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Hey guys! I want to practice drawing anthro characters but I don't want to draw my own. If you comment your OC (feral or anthro, doesn't matter) to the journal below, I might draw a sketch of it if I like it! :D
You don't need to be a watcher to suggest your OC :)
Read for more information.
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Submission Rules

:bulletblue:Photography: Pictures (taken by a camera) of actual real life cats, big or small.

:bulletblue:Feral Cats: Drawn pictures of quadropedal cat (Four-legged).
:bulletblack:Digital: The artwork was completed using a digital medium (e.g. Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai).
:bulletblack:Traditional: The artwork was completed using a traditional medium (e.g. Pencils, ink, markers)

:bulletblue:Anthro: Drawn pictures of bipedal cats (Commonly human body).
:bulletblack:Digital: The artwork was completed using a digital medium (e.g. Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai).
:bulletblack:Traditional: The artwork was completed using a traditional medium (e.g. Pencils, ink, markers)

:bulletblue:Artisan Crafts:Handmade items pertaining to cats. (Hats, sculptures, bags ect.) Not DRAWN.

:bulletblue:Photomanipulation: For a image created by meshing together other photographs. Drawing parts should be minimal and used largely for correction. No fully drawn images.

:bulletblue:Comics: A comic page or set of panels that largely features at least one cat. Please only submit select pages so as not to spam the folder.

:bulletblue:Animation:A multi-framed, moving image of a cat (anthro or feral). No still frames please.

:bulletblue:Resources: Useful images or tutorials pertaining directly to cats in order to compare, inform, or give instructions on how to draw cats. Any feline-related stock photography or other deviations created in order to aid others should also be submitted here.

:bulletblue:Reference sheets: For images which contain information regarding feline characters. For example, they may include colour palettes, names, and/or basic information. Anthro and feral a-okay.

All submissions must actively feature a cat. We do NOT accept Nekos (humans with cat ears) or creatures that are not/look feline.

If your submission is denied, it's likely because you submitted it to the wrong folder. :) I hope this clears some stuff up.

General Rules

:bulletblue: Do not submit your own art as a favorite
:bulletblue: Hate between/from our members will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with a deviant, or with the group itself, please personally contact them!










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Our group will gather the most talented artists here at dA and the most fascinating art when comes to bird of prey thematic. I believe felines and birds of prey share the same majestic look and equally amazing instincts so I kindly ask you to affiliate with us.
JungDo Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2020
Maybe someone will be interested in~
Tiger YCH [OPEN] by JungDo  
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Feline adopt (OPEN) by Marco-Venom   Feline adopt OPEN 
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Have a look everybody, this beauty is on SALE right now, price is lowered! :D
I wanna spread good vibes and maybe make someone happy, so go check her out, maybe she would be the perfect easter present for someone? :3 Have a beautiful easter everybody! <3

!SALE! Feline Adopt No.1 (price lowered!) (OPEN) by Calupes  
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