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Razer TF

I was inspired by :icondrawingkuma:'s TF pictures..

:D :D :D
Razer is EPPIC WIN!
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I haven';t seen this in forever. Realy well done. i love it
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ill say, ur pretty good if youve just started up anthro stuff man. not a bad char either...sure. hey, idk if ur into werewolves all that much or not but if u are u ought to giv my gallery a look around. im not a digital media person and i have alot of basic lineart but some of my more detailed work may interest you.
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thank you so much, your art is amazing. i know what you mean about doing art in pencil, if i could like have an easier way to transfer my pencil drawings in to the computer i so would, but i dont like scanners. lol
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lol the whole not liking scanners is a bit of a problem. are they just too much work 4 u? or have you just not found one that scans well? cuz the one ive got is super easy to work with. thx for the compliment btw.:)
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lol. its kinda a combination of both. i really like drawing on the computer digitally though but i like the smoothness of a pencil, and its so hard to replicate on the computer. lol. but yeah, i just dont like scanners for some reason. I find all the flaws in m drawings when i scan them in that i couldnt see right there. and sometimes it looks to messy.

Oh no prob. you're quite talented
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yeah, i dont mind my scanner except for when it picks up sligh smudges on lineart or when it puts those weird ass white edges on my pics...i had done a dgigtal coloring on one of my lineart images and it was coming along ok but then my COMP got a virus rape from te software i used to make it so i think my dad cleared the program from the comp and that means i wont be finishing it. oh well. if thats the case ill upload it any way ><
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