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I don't have the same time that I usually have ;(
But today I made the Features and a brand new piece xD

If ya guys can, have a look at this, please... Is one of my best pieces, actually in my opinion:
Citizens of Somewhere by felipemaa

Oh, lol, yesterday I watched Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny... Man... That's ero, really ero... Ero-anime, haha, but the history of the anime is veeery cool, and the girls  too! XD

I recommend, and I'm not pervert!

Well, that's it, thanks for loosing your time reading the shities that I write, hahaha



C by RIKOOSTENBROEK Deepform by brandonwagner:thumb98558038: Preequil by smashmethod Woman by AlexRuizArt Mae commission by janaschi

Mature Content

Gingersnap, 7:9 commish. by HentaiNeko
:thumb98139979: reprocessed by tomasbrechler Mad scorpion Gold Edition by iuneWind fh4 by sandara:thumb98358040: Terrori$m by russoturisto Sick by nofx-br Unique by ouwEnz Pixie and Elvynn by auroreblackcat The Big Catch by xiaobaosg Dress by pandakim:thumb98109146: Hadal by Volture

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ai cra...tu sabe se ainda lança ? parei no cap 115 '-'
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Thank you very much for the feature :bloskiss:
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hentai detected.

ahuhaeuhauheh, otimos jobs, gratz.
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ero-anime .. hmmmmm sei.... zé bronha auiheiauhieah
vou dar uma olhada no trampo novo, ta tenso achar tempo pro DA tb
felipemaa's avatar
neeem é cool, mas não é pra bronha! XD
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Wow ! Thanks a lot for the feature !
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Quer dizer que esse "Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny" aew é ero, e é bom (já está implicito em 'ero<\strong>';)...?
felipemaa's avatar
tarado xD
mas é, né =o
MCsaad's avatar
Nem sou heim! ^^
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thank you very much for feature, mate :)
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Thanks for the feature, nice picks :)
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cool collection, thanks for feautering : )
felipemaa's avatar
thx XD
no problem
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