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Oz by Felis-Licht Oz by Felis-Licht
I am reminded of a Pokemon :O_o: Ah, if only...

I call this guy Oz. Another otherworld creature. Isn't he cute? :meow:

His name can be pronounced as either " AH-z" or "O-Oz"

Onsu オンス

Oz is a creature of the otherworld, a monster born from the negative thoughts, emotions, and desires of humans. They reside in the otherworld (space) and aren’t viewable by normal means. Many of his kind lack any sense of moral or emotions. These creatures feed primarily on humans and can kill without remorse for their actions.
Unlike most of the otherworld creatures, Oz appears to act like a fairly normal person; he is capable of expressing emotions and able to reason. He cares about everyone and offers advice when asked. He appears to love interesting people and loves the thrill of an adventure. While he isn't very strong himself, he has the ability to fade out of existence and from others' eyes at will to avoid detection.
However, no one in the otherworld seems to even know him. When asked, no answer can be given. And if Oz meets one of his kin, they are unable to really understand him due to being human-like.
However, he seems to be a powerful figure. He has certain "connections" to the otherworldly phenomenon known only as Libel of Shiru (lit. Slander of Shiru). A godly otherworld creature and probably the most powerful one, next to another named Hartmann.
Oz is first agent serving the phenomenon, making him the strongest of the 12 agents. He mostly takes up the job of being a messenger from Libel of Shiru to the other agents, assigning them various tasks.

Texture © ~cgarofani
Oz is © ~Fulishagirl
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January 31, 2013
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