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I Take Paypal - Stamp by ezpups

Well, some people asked me a lot for commission so I'm gonna try doing it this semester.


Bullet; Yellow  Payment in advance. Accept PayPal.
Bullet; Yellow  Deadlines up to 1 month (First ordered - first served)
Bullet; Yellow  Please be sure when ordering, I will not be able to refund you
Bullet; Yellow  I will draw only girls
Bullet; Yellow  If you want to order, write me a note please (Please link to this journal)

- Paypal Address:
- Type:
- Character reference (A fullbody one, please!!):
- Personality, special traits, gender, age, etc:
- Background:
- Additional details :
- Don't send the payment until I tell you to do so 

Arrow left Gijinkas (擬人化) Arrow right 

Bust: $7.00 USD

Full Body: $10.00 USD

 Size: 2300 x 2500 aprox.

 No Background!
Simple Coloring
You can request any kind of gijinka, just remember I only draw girls! 

E X A M P L E S:

Sylveon by FelirileMagikarp by FelirileParas Girl by Felirile

Arrow left Manga Drawing Shoujo Style Arrow right 

Bust: $25.00 USD

 Size: 2500 x 3000 aprox.

Simple Background
You can request any kind of person, I'll be happy to draw your OC, just remember I only draw girls! 

E X A M P L E S:

Flower Chain 2 by FelirileUsagi-Chan! by Felirile


★ The art you'll receive is only for personal purposes.
 You can post the received art in any site, with the proper credit. Never claim the commissioned artwork as yours, please!
★ You will receive a digital file of the art you commissioned/requested/etc. I won't send you a printed version!
★ I won't provide any WIPs unless I feel insecure of how the drawing looks (Any detail that might be wrong, etc), sorry for the inconvenience.
★ Please be aware that I'm not very quick at drawing, so it will take a few days/weeks to finish yours!
★ My style tends to vary a bit every now and again. If you're uncomfortable with that, I may not be your artist, sorry for the inconvenience.
★ You have 48H to send me your info. If no info is received, I will give the slot to the next commissioner.
★ I will start you commission as soon as full payment is received.
★ Do not send payment until I confirm your order, please!
★ I have the right to decline your commission if I feel I can't do it...
★ If you are commissioning me, you are automatically accepting all of these terms!  ★

★ Thanks for reading! ★

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