones?) I'd be the most beautiful I could! \o/
felixdacat89's avatar
lol, i think they do, i dont see why they wouldnt. lol. i wouldnt want to be one in general. haha, i like being human, though being a dolphin would be nice.
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