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Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII
my favorite in the final fantasy series because of its twisted space/time technologically advanced world :D
woh doesnt love flying military schools and time traveling witches?!

This was for my friend Puff!
hope you like it >_<
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Favorite FF as well (tho, in story I think X beats VIII, Idk, I love both too much to pick one XD). Rinoa is one of my fav FF chars :3~ She looks gorgeous (and aware of it!) and powerful. Amazing job, specially with the eyes and hair <3
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Lol yeah i like X also, the end made me cry, i think as far as a romance X beats VIII, but as far as story and an overall game VIII wins it for me.

Rinoa is hardcore and i think she knows it lol. Especially if she can dream a whole thing in her head >_< lol. I wanted to give heer a more "knowing" mature look if that makes sense. Im making a VIII sequel in RPG maker lol. And she is hardcore in it and the time witch in its fullest form, but a nice one.
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She has this.... Gabrielle-esque flair in her eyes (Gabrielle from Xena) which i really like... though I thing a little bit more definition to them would have improved this effekt.
As I am a fan of contrasts... playing with these... blurry-defined pattern a bit more... god I would have loved that ^^

I really really like that you kinda took away her... innocence ^^ just because of the way, her eyes turned out!! Good work!!
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lol Xena...

Yeah i wanted her to look more mature. Im planning on making a sequel fan game in RPG maker. And in it shes the time witch, (a good one though) but seeing as she is a witch it makes her a more mature person and not as happy. lol. Bbut still happy.
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FFVIII was my fav too. And Rinoa looks beautiful here!!
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You're doing so well with the new style. :) I love it.
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