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:star::star::star:LOST KIDS ART CONTEST BEGINS NOW!:star::star::star:


Draw a Lost Kids Cover!


:winner: 1st Place: $250 :winner:
:trophy: 2nd Place: $150 :trophy:
:w00t: 3rd Place: $100 :w00t:

:wave: But wait! That is not all! :wave:

All Top Three Winners will have their work as Covers/Variant Covers for the Lost Kids comic books to be published late 2012!

It should also be noted that all three winners will also receive a copy of the comic book their cover will be featured on, just thought I would put this out there ;)


:bulletred: Easy! Draw one or more characters from the Lost Kids universe in any way you imagine (i.e. sketch card, pin-up, B/W, CGI, Digital or Traditional Art, etc)

:bulletred: Artwork must be 11x17in in size and with at least 300dpi

:bulletred: Your layout must leave room for the Lost Kids logo but do not include it in your art.

:bulletred: Check out our website for more information about all the characters and feel free to download the entire screenplay available online right here www.the-lost-kids.com/Seeking%… if you feel like drawing a scene from it

:bulletred: As many entries per contestant as you like, feel free to do a series of covers if you want, keep it PG-13.

:bulletred: Submit by featuring it in your own gallery with a link or avatar back to this page, then "note" or email me a link to your image. Your entry is confirmed when it is featured in their own folder: fcagno.deviantart.com/gallery/… and on the Lost Kids Official Group.

:email: felipecagno@hotmail.com

Important: By participating on this contest, if your artwork is chosen as one of the top three winners, you hereby authorize your artwork to be used as a Cover/Variant Cover to a Lost Kids issue to be determined by the Editor.


Entry must be received by 11:59:59 PM (PT) on June 17th, 2012. If it is received after the due date, it will be considered a Fan Art gift. We will NOT extend the contest deadline.


Every entry will be evaluated by our panel of judges placed in order as their top five picks. We will average the votes and the top three best reviewed artworks will be crowned winners.

Panel of Judges

:iconartgerm: Stanley is one of the top artists on the planet, having extensively worked for DC Comics and Capcom among other companies.

:icondust-bite: Torri is the "Cartoons and Comics" CV from the DA community and an incredible talented artist taking DD suggestions.

:iconshwann: Everybody knows DJ Shwann around here and I can't think of a better authority on Art Contests.

:iconsaiyagina: Gina is just one of those artists that wows you with everything she works on, it is incredible!

:iconcarlosgomezartist: Carlos is probably one of the best line artists around, his pencils are so incredibly detailed it's awesome!

:iconredeve: Our very own and extremely talented Lost Kids colorist, he really brings out the humanity from the characters.

:iconclonerh: Another member of the Lost Kids creative team, also an amazing colorist with a very unique awesome style.

:iconeddy-swan-colors: Pulling all the stops, we also got Eddy involved, his colors skills are legendary around these parts.

:iconsurfercalavera: Representing the other half of the Lost Kids team, we have Cesar, whose pencils are beautifully detailed.

:iconbiroons: Ivan joined us this year and brought his cinematic mad pencils to our comic book.

:iconfelipecagno: Well, myself because I want to join in on the fun of picking out the best artworks!

Stay tuned for one or more two people to join the above roster and I hope you appreciate the effort these people are putting into making this the best Art Contest possible!

Last Comments

Okay, I think I got it all, if you have any questions, comments, complains, suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Also, help us spread the word about the contest and the Lost Kids, share this journal, write a Journal entry yourself, "Like" us on Facebook, any support is deeply appreciated!

Best of luck to all of you!

Note: None of the illustrations you see in my featured gallery are currently included in the contest.

:star: Facebook & Twitter

Thanks so much for all your support to the Lost Kids Art Contest! The response has been amazing :w00t:

If you enjoyed the Lost Kids and what we're doing with this comic book project, please find us on :facebook: and hit that :thumbsup: "Like" button, we need your support! We also have Twitter if you want to stay up to date with our news and work process.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lostkidscomic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/the_lost_kids

:star: Have You Joined Yet?

Maybe you haven't checked out our Lost Kids Group yet but aside from our monthly feature we've also been putting together the ultimate tutorial and resources gallery, come check it out and if you got a tutorial of your own or a tutorial from someone else you would like to share with the community, please, send it our way or submit it to the group, we'll be happy to feature it!


:star: How to Write Your Own Comic

Finally I got some time to sit down and work on a new article. This one is about breaking up your story in panels and how that is a collaborative effort between the writer and artist since it's key to the narrative of the book.

Check it out at Writing 302: Action in PanelsYou may think this is solely up to the illustrator of the book but in fact it's actually a shared responsibility between writers and pencillers.
Camera Angles and Storytelling through Panels
As a writer it's your job to define the pacing and flow of the page and how your story will reach the readers. The artist's job is to take those directions, execute them as best as he can and apply his vision on top of the writer's. It is a collaborative effort and that's why writers and artists have to keep a constant communication.
Drawing a pin-up is one thing, telling a story through pictures is something else entirely. All your choices have weight and they should mean something, you should be very conscious of every single decision you take as an artist/writer when working on a comic book.
A close up has a very different desired effect than a wide shot for instance, and they each communicate something specific to your readers. So always keep in mind, "What do I want to communicate wi

:bulletblue: Writing 101 - Find Your Ending: fav.me/d2yp1p8
:bulletblue: Writing 102 - The Outline: fav.me/d2yqvso
:bulletblue: Writing 201 - Crowd or Cast: fav.me/d2yt19l
:bulletblue: Writing 202 - What's Your Job?: fav.me/d2yxj5x
:bulletblue: Writing 203 - Nice to Meet You: fav.me/d2z8dw8
:bulletblue: Writing 204 - Lego Blocks: fav.me/d2zmqr7
:bulletblue: Writing 301 - Formatting: fav.me/d2zvobj
:bulletblue: Team Effort 101: fav.me/d30zu2i

Thanks so much for checking them out! :D

:star: Lost Kids Crew


© 2012 - 2020 FelipeCagno
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wakeofthewindsStudent Digital Artist
I think I may join but..
My style might be not be the best for this one. T_T
FelipeCagno's avatar
All styles are welcome :)

I hope you decide to join and good luck if you do!
Voena's avatar
Voena Digital Artist
I hope to one day gain the skills to join a Lost Kid's contest. *shakes fist*

Good luck to all the contestants! =D
FelipeCagno's avatar
Your art is pretty great, you should totally try it on this Contest :)
Voena's avatar
Voena Digital Artist
Thank you for saying that but I think I'd probably die from low self esteem, haha. As long as Lost Kid's are around for the long haul I'm sure one day I will muster up the courage to join in. I love your contests! :D
FelipeCagno's avatar
Well, here's hoping the Lost Kids are around for the long haul ;) :highfive:
ZakSaturday2468's avatar
ZakSaturday2468Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think I'll join, but is it okay if the winners can choose if they want to get the copy of the book via emailed 'cause my parents will freak if they see a comic book at the door
FelipeCagno's avatar
Yes, of course, it is totally your choice :)

Thanks so much for joining in, good luck :glomp:
Sapphire4723's avatar
Sounds like fun! :D I think I'll try my luck :D
FelipeCagno's avatar
That's fantastic, good luck!! Let me know if you have any questions, alright?

Good to have you back, Emily!!
diasake56's avatar
cool sounds interesting good thing i'll be on vacation soon XD
FelipeCagno's avatar
Awesome thing! I hope you work on something really cool for the contest :)

Good luck!
CarolineBleger's avatar
CarolineBlegerHobbyist General Artist
I'm in. :)
Will def make the time for it in between commissions. :P
FelipeCagno's avatar
That's awesome! :glomp:

Good luck!
CarolineBleger's avatar
CarolineBlegerHobbyist General Artist
Thanks. :)
Radzha's avatar
Could anybody tell me, what is this "Lost Kids" anyway? Some web-comic or what?
FelipeCagno's avatar
It is a comic book mini-series to be released later this year, not exactly a web-comic.
atanbz's avatar
hope to find time so i can join this exciting contest!
FelipeCagno's avatar
You have some really cool artworks in your gallery, I also hope you find the time to enter the contest, good luck if you do!

Thanks for letting us know we might be doing an exciting contest, that's our intention, fun for everyone!
sergiof's avatar
YAY deadline until june!! :D im in!!! coool!!
FelipeCagno's avatar
Fantastic! We all look forward to seeing your work then, buddy! Good luck!! :D
IvannaMatilla's avatar
IvannaMatillaProfessional Digital Artist
The judges are incredible: Top artists and great people from the community.
This contest is really exciting, I hope to be able to produce a decent entry. Thanks for the invitation!
FelipeCagno's avatar
I'm really happy you think so, Ivanna! Muchas gracias por sus palabras :)

Best of luck with your entry, we all look forward to it!
AshDayArt's avatar
AshDayArtProfessional Digital Artist
I'm in too. This should be fun. Can't wait to see what everyone does.
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