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Rinoa The Sorceress

hadnt realized until now that i uploaded the blurred later as my piece. Heres the real one lol, more crisp and sharp for your eyes :P

Rinoa Heartilly
for my fangame im creating in RPG Maker XP

Finally i friggin uploaded a picture lol.
(also trying my basic style with lines, mixed with painting)

In my game (since everything went back and into the past and since rinoa just dreamed it all) there was no Sorceress wars after Adel was frozen in Lunar. Thus Rinoa became the guardian sorceress and protects Galbadia. Not as much as protect, more like be a spokeperson of peace and makes appearances around the world. :P. But after finding out that she is being targeted by some unknown force, she goes into hiding in her mansion and locked herself in her room.

:D but sneaks out and dressed down so no one would recognize her. lol and shes joins up with Kris at some point in the game. Happy days!

Please comment

Art (c) Me
Rinoa Heartilly and Final Fantasy is (c) SquareEnix Soft Square whateverSOFT lol.
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Really unique take. I like this a lot.
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I like the sleeves on her gown, kind of like fish scales. It's pretty!
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It's quite lovely. And blue. :3
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looks like you put alot of thought into this
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Hahaha, I also make RPG on RPG maker XP, but I cant finish any story of the game, I kept focusing on the Battle system / Game System... hahaha

I started to love Final Fantasy when my friend introduced me to FFVIII, I then bought my 1st PS1 and played the game. Hmmm, I always wonder what Rinoa looks like when she's a Sorceress... hmmmm
felixdacat89's avatar
lol yeah me too.ive made it to where its a sideview battle with nice little figthing animaitons and animated stances and looks really sweet. but as far as the backgrounds and whatnot, im making them all myself. haha

VIII is my favorite one so thats why i wanted to make a sequel. And rinoa is hardcore!
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Amazing. I love it, I love the design and everything. Her dress looks lovely. <3

Makes me want to go replay ff8 again!
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aww thank you, this is her without all the extras attached, like her full headpiece, some cool armor, and her pinwheel. :P which actually arent pinwheels like she had before, they are like fans that she whips and then the pin wheels shoot out. :P also thanks for the watchback, i lvoe metal gear so you're amazing
Floreyn's avatar
The concept is very interesting, I can imagine this being IN-GAME. I really like the design, it stays to the character, but with a twist. ;]
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HELLS YEA! Epic Rin! --I mean, Epic Win! :D
Looks just like her! And I love that dress~!
"Guardian Sorceress of Galbadia" has a nice ring to it. Is her father still a general? Is Julia still dead?
felixdacat89's avatar
Lol thank you thank you
It does have a nice ring to it.

Her father is still a general but the army isnt bad, since the wars arent in place (yet)
Julia is still dead because she died before the beginning of thee game so yeah unfortunately
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So, basically, everything that had happened before the game has still happened, plus a few extra things? Like that Rin received her Sorceress powers earlier and Selphie is an Instructor á la Quistis?
felixdacat89's avatar
Good job, because of how time went backwards, to the beginning Rin still obtained her power through the future, thus returning to the past, no one remembers anything but events that followed were different because of ultimicias non existance to coming and possessing people in the past. :)

and since selphie never had to transfer shes still at Trabia, which stands firm and healthy
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Very interesting! :D Can't wait to see more of it.
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Wow, i really love the clothes you created, and she's really pretty :)
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Amazing work :)
I'm a real HUGE Final Fantasy fan I have a slight obsession with FFVIII :lol:
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Thank you thank you :P
Um me to sir, hence why im making a final fantasy game...and not only a final fantasy game, FINAL FANTASY VIII! its my fave out of them all and i soooo wish they would remake it, that would be totally hardcore
XPaintTheStarsX's avatar
:XD: :highfive:
Final Fantasy VIII is the greatest. I have many thing from the game (Squalls necklace, ring etc...)
I'd say no to a remake. It wouldn't have the same feeling and value if they did!
Its old skool. Its a classic :XD:
felixdacat89's avatar
yeah i get what you mean from a remake, itd just be hardcoew if they did it exactly the same with better graphics you know
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ah! nice pic, so pretty!
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