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On Thursday the 7th of May 2020 at 9.43 pm Dutch time…my ‘wondercat' Nintu let out the last breath of his life here…
He died naturally on my brother’s lap with his feline friend Neo nearby. He was born the 26th of August 2006 and got 13 and 8 months old.

See here why we call him the wonder cat:

Wondercat by FelisGlacialis I need you by FelisGlacialis Black Magic Neo and Nintu by FelisGlacialis Nintu the Wondercat by Sibera-the-Wanderer Chasing the Stars by Sibera-the-Wanderer
And here - but for some reason the thumbnail doesn't work

He has gone through a lot in his life and has looked Death in the eyes many times…Several times we heard from vets “is that cat still alive?!” Yes he survived…again...but I knew the time to move on would come at some point…and probably earlier for him than for most cats…because he lived his life the fullest and didn’t shy away for adventures and risks. He had an untamable curiosity, was fearless and had an unstoppable hunger for adventures. A quote from Metallica fits him very well; "the brightest Flame burns quickest". Given his several near death experiences, adventurous life and as a consequence his sometimes failing health , I can say…he died of old age - nearly 14.

See the other deviations for more details but I will give a bit of a summary. He was lost for 2 weeks in summer 2015 but found the way back on his own. Then he disappeared again in summer 2016 but now he was gone for nearly 4 weeks and had ended up in another town (he probably jumped in a car because of his bold curiosity). If it wasn’t for a very caring lady who found him and picked him up, he would have died there, miserably. On the day that he was found he weighed only 2kg and barely made it through the night on the intensive care in the hospital. But he recovered and despite his fluctuating health due to chronic kidney infection, he lived happily for 4 more years.

I have peace with his passing but will still terribly miss him. I couldn’t even be there since I live in Norway and Nintu lived with my parents in the Netherlands. Actually, I should have been there; I had booked a flight for the end of April until early May, but that got cancelled due the virus crap.

Still…Farewells hurt…a lot. I’m grieving and in sorrow yet I know…his bright shining soul is all right and ready for the next adventure. My thoughts are with my other cat Neo, Nintu's best feline friend, who is left behind. Neo had stayed at Nintu’s side until the very end. But he is strong and will be ok with all the love that my parents and brothers can give him – and me too once I’m in the Netherlands again… 

The wondercat has left wonderful memories behind and showed us how he fully lived his Life and made several miraculous returns against all odds. May he always be the wondercat. 

Some photos of him and his friend Neo through their lives:

Some videos of Nintu & Neo
Neo & Nintu just walking: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WijY9t…
Neo & Nintu just walking:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yhaw9…

Neo & Nintu play fighting in a box: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M40s4…
A VERY happy talking Nintu after his first miraculous return in 2015 www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkyWic…

Some music that I associate with Nintu:
His miraculous returns in 2015 & 2016: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJZf4c…
How I feel his soul: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsvUHG…

And how he passed on: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOwZI9…

Art by me. Don't copy/use without my permission
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segura2112Student Digital Artist

:love: !!! Thank You and congrats on the DD.

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WolfieInTheWillowHobbyist General Artist
It looks like an oriental shorthair kitty😍
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BeckyKidusHobbyist Traditional Artist


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LindArtzHobbyist Digital Artist

A gorgeous artwork, for a beautiful animal!! We can all learn a lot from him, - he knew How to live! We only get one life, people; let this wonderful kitty teach us. :heart: !!!

Congratulations on your well Earned, DD!! :clap: !!!

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FractaldragonProfessional Artisan Crafter

That is beautiful. Congrats on the DD!

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JEart94Hobbyist Digital Artist

That is fantastic!

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Tinselfire General Artist

Stay strong.

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SeelenlichtHobbyist General Artist
I'm very sorry for your loss... He sounds like a great cat and he had a great, exciting live with you and your parents. And this is a beautiful tribute to him. It looks like he reaches out so something new and unknown and yet the image feels peaceful and calm and altough somehow a bit playful / like he is playing with those stars. It fits your description of him. It seems like he always sought the adventure and this is just another step to the next big one. His body could not keep up with his soul any longer... I can imagine he is excited of what lies in front of him.

But even when one knows that, it's still so hard to loose them... it's just not the same as having them around.
Your images and your writing speak of your love to him, and that he could pass on with his best friend next to him in his known surroundings is worth so mich. I'm sorry that you could not be with him...

And this also brings tears to my eyes, as I lost Gino, my cat in January too, it hurts even tough I know that letting him go was the right thing. But I still want to feel him close to me once more...
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FelisGlacialis General Artist

I'm really sorry to hear about Gino...I hope he reached at least a decent age and had a good life?

Thanks...yes, especially once we let him outside, his wellbeing improved a lot. He had stress issues as an indoor/garden cat but that vanished completely once he was free. The steep cost was that he got lost twice and that he lived shorter due to that...but it was worth the adventures and Freedom that he got in return. Now I believe that Stian guides him well in the world beyond.

I'm still grieving and processing the loss even though I will never remember him with sadness, only with joy.

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ShadowTheDragonWolfHobbyist General Artist
A truly beautiful tribute, Nintu's soul radiating with Life and looking ready to start a new journey beyond the stars.
FelisGlacialis's avatar
FelisGlacialis General Artist

Thanks! indeed - may Stian guide him well...

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10animallover10Hobbyist Writer
I'm sorry for your loss :( He sounds like a great cat. 
FelisGlacialis's avatar
FelisGlacialis General Artist

Thanks. Yes he was...he had quite a special personality that always got him in trouble ;P

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S0mbreroHobbyist Digital Artist
FelisGlacialis's avatar
FelisGlacialis General Artist

....I think that his soul is ok...

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CritteronimoHobbyist General Artist

Really Sad Rest in peace Nintu the Wondercat

So sorry for your loss and what a beautiful painting for him, such an awesome tribute

FelisGlacialis's avatar
FelisGlacialis General Artist


Yeah that's how I remember him and still see him - ready for the next adventure

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May he rest in peace .He was indeed a wonder cat

FelisGlacialis's avatar
FelisGlacialis General Artist

Yeah indeed...he may already be on the next adventure

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SketchMonster1Professional Digital Artist
Gorgeous - reaching for the stars beyond. Beautiful tribute and sorry for your loss. Incredible work.
FelisGlacialis's avatar
FelisGlacialis General Artist

Thanks - indeed ^^

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Shade-the-AshClad General Artist
  :hug: Glowing, wonderful tribute.
FelisGlacialis's avatar
FelisGlacialis General Artist

Thanks! indeed -purrrs-

He should be remembered like this and not with sadness

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BeckyKidusHobbyist Traditional Artist
A stunning tribute of a very special cat...
I am sorry for your loss. But I also see the... new Life in this. He lived his life to the fullest, and now he's off to new adventures. Reaching out for them, even, with bright eyes.
As for the technical - the colors, the lighting - all wonderfully done.
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