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Cool work on Big Barda! :D
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Olha as kirby dots.
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I love Big Barda, and this drawing is amazing! :)
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She looks amazing, Felipe! I always liked her character.
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AZTECH2009's avatar
You definitely got mad skills.
swyattart's avatar
Love it, great tones and inks.
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gowdi's avatar
Brilliant line work.
AnTTy3's avatar
Amazing work!
Kaedegirl's avatar
beautiful Felipe :p I love some barda love :p she deserves more love!
DBlundo's avatar
really great... i really love the strokes..
rottenband's avatar
Awsome face details.
happysorceress's avatar
What a magnificent Barda!
BroHawk's avatar
Very nice Sir.;)
dalgoda7's avatar
This is gorgeous.
MikeMeth's avatar
Insane rendering! Gorgeous piece, Felipe!
CaptainItaly's avatar
I meant to ask you on Facebook before: is this part of a coming book? 'Cause I'd love it!
Jaebird88's avatar
Here's hoping she makes a return to comics in the DCN52, since Orion is suppose to show up in Wonder Woman.
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