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Felines vs Canines tutorial - Phylogeny + Anatomy


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The third tutorial in the tutorial series about Felines & Canines. This time quite in depth. I have tried to explain most of the technical terms, but if there are any terms or muscle/bone names that you don't know, just look them up on wikipedia/google or ask me in a comment ^^. Also - keep in mind that there are many muscle-charts and sometimes even mounted skeletons that are quite off. I have used mostly verterinary books, life references (and X-rays), two good anatomy books for artists as references (see below) and my biology study-books. Anyway - I hope that this is helpful!

See here the other tutorials in the series

I really recomment the following book if you want to study non-human animal anatomy in detail:
- An Atlas of Animal Anatomy by W.Ellenberger, H.Dittrich and H.Baum.
- Animal Anatomy for Artists - Elements of Form by Eliot Goldfinger
I would also recommend to visit your local university library and search for veterinary anatomy books. These tend to be very accurate.

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Found this while I was looking for animal paw references and DANG!! This is absolutely incredible?? Thank you so much for making this + your other anatomy references as well!! Definitely going to implementing a lot of what I learned in future works! Genuinely made my week :love: