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Hi everyone!

We're offering

- lenghty features
- special mentions on our frontpage
- extra submission slots
for anyone donating 100 points or more

and llama badges to all donors!


Right now, you can help the club by clicking the donate button available on the top right of this page.

:points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: DONATE HERE :points: :points: :points: :points: :points: :points:

We have to raise 4796 points to buy the sub, but since 400 points cost 5 dollars (4.05 euros), and we get around 12 people to donate, we could reach that sum quite easily.

You can buy points here -…

By donating, you will help the club:

:bulletred: Have contests
:bulletred: Feature artists in their CSS journals
:bulletred: Expose more of your work on their frontpages
:bulletred: Better manage their main page, with features like slideshows / big thumbnails / chat and forum pages / etc

We've got so many memebers that if each would make even the smallest contribution and donate 5 points, we would reaise more than needed.  

Felinefans would like to make things a bit more fun and interactive around here but we need your support in order to upgrade to a supergroup.

From what I know, direct donation of a subscription is no longer possible - only the admins of a club are able to upgrade it.

One easy way to achieve that is where members donate points to an admin that would then buy the club a subscription. Now this may sound like the admin could take advantage but I can't find another way around it, so if anyone has a better idea to make things less risky, do share it. (I'm thinking if we reach more than the points needed for a sub, we can use the rest as prizes for contests or just donate them back to their senders (can that be done, btw?)

BASIC RULES:iconkittydivider2plz::iconkittydividerblueplz:

:bulletpurple: Only members are allowed to display their work in our gallery. We automatically accept everyone, so come join us!

:bulletpurple: To submit your work - use the Submit Art button on our front page.

:bulletpurple: The submission limit is 1 submission per week

:bulletpurple: Notes containing submission links are not useful anymore, so please don't send any.

SUGGESTIONS ON SUBMITTING:iconkittydivider2plz::iconkittydividerredplz:

We know submitting to a group makes it much easier for you to share your artwork. Unfortunately, that also makes people think a bit less about what they display within a group. We are facing the need to filter a small percentage of deviations. Until now, that means:

- multiple images of your feline that have only small differences between them (for example - same cat, same place, same angle - cat sitting in a slightly different position). Please choose your favorite and go with that one only.
- very basic sketches and stuff that you feel belongs to scraps
- low quality snapshots (lots of noise; poor lighting; small size)
- images where the feline is not the main subject, but rather gets lost in a busy background.
- no anthro


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That's over 5,000 dogs a day who get strangled, burned, electrocuted or beaten to death for their meat.

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Orphydian Featured By Owner Edited Mar 1, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Our group will gather the most talented artists here at dA and the most fascinating art when comes to bird of prey thematic. I believe felines and birds of prey share the same majestic look and equally amazing instincts so I kindly ask you to affiliate with us.
ZjeroXytz Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Is the group still active? My submissions keep expiring...
discodoener Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2020  Hobbyist Photographer
Hi, it's not easy to answer your question. Actually it's not really active but by time to time I try to manage the submissions. Now that I've become a mother for a second time, I don't have that much time. If you still like your art to get submitted to the group, keep submitting them :) . Unfortunately, I don't know what happened to the group founder.
ZjeroXytz Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the reply! And congratulations :aww:
I'll keep submitting stuff then : )
momorti Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
YCH OPEN AUCTION by momorti  
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