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The World of the Avatar

A while back I wanted to run an Avatar d20 game, but the main problem I had was figuring out where everything was, with a little help from a friend of mine I put this together, enjoy!

01. Northern Water Tribe
02. Northern Air Temple
03. Western Air Temple
04. Ba Sing Se Zoo
05. Ba Sing Se
06. Herbalist Institute
07. Abbey
08. Makapu Village with a fortuneteller named Aunt Wu
09. A Fire Nation colony
10. Earth Nation village with Port/Market
11. Gaipan, with an abandoned Freedom Fighter Village/Hideout nearby
12. Pohuai Stronghold
13. Earth Nation village with large Port/Market
14. The Fire Lord's Stronghold, his fortress and home
15. The Great Gates of Azulon
16. Rendevous Island
17. A Fire Nation Village (possible near the Fire Nation storage facility/prison for Water Benders)
18. A Fire Nation Village
19. Avatar Roku's home island
20. Ember Island
21. Shu Jing, a village nearby the Legendary Swordsman Piandao
22. Jang Hui
23. A Fire Nation village with a school the Avatar secretly attended
24. Crescent Island, with a demolished temple to Avatar Roku
25. The Great Divide
26. Senlin village
27. East Earth Kingdom Base
28. Earth Kingdom village that was invaded by the Fire Nation and made into a mining camp but had been freed
29. Serpent's Pass
30. Wan Shi Tong's Library, now buried
31. Earth Kingdom military base/port
32. The Cave of Two Lovers
33. New Ozai (formally known as Omashu)
34. The Foggy Water Tribe and their swamp
35. An Earth Kingdom village
36. An empty, abandoned town
37. Chin Village
38. Gaoling, home of Earth Rumble tournaments and the wealthy Bei Fong family
39. Kyoshi Island
40. Eastern Air Temple
41. Southern Air Temple
42. Southern Water Tribe
43. Whale Tail Island
44. Lake Laogai
45. Full Moon Bay
46. Earth Kingdom Ferry (to and from Ba Sing Se)
47. Train to and from Ba Sing Se
48. The Patola Mountain Range
49. Si Wong Desert, home to Si Wong Rock
50. The Underground Crystal Catacombs of Old Ba Sing Se
51. Avatar Aang's favorite place to ride Hog Monkeys (a bit outdated)
52. Avatar Aang's favorite place to ride Hopping Llamas (a bit outdated)
53. Avatar Aang's favorite place to surf on the backs of Giant Koi Fish (a bit outdated)

This is the second version of this map, third version to come once Avatar ends, and heres hoping there won't be any more locations revealed after the series ends =b

Check out this [link] for detailed indepth info on the locations

Due to popular request, I uploaded a version of this map without locations, see it at this [link]
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I think Republic City is near the herbal institute.
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I've seen enough of Ba Sing Se and I cant even see. Lol. Nice job
umm... Where are the avatar temples?

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This map is awesome!!!:D
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that is so totaly wicked
I checked the Nick site and found something out. Ember Island isn't 20, that was the place the Gaang was when Combustion man first attacked. Ember Island is a small island north of 17. Also, 17 itself is suppose to be a somewhat larger island and slightly more to the east.
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It gets a little fuzzy with different maps, I am using the map Sokka used for the invasion as the most correct map
&&oh thats cool.

oh <<<Strange chick from BSG. xD
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lol, thanks =b
&&wow, it's great :3
They've said it's definitely the last thing they'll be doing with the characters we know. If they did more it would probably be set in a largely different time likely about a different incarnation of the Avatar.
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Darn, oh well I can always update it more later then
You know I've heard they might do more in the series world after the show ends.
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lol, I kind of hope they do, and I kind of hope they don't, although the only thing I heard of that they will be doing after this series finale, is the live action trilogy, and that will be one book per movie, which is already more then enough stuff for one movie (each book), so they really shouldn't be adding stuff in that...
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Incredible job! You really did your research!
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Thanks, it was fun finding out where everything was
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Downloaded the image to a different computer and uploaded it here and it went to its actual size this time, it must have been my internet connection from before
Oh, sorry, I looked at the full thing. You're right with the labels: Roku's Island (the island him and his wife lived on) is 19, Crescent Island is 24. They're different places (and a moderate distance apart), though they've both had all of the buildings destroyed by eruptions.
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Well eruptions make it sound natural, but Roku destroyed his temple with bending, but yes the buildings on both islands were most definitely destroyed
The map doesn't get big enough to read the numbers anymore, but the island Roku lived on is the sixth marked spot from either side in the Fire Nation. Crescent Island (where the temple was) is apparently to small to be marked on this map, so I think it's just southeast of the most eastern marked island on archipelago.
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Sadly, it seems the file size is too large and takes too long to upload for either dA, my internet, or a combination of the both; but I did link to a place that has it uploaded in the description, it is here
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Sadly when I went searching for Kangaroo Island, it was only able to be found in Southern Australia, looks like its actual location has not been stated yet, if it will be at all
The nickelodeon site names a few of those places:
1. The village Jet attempted to free/destroy is called Gaipan
2. Aunt Wu lives in a place called Makapu Village
3. The abandonned city the crazy old herbalist lives by was called Taku
4. The outpost in "The Blue Spirit" is Pohuai Stronghold
5. The mountains around the Southern Air Temple is The Patola Mountain Range
6. The village that hated the Avatar was called "Chin Village" (like Chin Town, get it?)
7. The Hei Bei was terrorizing Senlin Village.
8. Roku's temple was on Crescent Island
9. The village in "The Painted Lady" is Jang Hui
10. Piandao lives near a town called Shu Jing.

Also, there's the catacombs of Old Ba Sing Se (where the fight between Katara, Aang, Zuko, and Azula was), Si Wong Rock (that magnet rock and giant insect hive),
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