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Really needed to get that old journal out of the way, but there wasn't much to update with tbh ^^;

Still job hunting with not much luck :/ but I have been making some arrangements to start commissions at least.

It'll cost money rather than points because I need to put bread on the table (but I might have a points price to be fair or something idk), and while I won't under price myself, my time and effort doesn't come cheap.

I have some ideas of what I am willing to draw, such as lineless style and even ink pieces, along with slightly leaning on the edge of doing Madoka Witch commissions since I have been asked about it in the past. The latter would cost more though since it's very specific and requires a lot more time and effort. I am open to some suggestions though if people are interested in me drawing something of theirs in a particular style. I'm even willing to do humans, just don't expect it to be perfectly animu ;p

Some stuff's been put on hold in order to focus more on IRL, but opening commissions here would be a small step in the right direction to get something done.

Once I price myself and get things set up, I'll post a new journal and a prices page~
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I'm just a person who loves to draw whatever I please. I learn new things everyday in hopes of getting better and better each day in the world of art.

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Reference: .:Fulisha:.
Name: Fulisha

Species: Aeon

Gender: Female

Abilities: Manipulation and alteration of light and heat, transformation

An aeon that lives within the material world, far from her standard home: the Pleroma.

She is the remains of the aeon Sophia, who fell from the Pleroma after creating that which should not have been born: the Demiurge, and with it the material world. Because of this error, she fell from the Pleroma and became trapped in the world below, unable to escape.

As years passed within her birdcage of watching the world grow and events unfold before her, she grew to pity the lifeless beings her creation made and gave up divine sparks of herself to them in hopes of giving them the chance to realize themselves and find the Pleroma she fell from. After giving up so much of herself, all that remained was her personality and sense of self, which she too gave away. She gave them to the 7 archons that served the Demiurge out of pity of their lack of ego. In doing so, she no longer had a spark to give to the Demiurge, who remained as a delusional and incomplete being.

She only had a tiny spark of herself remaining, one that was much too small to be of any use. This was simply an "ideal". Nothing remained of Sophia; all that was left was a being who was a mirror image of what she once was. Even her memories and name were lost once more time passed.

While she no longer knew who she was, the tiny spark left within her gave her a new sense of being who came to now call herself Fulisha.

Ability: She has the ability to manipulate and alter aspects of light and heat. Since she is a light-based being and still has a spark of herself left, she can control the light in the current world she is in. This power can be drawn from natural sources, as well as artificial ones such as street lights. Indications of her presence are all lighting sources being brighter and hotter than normal.
She weakens when night falls and may have to resort to using mostly artificial lights to use her powers (though her strength is halved considerably.)

Warm to the touch, but her body is like glass due to being an avatar (as aeons do not have physical forms); it's so fragile that if she is fatally hurt, her entire body will shatter into pieces. But she can't die, her body will only be destroyed. As a result, she will be formless and unable to interact with the world for awhile. She can still be heard however if she speaks. Aeons can be killed, but while they are on Earth and in a physical form, they are immortal and can regenerate their physical forms over time and without limit.

As the archons dislike aeons and any instances of the Pleroma, they actively render Fulisha invisible to the world. But certain people who are aware of the archons and other aspects may be able to perceive, hear and feel her.

She can take on other forms other than that of a human; one being a small, winged cat and the other being a large constellation.

Personality: Very distant and blunt about what's on her mind, seemingly unable to notice when she's hurt someone emotionally. She doesn't do so intentionally, she just has difficulty in expressing empathy. She has no malicious intent in her heart, only curiosity in the world and humans around her of whom she wants to understand.
She fears being alone due to being that way since the beginning, and change as anything that shakes up her status quo frightens her into thinking she will cease to exist.

My baby~ ;o; I originally created her back around 2003? 2006? when I was between elementary and middle school (somewhere around that point but I'm not sure exactly where). That'd make Fulisha around maybe 15 years old since I created her. And now look where she's at. Fulisha's the only character of mine that has stayed pretty consistent throughout the years and one of the few I refuse to let go. I just love her too much, she's my baby damn it. The only baby I'll ever have.

Fun fact: I have absolutely no idea where her name comes from. I just made it up one day. I guess it derives from Felicia/Alicia. I originally wanted something starting with a "C" because I thought the letter looked cool. But somehow I got Fulisha. :T

This current human design is a slight edit of my inktober piece; I just flipped the lace bow piece to the back so it looks less retarded. It's kinda hard to keep Fulisha unique since the whole "young blonde girl with blue eyes in a white dress" is overused to hell. I don't want to add too much but I don't want her to look too overly simple and typical.

What makes her identifiable as an aeon is the fact that her pupils are white and her human body lacks "features" (basically she has Barbie Doll anatomy.) She also doesn't bleed.
Reference: .:Kalpaeon:.
Name: Kaplaeon

Species: Archon

Gender: Female

Abilities: Manipulation of time, fate and frequencies

A powerful archon who serves as the Demiurge's right hand, the left being the archon of death. Her job is maintaining the time and fate of everything in the material world.

Archons are beings created to serve Demiurge and take control of the material world and everything in it. They maintain their reality, hiding other beings from the existence of the Pleroma and the aeons above. While there are many, many lesser archons that work on smaller details, there are 7 that are "god-like" and oversee the various concepts of reality and everyday life.

The 7 head archons, while distinct, are multifaceted beings that are more of a force of nature than an individual deity. They are an amalgamation of the idea of a concept. In Kalpaeon's case, she is an amalgamation of everything in relation to time and fate. All the words, pictures and symbols, along with various deities that came about in humanity's attempt at understanding it. In essence she can be both (for example) The Fates (all three) and Chronos at once. She is a manifestation of the hours of daytime and nighttime, and everything in-between such as a moment and a second.

While Kalpaeon shouldn't have a set form nor individuality, all of the 7 archons do as a result of the aeon that gave birth to their creator. This aeon, Sophia, had originally created the Demiurge as the result of an error, and with it fell to the newly created imperfect, material world. Pitying the lifeless creations of her error, Sophia gave up divine sparks of herself in hopes that they may escape that world and join the Pleroma above. She even gave up the remaining sparks of her personality to the 7 archons, which lead to them developing individuality and eventually a form.

Kalpaeon was the one who received her whimsy.

The result gave her her current form and awareness of her being. But even with that spark, Kalpaeon could do little in this imperfect world with an imperfect creator. Anything beyond this world is simply out of her power, and to leave it could potentially bring the wrath of her master. So all she does is stand by as the world continues onward, though she discreetly and slightly alters her own home's fate in hopes of eventually breaching the material world and seeing the Pleroma and its aeons for the first time.

Archons under her form the Bibliotheca, a sort of bureau that maintains timelines and frequencies of other universes to up hold the status quo created by the Demiurge. While she can fix any minor issues that arise, lately a certain individual had been messing with her work to the point of overwhelming her. She developed a curiosity of this being and sought to capture them in order to learn more about them.

Ability: She essentially controls time and fate with little to no effort. She can cross timelines and boundaries between moments of time if need be, or even alter them for a desired result. She can stop time and even advance it at any speed. Kalpaeon herself is unaffected by the effects of time and fate, remaining the same no matter what.
Her fate ability works like so; for every progression there is a setback, for every fall there is a rise. All luck and all misfortune are equally distributed. Even if she actively makes something good happen, something bad happens in return that can never be prevented, and vice versa.
While it is possible for other beings to have some of the same abilities, Kalpaeon can prevent them from working against her since she is technically the source of it.

Personality: As she has Sophia's whimsy, her personality can be summed up as this. She is very carefree and graceful as though everything is right in the world. Concerns are non-existent and everyday is an entertaining drama for her to manipulate and watch unfold. She doesn't make people suffer out of any particular malice, but because it is supposed to happen. But she is still an archon, which is known to toy with their power and sometimes be cruel for amusement due to lacking morality. She is a lot more friendlier, polite and kind than most, but she may chose to be less so in spurs of the moment on a whim for no reason. She often enjoys teasing people or pulling small pranks.

Very cordial with everyone and prefers to be referred to as "The Lady" by her agents in the bureau (and when any agent refers to her to outsiders, she is called "My Lady". While anyone can be disrespectful to her, she doesn't take it very lightly and has been known to deal punishment to those who continue to be crude.

Has a fascination with the strange and desires to study anything abnormal from what she knows. The agents Silva and Rue, along with the being plaguing her known as Enigma are her current fascinations.

Lady of time~

Her name comes from kalpa, which is a time cycle of a "moment" specific to Hindu/Buddhist cosmology. Combined with the word aeon (which can mean both an incredibility long period of time and aeons from Gnosticism), her name is essentially supposed to mean a moment of a long period of time.

But it was chosen by her because a kalpa can also mean an aeon of time, and it is combined with the gnostic meaning of aeon; in short she is basically named "aeon aeon" as a way of trying to be like them despite being an archon lol

Kalpaeon's original name when I first created her was Emerald because of her hair color and because it sounded nice. But I opted for something different and meaningful since she's a goddess. It's really difficult to make unique and meaningful names :faint:

Some part of her personality and design took inspiration from Yukari Yakumo from Touhou because I like those types of characters :iconcolongreaterthanplz: dark, beautiful and mysterious.

She even has her own sigil~ Her outfit takes inspiration from gears and was based off of a similar one from a website that had it a long time ago.
The more I let loose my worries and just draw random outfit designs for my characters, the better I get at designing and being comfortable with what I make, even if it's shitty. It will get better. I just gotta keep working at it, even if it means drawing a little something everyday.
Reference: .:Enigma:.
Name: ?̰ͤ͆̄ͦ͆̂̈̂͜͟͠ ̸̱̼̦͈̭͈̞̑͊ͧͥͅ¿̧̼̩̳̗͋ͯ̆͋̈́̕ ̶͉̠̠̺̭͉͎̇̊͐ͧ̓͗̽̚͝ͅ?̏̎̂̒̒̀̀̚̕҉̭̰̞͔̩̬ͅ ̷̺̘̒͊ͬͤͯ͡¿̻̳̃̏̓͊ ͉ͫ̽ͦ̇̎͐̅?̵͔͇̪͚̝̭̈͗̿ ̗̟͈͉ͧ̒?̸̛̥̗̠͎̼̤͎͌ ̧̯̙̫͉͚̱̽́̓ͩ͆ͫ?̆̊ͩͪ̀ͧ̋̚͏̦̣̙̯̪͉̯͇͇

Species: ??¿¿ (Unknown) (?¿)

: Male

Ability: Absolutely Anything (the power of the absolute)

An unknown being who (according to some) could be said to represent the very aspect of the unknown. A something that just...exists, and interacts with the whole of the universe and worlds within it.

His true name is ?¿?¿???, but after gaining a face and immense power with it he sealed off that name as it revealed his original identity. Thus absolutely no one can say, write or even think of the name. No one really knows what would happen if one were to somehow have the knowledge of what the name is, but it certainly wouldn't be very pleasant.

For now he goes by a number of different monikers out of necessity and amusement. The most common one he is known by is "Enigma" (and a rarer variant is "Niels"...for some reason.) And other times he takes other peoples' names, whether they actually exist in the current world he is in or not. It makes no difference to Enigma really; a name to him is simply something to refer to him by when he's around. Otherwise, you wouldn't refer to him at all because he wouldn't exist nor be known in the world.

Enigma's origins aren't exactly clear, but what is currently known about him is...bizarre, by just about anyone's standards. A certain few who have interacted with him theorize the following; Enigma is heavily believed to have been an aeon that resided in the Pleroma, but lacked a face and couldn't be felt nor heard by any other or the world around him. He simply "existed" but didn't exist.

All alone, Enigma had no interest in anything else and simply ignored that which existed. This resulted in him having a rather detached view and distaste of everything. When an aeon named Sophia fell into error and created the material world, Enigma's curiosity was only slightly piqued at such a spectacle shaking up the stats quo. So it was a surprise to him when he decided to gaze upon the newly created material world...

And find another being below that looked right back at him. Something that couldn't understand what exactly it was looking at, but looked directly at Enigma nonetheless. This being was the Demiurge.

Something then changed within Enigma, something that spurred desire for this vile beast that should not have been born. He grew to lust over the Demiurge. Wanting to see and interact with them, get their attention. Anything. They had to meet. But in order to actually enter the material world, Enigma had to "become material" himself. Exist fully.

His desires were so strong that he "absorbed" parts of the Pleroma itself and made his "face", gaining immense power in the process. He ended up tossing himself out of the Pleroma and fell into the material world, baffling the aeons who came to notice him and the archons below who had to deal with him.

Another theory says he is an archon instead, and actively causes massive destruction and misery to humans in Demiurge's name in order to gain love and approval to rise above his subordinates. A third claims he was created as a result of the Demiurge's birth, whether it be because Demiurge was created by Sophia as a nothing that didn't belong or Demiurge itself created him because they knew nothing in the beginning.

None of these theories are fully accepted as no archons were ever aware of him (but find him highly fascinating and seek to capture him to learn more), and the idea of there being a "non-existent" in the Pleroma with no syzygy is considered farcical. Being created at the same time as the Demiurge or being their creation isn't entirely out of the question, but still doesn't make much sense exactly considering his actions and personality.

Whatever the case, it is apparent that Enigma hasn't managed to get Demiurge's attention and love after he appeared. Maybe because he was unrecognizable now with a form, or perhaps Demiurge preferred their self made creations (e.g. humans and the material in general) as apposed to something not completely understandable to them now.

With that, Enigma had his sights set on getting the Demiurge's attention, and to do that he actively interferes with and causes chaos in their various creations where he simply doesn't belong and isn't wanted. Doing immoral and unacceptable things that goes against the archon's order and gets them involved if the damage is significant enough, which in turn would (theoretically) make Demiurge take action and acknowledge that Enigma exists and interact with him.

He often has his eyes set on lives, people and/or objects that had a tightly woven fate in their respective worlds' frequency. This being inserted himself into their lives, making himself known to them and getting their attention instead of the task a hand. He joined ranks of good and evil, then proceeded to trick another into doing their bidding. He killed innocents who were never meant to die and elongated the lifespan of hopeless and evil individuals, or even ended them too early.
Sometimes he revived them for a laugh more than 1,000 times and told them how many times they've had the same conversation during his visit. Other times he gained others' love and later gained their hatred or fear. He craved attention in order to be acknowledged. And all of these actions were done in seemingly meaningless, random whims in order to serve his absolute goal of getting his beloved's attention. Anything goes after all.

Besides, no one (beings heavily rooted to the material world that is) could really stop something like Enigma, who was nothing more than a incurable virus that spreads like wildfire once he got to work. And he relished in the fact he could get away with any of these things (or for added insanity, undo things and repeat or alter them again if he wanted). If he didn't get his beloved's attention, then he simply left for another world and frequency to try again. Once Enigma leaves, everyone will involuntarily forget everything about him instantly as if he was never there (but his effects remain and become unexplained.) A nickname and face is forgotten, a photo would be cut off, and audio of his voice would turn into silence. Absolutely no trace of Enigma would exist.

Personality: He is insane and unpredictable. Quirky and fickle. Very carefree, loves to troll others and play around like a child. He is never really worried nor surprised about anything, though he can be caught off guard by someone who is extremely unpredictable like himself.

He's also flirty, especially in his ever-so-polite tone of voice; anything he says tends to sound like he is trying to come on to others. His overall gestures and mannerisms make him appear very seductive and effeminate. But he isn't simply doing it to say he's interested in someone that way; he mainly uses it as a form of intimidation, especially against the same sex. People he is particularly "interested" in tend to be the object of his "affection".

Enigma is calm even in dire situations and rarely gets angry. When he is, he becomes very aggressive and abusive to the point of outright injuring someone to near death. Ignoring Enigma is said to upset him, and continuing to do so makes him leave that world (though not without a few attempts at pissing others off such as causing destruction or attempting to provoke others with insults.) The only way to stop him from doing damage is to not let him interfere with anything and/or give him attention. Fighting and talking to him only encourages his actions and behavior. He absolutely hates being treated as if he doesn't exist.

Speaks truthfully, but intentionally makes his words vague and less detailed in order to manipulate others. Because of his power, he is able to accurately predict fated outcomes and the personality traits and responses people make towards given situations.

Overall though, Enigma is very apathetic when it comes to everyone he meets. Despite his interest in others, he ultimately doesn't care for anyone unless they serve as a tool to his goals. To Enigma, humans are toys that he will use and break into nothing. His needs out weigh the needs of many, or all in this case. He sees everyone else as something to literally step on for fun.

There is only a few he seems to care for. Demiurge is obviously one of them, but the other is Silva for unknown reasons.

Many think that Enigma is a force of complete evil or other times a being who is doing what he feels is right. If asked, Enigma doesn't categorize himself and his actions as either one. He's only looking to accomplish a goal.

Ability: To start: it is everything and anything. The power of a God.

Enigma's power allows him to do whatever he sets his mind to, even if it's impossible or illogical. He can get the knowledge of anything and everything he needs in order to accomplish his goals. He is not entirely unstoppable, but it is very pointless to fight him. He can't be completely defeated because he simply won't let it happen. He can't die not only because of this but because what he is exactly is illogical to kill.

Enigma can do whatever he pleases with the absolute. While he can create and have all the knowledge he wants, something he can't seem to get down exactly is experience. There is a major difference between having the knowledge of something and being able to actually perform it. For example Enigma can know everything there is to know about playing a piano, but if he were to try doing so it'd take time for him to properly coordinate his movements perfectly. But this won't stop him for long as he has plenty of time in the world to adapt.

While he can make everything go in his favor, Enigma dislikes making things too easy (and it'd be boring) and prefers to give others a chance to stop him. It's all a game anyway and cheating all the time isn't very fun. He adores a good struggle.

All in all, he is incredibly powerful and feared because of the endless amount of things he can do at his fingertips. Anything someone else can do, Enigma can do it too, more and better if he so chooses.

A very special character who is just... really hard to explain and put into words. :'D Like, it's really difficult. I don't blame you if you don't understand anything I wrote. It's kinda the point of his character: you can't really understand him completely, only take a guess of what you think he is. Though I can say he's pretty much a troll at heart xD equally for lulz and evil.

If you want more of a tl;dr summary: Enigma and his powers are basically like a mary-sue xD he just kinda inserts himself into everything and anything to do whatever he wants.

I will never reveal his name. Never. You just can't know it. Would be nice if you could know it though.
Of course it's hidden in my stash but that's something else entirely lol~ I once remember the days when there was a lot of neat html coding allowed on DA and there was special one to hide text so it was basically non-existent in the description. Don't know if it still works though, probably not... >;3

I sometimes feel I should've given him a better outfit, but honestly? Enigma is very active and doesn't really need to dress very extravagantly to show off. His face says a lot more than his clothes. He can alter his clothes if he wants but prefers to wear plain ones by default. He's just that kind of guy.

And yeah, he has really defined lips :'D Enigma looks like a woman but is ultimately a man. You'd wonder why a character who is an unknown would have a definite gender and not be genderless, but there is a reason why Enigma's a guy other than me wanting him to be one.

Reference: .:Silva:.
Name: Silva

Species: Aeon (?)

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, appears to be as old as Rue

Abilities: manipulate, take and erase memory, regeneration (immortal), super human

An agent of the the Bibliotheca, a bureau run by beings called archons that deal with time travel, timelines and frequencies of alternative universes. He is the partner of Rue Suzume.

Both him and Rue's jobs are to research and investigate alternative universes that may experience butterfly effects and correct them before they cause the timeline to drastically diverge from what is acceptable. By using the head archon's power, they can slip into a timeline's frequency and alter it accordingly so that it follows its original path. After making the corrections, Silva and Rue must erase any and all traces of themselves from the world and memory of its inhabitants. If anything of them lingers, it may revert their fixes and possibly cause the bureau to be discovered.

Silva is a bit of an unknown, even among the higher ups in the bureau. He just suddenly appeared one day with the knowledge of the bureau and archons, located and traveled to it and demanded the archons to give him access to the frequencies all while claiming to be an aeon (something that views archons as an enemy.) The archons found Silva utterly charming and adorable, so much that they accepted him without hesitation. His intelligence and powers lead to him quickly rising up the pyramid and becoming the right hand of the head archon (though he could've just been promoted because he was beloved for being unique to the head archon, but there may be other reasons to that decision.)

Butterfly effects and abnormalities weigh very little interest to Silva, as his actual goal is to meet and capture the perpetrator responsible for them in the first place: a being known only by the name Enigma. From what Silva knows, this being seems to have a connection to these effects, doing so with the intention of getting the attention of the Bibliotheca and a particular individual. And he firmly believes he can put an end to their goal and the damage they've done.

Silva's inhuman beauty tends to draw the attention of many along with his sharp, cold eyes so he stands out a lot unlike his partner. His abilities make him more suited to working behind the scenes, but he prefers to do whatever he can to get things done. He blends in well with affluent people and some of the most unsavory characters such as rouges and spies when he plays the part up. With Rue, he can masquerade with her as a couple or even play pretend as an enemy to her should she be posing on another side. Any and all situations, Silva can and will play the role to a perfect T as though it were destined for him.

While other agents can fill these roles however, only Silva is capable of the most invaluable skill they need: covering their tracks by erasing any and all memories of everyone they come into contact with.

Ability: He possesses numerous skills and abilities that suit whatever he needs to accomplish given tasks. Since he isn't human, he's very difficult to fight and kill as he can ignore physical pain and even regenerate any injuries in minutes (as long as they aren't obstructed that is.) While he can die, he will simply revive himself as though it never happened. This ability can even be used on others, though Silva will "absorb" their injuries onto himself and it'd take him longer to recover if he does this. Another's death can even be absorbed so that he takes the fall, but Silva will be out of commission for awhile as well.

Has standard super human strength and reflexes making him difficult to top in physical combat. Can also see and hear very clearly from long distances without issue. His intelligence is quite high and it gives him the ability to think and act faster, along with adapting to new situations, tactics and weapons. The most unique of all is his ability to manipulate, take and erase memories from anyone of his choice.

Silva can alter one's perception of memory such as "erasing" himself from others' vision and altering his appearance and/or the sound of his own voice to one familiar to a target. He can gain all access to a single individual's memory by physical contact (that he has to will), but the downside to this is that Silva will experience absolutely every memory at once and recoil from shock. But once he gains it, he will no longer need to touch them again to gain more recent memories. He prefers not to do this method since the shock hurts and stuns him for awhile (and he can't stop the pain due to how sudden this happens and is necessary), but if there's no other options he will resort to it.

Once they've served their purpose, he will erase the unneeded memories from himself and if the frequencies have been fixed then Silva will take and erase the memories of every person who is aware of him and/or his partners. And once he's erased a memory, it can never come back.

Personality: Serious and sometimes stoic, but very refined; he enjoys the finer things such as tea and quiet reading. A quiet one himself, but he doesn't mind having lengthy discussions with others so long as there's a purpose to it. Even when he's talking to people who hate him or vice versa, he never raises his voice against them and retains his polite tone. To put it frankly, he's respectful to even the most vile of people (such as Enigma for example) but his fury is quite tranquil. He rarely gets angry to the point of an outburst.

On occasion Silva does know when to loosen up, albeit on his own time and at random. Like the archons, he sometimes does and/or says strange things purely to get a rise out of others and amuse himself. He'll even play along with outright stupidity to pass time and relax. But once in "working mode", he is as stoic as ever and will brush them off.

Is somewhat skilled in his charisma, as he is capable of hiding his intentions and deceiving other parties into trusting him with important tasks and/or private information he needs. His understanding of humans emotionally tends to fall due to being a non-human and his morality differing from theirs, leading others to see him as very insensitive and distant. And he doesn't even hide nor deny it. He has little to no guilt or regrets with his actions since he will remove other peoples' memories of the events and himself from them anyways. Getting information through questionable means (such as playing mind games to even sleeping with someone) has no real consequences to Silva when it can be easily erased from memory.

Deep relationships with other world inhabitants during assignments are (in Silva's words) very distracting and unnecessary to have given this. He even limits his closeness with his partners and the archons of the bureau strictly to work. If he has a deep relationship with other world inhabitants, it's only for the purpose of doing his job effectively.

But he is not entirely heartless; Silva was the one who discovered and took in his partner Rue when she entered the archon's main world as an abnormality, and rather than execute her to fulfill his assignment he took notice of her circumstances and abilities as a possible link to Enigma and fought with the bureau to recruit her. He acts as a mentor figure to Rue, teaching her everything he knows so that she can be just as efficient, though the two tend to quarrel over this due to what Silva is willing to do to get what is needed and his lack of empathy while working.

I actually wanted to get this done on my birthday but I had other things planned so I couldn't make it in time. Oh well...

Another character of mine I spent quite a long time working on from the ground up. What took me so long art-wise was his hair because I couldn't decide on wavy or straight and how to go about styling it just right. That and his outfit. Unique outfits are hard.

I have posted Silva before, though as a familiar to a god that had the ability to manipulate and create history. But over time after going through some stories I found Silva's master to be...I guess not very necessary? :shrug: Silva kinda developed a life of his own that I wanted to explore and refine. There was nothing wrong with his master (I really liked him too), but I found Silva more fun to write and draw than him ;o; if there's anything left from the original concept other than his name, I guess you could say Silva has really, really nice hand writing and likes to write too (since his animal design had a paint brush tail and all.)

While I love my original character Fulisha, Silva comes as a close second due to his mysteriosity. And beauty ;p seriously, one of the best things about designing male characters is that I make them according to my tastes lol
There's just something about black hair and green eyes that really makes Silva attractive and beautiful to me. I love it :heart: I love Silva so much I wanna protect him :heart:

It may seem weird that Silva gets accepted because he was "charming and adorable" to the archons of the Bibliotheca, and the reason for that is because the archons (as I write them) are kinda weird in general; they kinda have a fascination with the strange and find it amusing. Basically, they're curious about Silva, find his personality funny and take him in to study him as he works. The head archon of the bureau is kinda whimsy in personality as well so it's another factor. They weirdos I dunno :shrug:

Who is Enigma? I'll be posting them soon enough~


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szynszyla-stokrotka Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks so much for the fav on:
Amber the Turtle by szynszyla-stokrotka !!
EliTanDark Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you so much for adding my illustration "My fountain pen #187" to your favourites. It means a lot to me!Rose

                                     Thanks for the Fav Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] Llama Emoji-39 (Eager) [V2]

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sukimas Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, assuming from your pixiv, your Shion art was used here ( ), along with a bunch of other stolen art from artists, including me.
I'm super sorry that its so sudden, but I'm currently trying to find the person who did and I want to let the people who's art was stolen to be notified of it. If you notice any other people's art, please let them know too (and hopefully, please spread word of it all of this is excluding the fact that all that is basically a ripoff of Len'en. ). 

Thank you!! ;;  
Felis-Licht Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Student General Artist
Yes that is my art and thank you for letting me know (I also notice my Kuroji art is in there as well). Pretty amusing how they're also ripping off entire paragraphs from the Len'en wiki too.

I have an account on Imgur, but it seems like I can't report their posts, I'll see about contacting support about it. If you or any of the artists you've notified so far have an Imgur account, I'd suggest contacting support here as well.
sukimas Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It was no problem!! I've been spreading the world, so I hope the post will be taken down. (Seems like a lot of art was stolen and posted on there..) 

Also ah, I couldn't find the support page, I'll send in a report as well, thank you!
Psyknight72 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2018
Thanks for the fave!
DQFighters Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for the favorite!
Felis-Licht Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018  Student General Artist
You're welcome~
pavame-agarestia Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2017
asxdfxdfduyykqwe thankies for the fav!
Felis-Licht Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2017  Student General Artist
You're welcome~
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