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TLK Mufasa

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Mufasa from the Disney's the Lion King in more realistic style. Hopefully he is a bit recognizable :)
I thought to draw some of the lions from the Lion King, still one of my favourite movies.
I had planned to do the others as well, will see how much time I have and what I get done.
Suggestions for improvement are welcome

Art by me, character by Disney.
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This looks really good!
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Time for a late comment... but damn, I love this - I always liked Mufasa more than Simba for some reason, I think it's a shame he wasn't in it more but then that's obvious due to the storyline...
Of course Scar will always have a favourite place for me ("dark" and "underdog" figure with brains and an epic voice and sharp lines? Am I biased? 8'D), but Mufasa deserves more love in fan art I think...

I absolutely LOVE your interpretation of him, keeping his distinct features like his sturdy build and heavy chin, but of course giving him a more realistic look with more detailed fur and anatomy, and your trademark epic shading and lighting...

I must say that I strongly disagree that his mane isn't red enough - it's already much more red than an average male lion would be, and I think the level of saturation is just about right to fit with the lighting in this image, and still not push too far beyond the realms of realism to be believable, but still recognisable. 
Since you plan to draw some others, I think I'd most look forward to Zira and Sarabi if you plan to draw them...
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Yeah true! Strange enough...I kinda like all characters. And that's rare. Usually I don't like the heroes so much.
But yeah it's actually really funny to think about how they would look. I'm actually mostly looking forward to do Kovu and Nuka (I've always had a soft spot for Nuka).

And yeah I try to og a little beyond true realism to show the character, but not too far to look cartoony.
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Indeed! And I kinda feel similarly - I have those I prefer but I didn't particularly dislike anyone - and yeah, usually I'm not a huge fan of heroes, I think they often feel rather flat and unoriginal in many cases or seem too perfect.
And yeah - also woo! I'm so glad you're doing Nuka, I think he often gets overlooked or underappreciated and I have a kinda soft spot for him too. 

Yeah, I see that and really like it - I think I'd describe them not so much as pure realism, but you make them look "believable" - not identical to real lions, but enough that they look functional and as if you could imagine seeing them in person! Looking forward to your take on the others when you get around to it...
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That reminded me of an older work you made waaaay back when we still didn't know each other (and I was still intimidated to approach and talk to you, lol XD ). I know you like Scar more, but I mean.... this is also brilliant. Again an excellent blend between the original and your unique style. Definitely looks like Mufasa, just much more realistic. I love it.
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Wow! Flott bildet :heart:
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He may not be a blazing redhead, but I think I like this version of realistic Mufasa. I love how you made him natural without making him over the top and...well golden lions are rare (and really they are actually red lions who look gold than the typical tawny). It makes me exasperated to see so many Simba clones with the golden-fur and red manes...and they are always the good guys. 
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AMAZING! I don't really have enough words for your work, it's always breathtaking and so intricately detailed I could stare at the same piece for hours and not get bored. Stunning!!
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I'm normally not a big fan of art of cartoon characters being drawn to be more realistic because I feel like the things that made the design unique are lost.  However, this one is pretty nice because I feel like you still managed to capture the face and regal personality of the character.  On the other hand, I do wish that the mane were a bit redder and he were a bit stockier (he's pretty heavyset in the movie).  Overall, good job!
FelisGlacialis's avatar
Thanks for the feedback! That is good to hear - and yes I do agree there. That's why I try to stay rather close to the original design. However, I also try to stay as much as possible within the species limit, and Mufasa's mane were far too red for existing lions. I've already made them unrealisticly red. But I can maybe make the mane a bit heavier :)
I think the lionesses Sarabi, Nala and Kiara will be quite a challenge to draw typical...Zira and Vitani might be easier.
SilviaTheCaralioness's avatar
That's understandable.
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Ah he looks SO amazing! :love: He really does look noble and watchful here as is characteristic of him, and also a deep care in his eyes...the weight of his responsibility as ruler of the Pride lands...I can feel that in his gaze there. :heart: Also the cool blue/grey background is a nice contrast to his warm gold colors, soft light and warm...very much like him. Absolutely fabulous piece of the beloved Mufasa! :heart:
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Thankies!! That's really good what you describe there...I'm happy that that came across! I think the next one would be Sarabi. Just have to see when I start that. Busy times ahead and I should also pick up ToM again...
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*hehehe, stalking - though not so stealthy*
Would LOVE to see you draw Sarabi, always liked her and found she was overlooked - tbh I prefer Sarabi and Mufasa to Simba... (though I do like Nala, at least how she was in the first film)
Found her design both pretty but also mature and powerful-looking and not overly "feminised" - a proper lioness, hehe. 
So I'm sure I'd love your take on her! ^^
FelisGlacialis's avatar
Lol! Yeah I've always liked the look of Sarabi very much. I think she's a very elegant lioness. For one of the rare reasons I do love all characters in TLK..even the heroes O.o. That's rare for me XD
But yeah will have to see how much time I have. Might make a sketch tonight if the other art goes according to plan.
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Haha, yeah! I agree there, I think she seems very dignified, and I also LOVE how in TLK they didn't go too crazy with designs but each had subtle facial features instead of sameface syndrome, haha. And yeah, often I tend to be biased there as well, but I think TLK is one of those films where even the characters that aren't just as high on your favourites are still loved. ^^ But then it was a really stand-out film I think, even if as you say I agree that it's not accurate to lion society (but then being based on Hamlet, it kinda couldn't be. :'D)
And ooooh, nice! I'm still a bit dead with art, urgh, but hopefully I find the on-switch again soon...
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This is stunning and really like REALLY realistic.I'm ın love with it Llama Emoji-39 (Eager) [V2] 
FelisGlacialis's avatar
Thanks! Will do the others as well - if I find the time XD
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I find this very satisfying to look at and I don't know why.
I really like this
And your other works

I just love how realistic and detailed this is
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