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Obscure artist who makes weird things. Mainly dabbles in mixed media. Likes to make a lot of stories and original characters.

I also like Madoka Magica and the surreal style of the Witches, thus I like to draw a lot of fan witches from time to time.

Well I actually did it, recruited everything in Red Rescue Team! Some stuff wasn't quite as bad as I thought it'd be. Exeggcute was the most annoying to get, especially since I needed 2 of them and had to take a Starmie with me, forgetting I had a perfectly good Lanturn with a higher level and IQ. Kid me really thought ahead and I didn't look at things hard enough ;o; I almost did Celebi in a single attempt for Purity Forest until I got fucked in a hallway on floor 81 with a Parasect and Grimer. I can see why people say to use a Warp Scarf asap for the last floors. Rather than give up and try again, I actually tried out one of the generators to save myself and see if it'd work since I've never done friend rescues before. It worked and I was allowed to continue on lol I guess it's cheating, but I still had to do the rest of the dungeon without any revives. I don't care, I got my Celebi. I only planned 2 trips for Wish Cave, one for Jirachi, and the other to simply wish for Blissey
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Been feeling under the weather lately, but I took a night time pill which knocked my ass out and now I feel much better :dummy: still a little snotty though, but I can live with that. I've been playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team (which is also why I'm drawing fakemon more recently :la: ) because as it turns out, my cartridge doesn't seem to be having issues anymore with bringing up the menu in dungeons (though there is still some notable lag while moving and bringing up the Friend Area menu, but it's not too bothersome. Sometimes it even goes away lol) Years ago I posted about this issue and most people said it was probably damage to the cartridge and I didn't touch it since then, but now it seems fine. Games are weird man. I've now made a new goal to try and 100% the game by getting every mon since child me had already gotten a hefty amount in the past and I can't AR my way to victory like I did with my DS. But then I remembered Joyous Tower's existence and the
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This is important, please read: I've been getting a few friend requests on my commissions Discord and I just wanna put it out there that I won't add people on it unless commissions are open. It's purpose is to serve as both an alternative messaging inbox and an archive. With these requests I have no idea if the person adding me wants a commission, wants to be my friend, or is a bot/scammer (because apparently that's a thing.) I've added a few in the past before, but they never message me after that and I don't like them clogging up space. If you're inquiring about commissions or something else while commissions are closed, please pop me a message on DA, Tumblr, or Twitter. I'm far more active on those sites. Don't do it through the commissions Discord, I won't respond there. Thank you.
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Hi there! thanks for the support and the favs!


I’m inviting you to my Raffle to celebrate the “+500 watchers!”


COMMISSIONS: Also I’m Opening Commission again and offering 10%OFF in any work.

Thank you very much, hope not being an inconvenience. Dorou

Thank you for your support!

Thanks for the fav <3

Thanks that favourite my artworks

Do not forget to watching me so you don't miss any of my other artworks :dummy:

you have awesome art! thanks for the fav! :D

I just wanted to say I adore all your witch designs! They’re so cool!