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Zecora is watching somepony

By Felix-KoT
Original (reference) screenshot and other info here: [link]

Zecora from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic © Hasbro & Lauren Faust
Has been used Zecora Color Guide by *kefkafloyd
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© 2011 - 2021 Felix-KoT
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Would it be possible for you to add a downloadable source file (SVG, AI, etc.)? :)
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I used your work in a fan art.
I hope I can.
I put a link to your image.
If you do not want.
I will remove the image.
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sorry, I should have asked before.
But to show you that I had mentioned, I first posted fan art.
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She seems to be enjoying herself.
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I use to preffer the 80s version of MLP but this one is totally cool
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Please do not take me for a creep,
But I like to watch you while you sleep.
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she is not the best pony (she is a zebra) but i say shes the best zebra (so far we dont know if hasbro puts in zecoras family soon)
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There's some blue stuff on the corner of her eye.
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It's eye highlight
Ever notice how every episode that features Zecora is automatically awesome?

Zecora is best pony.
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What program do you use?
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Adobe Illustrator CS5
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