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Punisher art for my portfolio ( 2003)
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One of my favorite anti-hero and vigilante!
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I think is gonna kill whatever his victim is.
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O Justiceiro é muito foda! Ao invés de prender os ladrões e bandidos, ele os mata à sangue frio, sem misericórdia alguma!
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I was super hype to get this made into a full size poster. 
Sucks there is no DL link, but i understand if you wouldnt want your art stolen.
Great art nonetheless. 
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Surf, Agent of Hydra: are dead!

Turf, Agent of Hydra: Access killed you!

Punisher: Access killed Frank Castle. I am Jake Gallows, the third Punisher.

Surf, Agent of Hydra: Rapunzel burned down the Punisher War Journal...

Punisher: Frank Castle uploaded the Punisher War Journal as an ebook.

Turf, Agent of Hydra: But that means-

Punisher: Enough talk. Time for punishment.

*Punisher machine guns Surf and Turf, killing them*
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Very, very nice! Great work!Headbang! 
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When you've done wrong you'll find him right behind you 😈😈
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That is one Bad*ss painting. Even tough he isn't a superhero, The Punisher is one of my favorite characters in the Marvel universe. Seriously, who doesn't like The Punisher?.
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I am terrified in the most awesome way.
This is beautiful
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Reminds me to Alex Ross,amazing.
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feels like it has a cross between Mike Zeck and Tim Bradstreet.
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He doesn't mess around. :3
Damn!   One of the coolest Punisher pieces I've seen.
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Awesome take on Frank Castle! Great highlights and shadows! Much skills!
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wow,it is so beautiful to get scared!
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Remember my face! It's the last thing you're ever going to see ... and I want you to carry the memory of it straight to HELL!
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