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Am I a friend or prey?  -  Lynx Portrait by Manu34
waiting for . . . by quo-fata-ferunt
Coco 2 by rcovelo
'Don't you dare!' by Alena-G-Photography
The Huntress by Mulsivaas
Izo by MathiasRiverus
Beautifying a window. by Catist
Oiseaux 1 by Lilith-Symphony
RAWR by NayeliNeria
Kitty! by adamchris1992
Take that away! by Tiefenschaerfe
Stray Baby. by pasofino6
Wild Felines
Radioactivity by Areksim
Tigre by Littlycloud
Focused by Wolfling01
Tiger's Path by suezn
Cats and Co.
Femketje and Timmi by femketje
Cat-Closeup by Socrahcat
Polka Dot Pinup (co-starring Caaaaat) by 1sammyfan
Black cat and Headless girl by O-Renzo
Cats Archive - Closed for Submissions
The Cat by whatsaworld
Yaaawn by takaiyo
:P by michaela1232001
Murphy Murph by Vee1u
Cats Archive 2 - Closed for Submissions
Ohhhhh... 02 by JocelyneR
Yawns by miisuke
Curiouser and Curiouser. by EmJade
500 Watt Cat by Claimjumper



I am going to keep this short and sweet as I know most of us have pretty busy lives.
First of all, thanks a tonne if you are reading this. You are the best. :)

Now, the purpose of this blog post. Everyone knows about animal cruelty. So many of us want to make a difference but simply are unable to. Several others do make changes, and for that they should be praised. But then there are the people that go way over the top and dedicate their entire lives to the animal cause.

This woman is one of those people: YouTube Video
If there is anyway you could be able to assist her (donations, letters of praise, even visits), please do. :la:
I myself am unfortunately unable to travel across the United States. :(

EDIT: That-Ru-Person has informed me of two other animal sanctuaries! Please visit their websites and donate if you can! Caboodle Ranch and PurrEver Ranch

EDIT: Pebblemist has commented about yet another animal society! Best Friends is located in Utah.

But of course, there are many other ways that someone could help stop animal cruelty. Several places across the country run on donations and need our help and publicity to stop from going completely broke. If there is a local animal shelter in your town, make a date to go take a visit, even make a donation if you can.

danneroni showed me the video and I thank her for it. :+favlove:

EDIT: HunterOneroi has mentioned the Florida Wild Mammal Association needs funding help! Go here and donate if you can! :D

Again, thanks for reading all this :meow:,
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