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So much happened since I last (first?) posted here that I can't even cover it all properly.

This year so far has been the busiest ever and probably the most fulfilling too, I've been almost exclusively workin on comics to the point that at least for the current semester it's being my day job and it's the greatest feeling ever. I'm involved in a few pitches with some great writers, a couple of short stories for anthologies and on top of all that I've been doing some small gigs with Dynamite Entertainment on titles like Magnus Robot Fighter and Turok Dinosaur hunter. It's my first time doing interiors on a monthly book and it's a whole other kind animal and I love every bit of it, more on that in the coming months as we get closer to their release dates.

I also did a pinup for the new Image Comics series Spread, which you can see posted on my profile. Along with that, there's a bunch of new pages and things to see, head over to the gallery and take a look. I'll be posting a lot more new material very soon.
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